8 Ways to Clear Spirits & Ghosts from Your Home

8 Ways to Clear Spirits & Ghosts from Your Home

There are 8 known ways to clear spirits and ghosts from your home. But, there is one unique situation when the clearing attempts won’t work. Get more after the jump.

In most cases, you can clear your home of spirits and ghosts using these practices:

  1. Negotiating
  2. Holy Water
  3. Haunted Object Removal
  4. Spiritual Cleansing
  5. Smudging
  6. White Candle Clearing
  7. Feng Shui
  8. Rice + Salt

Before we get to using the techniques listed above, let’s address the one situation that can’t be solved – residual hauntings.

Residual hauntings are echoes from the past. There is no ghost or spirit involved. It’s simply a scene from the past, playing over and over. In time, the energy will weaken and it will dissipate. The eight techniques will not work. You just have to live with it.

Back to the 8 techniques…


That’s right – you can talk a spirit into leaving your home. This works with intelligent hauntings. You, as a living person, can talk to the spirit to move on. Living people are the masters of this plane of existence, so they have much more power than most believe. I would ask you to be kind to the spirit. It was another human being at one point, so please be respectful when you ask it to move on and leave your residence.

Note: Negotiating doesn’t work on elementals, fairies, demons and poltergeists. It works for intelligent hauntings with human spirits.

Holy Water

Holy water clear ghosts and spirits
Holy Water can clear ghosts and spirits if your intention and belief is strong

We haven’t used holy water to remove a spirit, so we’re assembling this information from our library on ghosts and spirits (sources listed at the end of this post).  After you fill a container with holy water, dip your finger tips in it and make a cross on every door in your home (front door, back door, room doors, any and every door). As you do this, say a prayer that calls on your god(s) to remove the spirit from your home. In order for this to work, you really need to put your belief into it. It has to be total belief in the god(s).

Haunted Object Removal

We’ve covered this topic before. See our post of Haunted Objects and Remedies.

Spiritual Cleansing

Blessed objects clear spirits and ghosts
Blessed objects placed in a room can drive out unwanted ghosts and spirits

A member of the clergy can clear a spirit, but most people don’t ask for this assistance. You can use a different method, though. Bring some religious objects to your church and ask the priest or pastor to bless them. Then, place the objects in the rooms with the most ghostly activities to drive the spirit out.

However, this could also drive the spirit to neighboring rooms, attic or basement. It may be better just to have your entire home blessed.


smudging removes ghosts and spirits
The smoke from a smudging stick clears negative energy, ghosts and spirits

Many people think smudging is a pagan or Wiccan ritual. It’s actually not specific to any religion. Anyone can do it.

To smudge your home, first get some smudging sticks online or gather dried sage and sweet grass and tie it so it looks like a rod. You can also buy sage incense for the same effect.

Light the smudging stick or incense and let it burn for a few seconds, then blow it out. You want the smoke – not the flame – to clear the spirit. Then, walk through your house and stop in every room. Open a window in each room to let the spirit out.

This is very important: Make sure you get the sage smoke in every corner of the room.  You wave the smoke into each nook and cranny, if you need to. As you push the smoke into the corners, say something like, “This smokes clears the spirit, ghost and negative energy out of this house.” Then, command the spirit to leave through the window.

When you finish all the rooms, go back and close each window. You may have to do this once per week for a month. Spirits can be stubborn.

White Candle Clearing

white candles clear ghosts and spirits
White candles represent the divine and they remove unwanted spirits from a room

I’ve used this method on a few occasions. Buy a brand new white candle. A used candle will not work. You need to use a new candle for each room. It doesn’t matter what kind. The white symbolizes purity or the divine. Light the candle in the room with the spirit. Walk around the room and command the spirit, ghost or negative entity to leave.

Repeat as needed to clear the room. You can open the window and order the spirit to leave like you do with smudging.

Feng Shui

I’ve never known anyone to use it, but you can arrange the room to allow the movement of positive energy to clear the spirit. I’m not an expert, so here’s a link to a book on Feng Shui. The goal is to clear clutter and align your living space with good, positive energy.

Rice + Salt

You can use rice to move the spirit out of your house. First, pour white rice around the outside of your house, as close to the foundation as possible. This is to lure the spirit out of your home. Then it will start counting the rice. After a couple of days – when the spirit has moved outside, pour kosher sea salt around the house just like you poured the rice. The salt will block the spirit from entering.

If you still have ghostly activity after using these methods, you want to call a professional to help clear your home.

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  1. Hi gang. We’re testing comments again. If it looks like spammers and trolls leave them, then we’ll shut comments off.

  2. Love your info. I was wondering about ghosts attached to items? Think my passed MIL is hanging around to taunt me, she never did like me…would like to get her to leave and go where ever it is she’s supposed to be, no bad feelings from either side. TY LN

  3. Hi Ellen. Thanks for commenting. There’s a few ways to clear the spirit. I’ve got a couple of articles you can read about it:
    The big thing to do is find out what your mother-in-law’s anchor is. If you can break that connection, then she’ll leave. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s connected to your spouse. Then, the only way to get her to move on is to have your spouse ask her to leave in a positive way. You want to put her mind to rest about your family’s future, so she can rest in peace. Hope this helps!

  4. My mom has a spirits that comes out only at night & gets on corner of bed under the cover. But never tries to hurt her in any way. Myself I am scared to death.. lol Can you tell me how to get rid of this.. Please …..
    thank you

  5. Hi, thanks for commenting. If the ghost is harmless, you don’t need to get rid of it. If it scares you, you can bar it from your room. If you check out the popular posts section, you’ll find 2 or 3 articles about ghost protection (Herbs That Protect…, Stones That Protect…). You can use some of the plants and stones to keep the ghost away.

  6. I very much live in a haunted house so to speak . They are inside the property. I here water is great energy for spirits, I believe this for I have seen them travel by water. I find trees are full of spirits I didn’t realize this until some. Very revealing pictures of children to adults showed up. I tried to reach out to professional ghost hunters who led me on for two years . They told me I was next on the list. I was surprised when the totally disconnected from me after me waiting all that time, not very professional people as far as I am concerned. I need very much help to get my house and property cleaned I don’t think that’s ever going to help.I could not figure out why my spirits looked wet because I can see them pretty clear, so I did some research of the Madawaska river in Ontario Canada. I found at first it was a logging river and for every man that passed away due to injury was bu?ried along the banks of the river and the leaving alas made to sleep besides the graves overnight to keep the dead person company. The men would here conversations and would vacate as quick as possible. I found out that when they decided to flood the river for a dam, they burned every graveyard under the deep water, so for every rapid which is very very many were fair sized graves buried. How sad instead of moving the gr.aves they flooded it. So my house is so full of spirits and the property I need professional help…. and I don’t know where to go. If you know anyone in Ottawa Ontario Canada that can help or at least someone in the Ottawa valley I would be forever in my prayer s. Thank you anyone so much. Please contact msnanny1957@ outlook.com. Ask for Rosemarie.

  7. I know I have a ghost. I have seen its shadow walk past me. You start to freeze. You hear noises all night and, sometimes, during the day. Now, my dog watches something walk around, but then it gets scared and runs away. What can I do? Please help.

  8. Hi Delores. Thanks for contacting us. We have a few articles on ghost protection and clearing. The links below will tell you what you need to clear it. You can use the links to get the supplies:

    If you need a professional to help you, here’s a site with contact information for local paranormal teams, Paranormal Societies.

  9. Hi, ok so in 2012 I bought a house built in 2006. There where the first owners here for almost five years then a retired guy for only one year then me. I was pregnant when we moved in myself, husband and daughter. After having my son and being home for four months I noticed a girl ghost watching me. She only stays in hallway and my sons room. I didn’t tell any family members due to them being scared. Then grandma stayed and watched my son when I went back to work. She told me one day who’s the girl!!! Holly shit she saw her too. She never really scared me but recently I quit my job to stay home and I’ve felt uneasy so I asked her to please leave. The weeks to fallow- she told me her name in a dream Beth Ann. Every day I think of her. She has never walked any farther then the doorway of my room and last night she entered my dream that woke me up to see her at the foot of my bed she had her energy or something on my chest. I turned the light on and clapped my hands and said get out of my room!! What do I do? I love my home and I want to feel safe and secure. I don’t think she is evil but something happened to her and she’s confused or wants to tell me but I don’t want to be part of any of it. Please help

  10. Hi Skye. Thanks for telling your story. I’ve got some protection articles on the site you can use. Just go to the Popular Posts section on the right side of site (if on a PC or laptop), or scroll down on a cell phone. It’s right below the Latest Posts section. I have articles for “Herbs That Protect Against Evil Spirits” and “Stones That Protect Against Evil Spirits & More.” You can also search the site for “Salt A Ghostly Protection Go-To.” That’ll arm you with all you need to keep her away.

    However, that probably won’t clear the little girl’s ghost. If she’s got a message to deliver, she’ll probably come back again. You’d have to find her anchor (what’s keeping her in your house) and move it to a graveyard, or she delivers the message. Finding an anchor isn’t always practical. I think you’d need a gifted medium to get the details and help her move on. There may have been another house on your lot before yours was built. That could be why she’s haunting you.

    I don’t have any references for a medium to help. You could search for ‘how to help a spirit move on’ for tips and to find a medium/psychic. I’m afraid I can only help you with the protection part of your request.

  11. Hi Paula. Thanks for commenting. I’ll give you a link to another article on ghosts (Ghosts | An Earthbound Essence). The big difference is evil spirits will try to hurt you or cause fear, and they’ll do it consistently. It could generate fire, push you down stairs, or something painful/scary like that. A ghost just wants to tell you something or warn you about something. It may not show up for weeks at a time, too. The linked article has more about the subject.

  12. I have a very strong scent, sort of sweet disgusting scent, that has stayed with me 99% of the time. I have asked it ti leave nicely, i have adked God to remive it, i have gotten angry as well. It is still here strong as ever. It does give me a minute or two without having to smell it. I am not sure what to do. I am ordering sage online to cleanse my home. I dont know what it wants and why it is here . What can I do??

  13. Hello Jacob. How are you?
    I really don’t know where to start.. my boyfriend lives in a house with two other roommates, one of them is barely there and the other one is my boyfriend best friend. He’s due to marry on January and has been having problems finding a home for him and fiancé. He’s a really nice guy but extremely messy. We have been fighting because he doesn’t clean the dishes for weeks and different things that had happened. I won’t lie, im waiting till they get marry so I can move in to my boyfriends. But since they haven’t found anything they might have to live in the house. I haven’t been very happy with this situation but haven’t express anything to them, just to my boyfriend. It annoys me but I wouldn’t care just because i really have a good relationship with both of them.
    A couple weeks ago we had a very scary experience in the house where something broke a religious candle. We didn’t thought that much about it, but for protection I made a cross with holy oil in my boyfriends door.
    The situation got worse in the following days, with weird noises in the house. But yesterday night the spirit actually attack me while I was in bed. He moved one of the pillows that was under my head. I left the house after that and waited for my boyfriends roommates to get home.
    At night I couldn’t sleep, something keep waking me up, I wasn’t scared of anything.
    I talked to my father about it (he is usually very good with this type of situations) and while I was with him, he got a message saying that the spirit in the house was trying to scare me away so the roommate and his fiancé could stay in the house. My dad told me that it was a former family member of one of the roommate (either my boyfriends best friend or her fiancé’s). I really don’t know what to do, I’m very scared.

  14. Hi Nathalia, thanks for commenting. There could be a few reasons that a ghost has manifested, but let’s focus on clearing it. I’ve got 3 articles for you to read:

    For now, I would recommend wearing a protective stone, like onyx or obsidian, to keep the spirit away from you. Next, you want to clear the spirit with some herbs like frankincense and myrrh. You can buy the stones and incense from Amazon.

  15. Hi Jacob, i need advise please, for the last say month or so it if my house is turned into a mess, we had a birthday party for my kids and since its if their are bad thing going on, firstly my youngest son 7 will shout and scream and wont listen, my husband then woke up one morning with scratches on hes back we dont have a clue where it came from, then a few days back my hairdryer just went on, no one was in the room. Lastly the night with the kids party their were a lot of new kids age between 7-10. My dad mentioned to me when he was sleeping it felt like someone was holding him pushing down on the bed and he couldn’t get up… im so scared,please advice.. Thanks Chantal

  16. Hi Chantal, thanks for commenting. This sounds like you may have a haunted object in your house. When sudden physical activity starts, that’s usually the case. Try to remember if you brought any antiques into the house 2 weeks before the birthday party. It usually takes that long for the activity to start. Here are some articles to read on haunted objects and how to protect your home.

    If you need more help, try this site to find a local paranormal team to help: http://www.paranormalsocieties.com/usa-paranormal-groups.cfm

  17. Hi JW, thanks for commenting. There’s a few things you can try: Using a protective stone; placing protective herbs around its crate; and using an incense to banish the possible spirit.

    It’s probably more practical to have a protective stone added to its collar or crate. If you that’s not possible, you could hang a bag with protect herbs from its crate, but the pooch could grab the bag and chew it (I’ve got 3 dogs and one of them loves to chew the bag!). Not all herbs are good for pets, so read the article to find safe ones. As for incense, you just get some protective herbs and smudge the room the dog sleeps in. In time, the ghost will leave, but it won’t leave immediately. It could take a month for it to clear.

  18. I want to help my sister. She has begun to see dark shadows every evening in her house. Bulky figure shaped shadows. She said she doesn’t think they are going to harm her, but she hasn’t slept in weeks. What can I do for her?

  19. Thank you Jacob. It worked. We are once again at peace and my dog is no longer afraid. You are wonderful my friend. Bless you!

  20. I just moved into a home and I was so happy here. Yesterday I found out the previous tennet was raped and murdered brutally as well as her dog was killed by her husband. They didn’t do a good job cleaning it and now that I’m aware I looked where it happened and found her blood on the baseboard . I tried talking to her saying her name telling her I’m sorry and that I did not know and for her to find peace and go watch over her children. The light in the kitchen right over where it happned was flickering. I recorded it. I’m really upset

  21. Hi Sarah, thanks for telling your story. You can break the bond with the former tenant, but it will probably take a continuous effort. First, you want to clean the blood. It most likely acts like an anchor to keep her spirit bound to the house. Once it’s cleaned, try negotiating again. Continue to ask her to go to her children need her and that her former husband is in jail. Her spirit may be confused and frustrated because she can’t find her children.

    If that doesn’t work, you can have a priest/pastor over to bless the house, but I think negotiating is the best choice. It can be slow.

    If the activity get stronger, then I’d ask you to burn frankincense-myrrh. You’ll probably need to do that 4 times (a week apart) before it breaks the bond.

    If you start to have nightmares, let me know. The spirit is likely trying to communicate with you, and you may need an interpretation to understand it.

  22. Hi Jacob,

    We built our home 4 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant when we moved in. I never felt anything until after the birth of our daughter. When I would get up to get her at night I would want to run from her room to mine. I started allowing her to sleep in my room because the fear of walking threw the house at night was too much. Since then so many strange things have happened like our older children walking outside to check the mail and getting locked out, me driving an hour home to turn the knob and it be unlocked. My 2 year old walking out of a room an stop dead in her tracks screaming bloody murder at whatever she was seeing. My daughter at 3 sitting up in the bed and telling something it didn’t belong here and to leave. Her telling me not to sleep on a side of the bed and when I asked why she said the dark bad thing was there. To being touched in the middle of the night. Currently we have a 16 year old and 4 year old at home. When you are home alone you might hear walking upstairs, or the coffee pot gets the sound before it starts but no one is making coffee to hearing something say hey in a weird voice and not answering it for it to say it again, so I turn to my husband and say what and him say, I didn’t say anything. Last night I woke up to something that hit my ear and I thought it felt 150 degree’s I woke and started praying. When my husband woke up he said OMG it was freezing in here, SAY WHAT my skin was boiling. I don’t always feel it in the house so I am assuming it is attached to the land maybe. I need help, because at this point I’m ready to walk away from it all, house and everything in it.

  23. Hi Heather, thanks for telling your story. To me, it sounds like your daughter may have psychic gifts, and a spirit or spirits are attracted to her. Since she’s very young, she probably doesn’t realize this, so she can’t control her ability. This is a bit out of my league. I’d ask you to find some help from a psychic, medium or a pagan group. These groups train extensively on psychic phenomena. I think they’d be able to assist you with your daughter’s training.

    I can help with some protective techniques. I will put a few links below, so you can read more about what to do.

    Also, I don’t think the spirits are evil: If they were, you would have known within a month of your daughter’s birth. The activity would be violent with fires, thrown furniture, strange illnesses and other similar activity. They’re probably trying to communicate the only way they can.

    Thanks again for contacting me, and please get a second opinion on your haunting case.

  24. Please help!
    My sister has been experiencing spirits in her home.Only in her sitting room and kitchen,jumping,running,heavy footsteps,plugs sounding like theyve been pulled out of sockets,swivel chair swinging with her sitting on it and cupboard lights coming on by themselves.She only experiences this towards early evening and has resorted to sitting in her bedroom from around 6pm every day.Her adult son also hears the activities,she has done the sage smudging and it was ok for a couple of days but it seems to have come back even stronger now.This has made her really Ill please can you help?

  25. Hi Kim, thanks for commenting. This sounds like a haunted object. Did she get something from an estate sale, like an antique? That may have caused this sudden activity.

  26. Hi I live in a house made in 1957 I have seen a shadow and since I am a sensitive it talks to me there are 2 one male one female. the female is my fiancé’s dead wife harmless, the other is a male do not know who he is tried the holy water and negotiating I need this entity gone I am ssldo not the only one to see it in the house it is in the basement. please help. I do not want it scaying me or the 9 yr old daughter, I also do not to hear it talk to me any more like yeah and what really stern. it scares me.

  27. Hi JJ, thanks for commenting. I would recommend using a frankincense myrrh incense. It’s a strong herb mix to use. If holy water didn’t work, then the spirit is likely a different faith than yours. You may need a Protestant, Native American, pagan or Jewish religious leader to help clear it.

    For now, wear a protective stone like onyx and pour salt along doorways and windows to keep the spirit away from you. Once you figure out its origin, you could clear it.

  28. I have things disappearing in my house. At first I thought it was me and old age. I’m 75, but when the TV started changing channels by itself and I came downstairs and one of my gas burners on the stove was burning, my curling iron being turned off after I know I turned it on, I knew something strange was going on. The following items are not small. The following things have disappeared, An oil painting, a sweatshirt, a gallon jug of cleaning solution, a bottle I filled with the cleaning solution, and a small bag of fur from my little cat I had to have put down. The latter really upset me. I also found my LR scarves tucked in between place mats in a drawer. i have looked everywhere for these things and don’t know what to do. I don’t know what is going to disappear next. I am Angry and Frustrated.

  29. Hey Jacob. I’ve had an on-going issue with paranormal activity in my house I’ve owned for about 3 years. A few weird things happened many months after I moved in but I just thought nothing of it. My father passed away last August and a few things started happening again. I thought maybe it was him so I had a paranormal team come over to investigate and now things are even worse. It’s been a bit over a month since the paranormal team came over but since then I’ve heard thumps at night, knocks on the ceiling in the bathroom downstairs… I even saw a full-blown cat apparition… I thought it was my girlfriends cat but when I made a comment about how the cat ran under the bed and must want to play my girlfriend immediately said “the cat is in the bathroom with me…” I also swear I saw a dark figure in my peripheral vision walk into a room earlier today. I’ve tried sage and demanding that it leave. Usually the sage only calms the activity for a day or two then back to more paranormal stuff. It’s enough to keep me awake at all hours. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Hi Curtis, thanks for commenting. I’ll put some links to articles about protection and clearing ghosts below. It doesn’t sound like the ghost(s) tries to harm you or your girlfriend, so that’s good. I think the spirit wants to tell you something. That’s why it became more active after the paranormal team visited. It may think you want to get rid of it before you figure out the message. In this case, you can ask it to show you, write, or move something as clues. Once you figure it out, then this ghost should move on.

    For the long-term ghostly residents, you’d probably need to use the techniques in the articles below:

    The info in these articles should put a whammy on an intelligent haunting, but a residual haunting may not clear out. That just means some of the ghostly activity (like phantom footsteps and knocks) will continue. It’s harmless, but a little bit creepy.

    Also, you are probably the best person to clear out these spirits. It’s your home and you have more power than you think. If someone comes and tells you they can do it for a fee, pass on it. These things work out best when it’s the homeowner who clears the spirits.

    Thanks for reading the blog and take care!

  31. Hi I’ve lived in my house for 10yrs it’s an older house built in 1943 here recently I believe a spirit has connected with me in some way because I believe in the after life an they are lefted here for reasons I know it’s not a bad spirit but I feel physically drained sometimes and sick to my stomach and my animals which I have a dog and 2 cats are acting crazy and my phone and TV have been going crazy and even myself can you please tell me what I need to do I’ve told it that’s it’s OK to go to the light an cross over but IDK if this has happened IDK what happened to this person but just wanted to know what I can do so I’m not physically drained anymore can you please help me an lead me the right direction

  32. Hi Tanya, thanks for commenting. I’ll put some protection and clearing comments below for you to try:

    You’ll probably need to use smudging, stones and salt weekly for at least 4-6 weeks before it breaks the attachment. The stones should work faster, especially onyx or obsidian. You’d have to wear a bracelet or pendant all the time. Once the entity figures out you’re not a good meal, then it will leave.

  33. Hi Jacob.
    I rented my house to a woman for over 6 years, she kept her husband’s ashes, along with his cap and shades (he was a policeman) in the bedroom. I find it sickly weird since she also lives with her new beau. Anyway, we now move back to our house and I feel someone is watching me, something I never felt before in this house. I don’t even sleep in our bedroom anymore.
    What should I do? Thank you.

  34. Hi Laure, thanks for writing in. It may be that the policeman’s spirit is clinging to the area because it may not know where his widow went. I’d try negotiating with it first. That means you can say your tenant left and where she may have moved. Another thing, I’d check to make sure the former tenant took everything with her. It could create an anchor that binds the spirit to the room. You’ll probably need to ask it to leave each week for a month or so.

    If that doesn’t work, then using sage or a frankincense combo to help clear should do the trick. But be kind with the spirit. He’s probably lonely and desperate to connect with his widow and/or family.

  35. So my husband’s couisn and her family recently moved into a new rental in the small town they live in. She has two young daughters, one who is 3 and one who is 6 months old. The 3 yr old refuses to sleep in her room. Says there are monsters in there. Mom knows there is a male spirit and a female spirit in the house. See her and my husband (as well as my children) are sensitive to the paranormal. He doesn’t feel anything when he’s outside the home neither does his cousin so we believe they are connected directly to the house not the protperty. What’s the best suggestion to keep these spirits away from the 3 year old so she can sleep in her own room again Mom isn’t worried about her she just wants the spirits to leave the girls alone open to any suggestions.

  36. Hi Jacob me and my mom recently moved into a house like a week and a few days ago and the past tenants who were here before us moved out and left state but they left almost all their stuff here and me and my mom and the landlord and the landlords son were left to take to garbage dumpster and burn everything they left here they left a little bit of everything furniture, cat boxes, other state ids, various gift cards, various jewelery, chains and leashes for animals, books, back packs, purses, inhalers, bottles of meds, various clothing items, bottles of cleaning solutions, coins, movies, dvds, collars for animals, stuffed animals, bricks, mattresses, box springs, fans, heaters, boxes of papers containing cps reports and court papers and police reports, chairs, desks, end tables, night stands, a couch, kids toys, all kinds of their personal belongings and we have been told they were into wicken stuff and witches and spells and pirates and vampires and stuff evil stuff and anyway since we moved in we have just felt like something or somebody is watching us like a spirit or something and we have felt really really harsh negative energy walking into rooms in the house and feel uncomfortable being in the rooms alone and can’t sleep in the rooms only in the living room and we just get an eery feeling in this house and it’s effecting our moods and effecting our routines and we are afraid that these things effecting us will not be good as I’m fighting a custody battle with my ex for my son and trying to work towards getting my son living with me and this is where he will be once I get him back and we don’t want issues like me being afraid to sleep in a room or being afraid to be in a room alone and stuff like that causing issues with my son coming home and we don’t want him to have these same effects when I get him home and right now me and my mom are sleeping in the living room as we are afraid of the rooms or to be alone in any part of the house even if we are just one room apart from eachother like me and my mom even feel afraid to use the bathroom alone because this house just gives us the we are not alone feeling even through it is just us here and we just don’t need issues I’ve mentioned above and we don’t need issues like me being afraid to be independent because I have to have my mom close to me and things like that because I am a parent and need to be independent for my son and need to be able to care for my son and not let anything get in the way of that please help me and my mom we haven’t seen anything or had anything actually happen if just gives us negative energy and makes us afraid and makes us feel like we are not alone and we really don’t like it at all plus I keep having bad dreams but they aren’t associated with this house feeling they are seperate dreams of other bad things happening in other places but still bad dreams are another issue while here

  37. Hi Leeanna, thanks for writing. That’s a lot going on. I’d start with clearing the negative energy. You can use sage incense to do it and you’ll have to do it at least once a week for 4 weeks. I’ll put a few links below for you to read. When you use sage incense, you have to use it in every room and every corner of the rooms. Start with that and let me know how it goes.

    Here are some links for you:

    1. How to make incense (or where to buy it)
    2. Herbs that protect against evil spirits
    3. Stones that protect against evil spirits

    Please read the comments in the articles. They have a lot of good clearing information and videos, too.

  38. Hi.
    I have some spirits in my basement. At first they scared me but not anymore, however my to cats are very much scared and I’m scared for them. I have saved, rice and salt, prayers and a few other things. These did not work so I had a preacher come to my home. He stated “you have more then just ghost but evil.” Not sure how I am suppose to take or deal with this. Activity has gotten worse, cats more scared and now I’m scared. I don’t sleep but maybe 2 hours a day, when it’s sunlight out. I am weak and wore down from this. Please help me on what the preacher is saying and what other steps can I take to get rid of these please. I don’t know what else to do.

  39. Hi Rhonda, thanks for commenting. I think it’s time to pull out the big guns for clearing this spirit. However, it’s odd a preacher didn’t have the ability to fully clear out the spirit. It could be that the entity isn’t biblical: Christian techniques wouldn’t work on it.

    Back to the situation: I’ll put a link for my article on getting rid of demons below. You’ll have to do these clearing techniques at least 1x a week for a month. If it still doesn’t work, then you may need to get a pagan religious worker or someone gifted with magic to help.

    Getting Rid of Demons

  40. It was a Christian preacher. He didn’t want to stay in the basement to long nd thought that was odd. I thought he’d wanna focus on down here but I am sure he was feeling uneasy. I will try those steps that you shared with me and hope it works. I have another question that is bothering me. I know when they are out and my cats really do. They are terrified. At time’s it’s like they are messing with the cat’s. They get this really weird meow, that they normally do not do and the get to running through her as if they can’t stop, I have to get up nd go to where they are for it to stop. It leads them out in the hallway sometimes nd the meowing gets worse but then it sounds like maybe the cat is being throwing against something or the one cat violently attack’s the other cat and for his first time tried to attack me this morning which this does doesn’t usually happen. Is it getting into my cat’s or Makin them do this. These evil ugh… They don’t mess wit me, just these 2 cat’s??? I don’t get it. And could they harm me at any time? Should I be careful/worried?

  41. Hi again, I’m not an expert in how cats react with spirits, but I did find this article (link below). It may help you and the cats. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If the spirit really wanted to harm you, you would know by now. It seems attracted to the cats.

    Cats Protect Your Home From Spirits

  42. Hello, so I feel absolutely crazy about this, but I need help or advice. I think I may be dealing with more than one spirit in my house.. is that even possible?

    Ok so let me explain from the beginning. My family and I have been living in our home for close to 3 years. A little while after first moving in, my son, who was 4 at the time, came to me and started talking about a little boy who plays at the top of the stairs. Im not gonna lie, It kind of creeped me out. But then he came to me and my mom 4 or 5 more times talking about this little boy, but he never told my son his name, or wouldn’t. I didn’t want my son thinking I didnt believe him so I asked him if it scared him, and my son said no, so I sort of just let it go. Then a year goes by and my daughter mentions something about a little boy who was in her closet playing with toys. She said she was in her room on her bed and noticed movement in her closet. The closet door was shut but not all the way, and the light was on on her room, not the closet. She said she seen a little.bou about her brothers age playing and could hear a voice. When she was 2 and 3, she talked, or gibbered, about a little girl who was her best friend, and her name was Olivia.. my daughter was tiny I know, but we didnt know anyone named Olivia and never mentioned that name, so for her to come up with a name out of the blue back then really shocked me, but I’m only mentioning this bc she has always seen things I guess no one else could see, even communicate with spirits.. i dont know a bit anyways I, or anyone in my family never mentioned or talked about the little boy around her, so when she said that, I guess that’s when I put 2 and 2 together and I guess believed my kids. Because soon after I started noticingthe ghost ot spirit more and more. But I know the little boy only stays upstairs. And I think I may know why.
    My boyfriend and I have a small business and we buy and sell a lot of different things, vintage, pictures, video game stuff, etc. But in our garbage, so we are out there a lot! After I noticed the activity with the little boy, i started noticing activity in my garage, but it has always made me scared. And I think it has made it’s way upstairs and is really scaring my son andI, to where my son eont even sleep in his room anymore, and is a big reason to why we are moving. A couple.months ago, I was in my bathroom thats in my bedroom, and my boyfriend was taking a nap on our bed. I was sitting on my floor doing paperwork bc o didnt want to wake up my boyfriend, I was trying to let him rest, but I was leaned up against the bathroom door sitting on the floor and out of nowhere, something started banging on the door from the other side, i literally felt the door move and I got up so fast I was yelling telling them “stop, jeeze one ssecret me open the..” and when I opened the door no one and nothing was there.. I gonintonmy room and my boyfriend was still asleep and hadn’t even moved. I walked into the hallway, and no one was there.. I’m getting the chills now just thinking about it. There was just no way anyone could have done that and left that fast.. it literally took one sec to open my door.. I told my boyfriend about it and he believed me and started telling me about situations with him in our garage.. how he will be holding a cup of something to drink in his hands and it will be forcefully knocked out of his hands, or hes physically seen things being picked up and knocked off if walls, myself too but a month or so after that happened to me, my son was brushing his teeth one night and I was cleaning up my kitchen and he came downstairs and said “mom, when I was brushing my teeth, so one knocked on the bathroom door. It was really loud and when I opened it, nothing was there.” Omg chills again.. nnthen just now, which led me to you, something just turned off a light in my room and I’m just fed up.. I know it’s not the little boy I know its something else.. will this spirit ir whatever follow me.. I’m scared.. for me and my son and family, I’m actually really scared i will be followed and taunted my this spirit and I dont know what I should do.. it’s been happening for so long and other people I know who have came here have seen activity and felt this spirit too. Me and a friend tried negotiating with it, but it didnt work, if anything made thisn spirit worse.. I’m in tears right now.. please help.. anything.. I can’t afford professional help.. what should I do? Thank you

  43. Hi Regina, thanks for telling your story. I’m going to put some links to protection articles below. There’s a few entities that match this description, but it sounds like a haunted object or anchor. You mentioned a business that sells vintage things, which means something could have an attachment. Here are the articles about them:

    The other possibility is a child has medium abilities, which would lure entities to him or her. I’m not skilled in this area, so you’d have to find someone local to help. Sorry.

    Here are protection articles:

    Most of the herbs and stones cost less than $20. Please read the comments to these articles because they are loaded with clearing information. The herb article has a link for making your own incense to clear spirits. I hope everything turns out for the best!

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