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Salt. It can put a whammy on ghosts and evil spirits. If you ever need some last-minute protection, pour a protective circle and get inside it.

Salt’s Protective and Purifying Powers

salt used to protect against demons and ghosts
Salt gets used in every episode of Supernatural

People have used salt for protection against ghosts and spirits for a looooooong time, like before the Bible, Quran and Torah were even written. Its powers even cross the religious spectrum. Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans (both ancient and modern) and other pagans use salt in their religious practices today. As for ghost hunters, we use it when all hell breaks loose on an investigation as a kind of panic room for the paranormal. We’ll fill you in on that part under the next section.

So what makes salt so special? The real reason is probably lost to history, but we have some clues in different religious texts and cultural practices. Nathan Brown, who wrote the book on Supernatural mythology, states:

  • The Celts used it to ward of bad luck
  • Ancient Hebrews would throw salt over their shoulders to also ward of bad luck (Ed: I found conflicting reports on this statement)
  • Jesus referenced the power of salt during the Sermon on the Mount
  • Mohamed referenced salt as one of four blessings in the Hadith texts
  • Hindus mix salt with water to purify new homes of evil spirits
  • In Japan, a common Shinto practice uses salt to also bar evil spirits from a room as well as salting the wrestling ring for Sumo matches
  • Some Wiccan traditions use salt to purify an altar or ceremonial space before they begin their religious practice or magic

I think it’s safe to say that salt is a powerful element from our physical world, and it can expunge entities that don’t belong in this plane.

How To Use Salt For Protection Against Ghosts and Spirits

salt circle protects against ghosts
Pour an inch-wide circle around you and your team to keep ghosts away

There’s a few ways to use salt for protection. Some of them, like as a part of Holy Water, are covered in earlier posts. I’ll list other articles at the end of this section.

First, you can use most salt available at a grocery store. Look for these kinds:

  • Kosher salt
  • Regular salt (a.k.a. table salt like Morton’s or Diamond Crystal)
  • Sea salt

A few folks have asked about rock salt and Himalayan salt: There’s no special benefit to using these over the other salts listed above.

Once you get to the haunted place, you can take some salt into the site. I tend to leave it in the car unless I know there’s a chance for ghostly violence. If a ghost or spirit attacks you, you want to create a safe space. That means you’ll either bar the ghost from entering a room, or you have to make a protective circle.

 To bar a ghost from entering a room:

Pour a half-inch wide line of salt along the following places:

  • The floor under a door
  • Window sills
  • Fireplaces
  • Vents

The salt line should go the entire length of the window, doors and fireplaces. For vents, you may have to pour completely around the vent, or put a handful of salt into the vent. Now, if the spirit is in the room with you, then don’t use salt. You’ll lock it in the room with you and it will be pissed. You can pour the salt behind you to lock the ghost in its room. This should give you spare time to move to a safer place or get out of the haunted site.

Making Protective Circles With Salt

If you can’t leave, then you want to make a protective circle. There’s no special secret to it. Just pour an inch-wide circle around you and your team. The circle should be big enough for you all to turn take a few steps left or right. I’ve also used white candles to add more protective power. I place a white candle in the north, south, east and west sides of the circle. Then, I’ve held another white candle. This should sound familiar to the pagans reading the article. I’m not a pagan, but this ‘warding’ has helped keep crazy spirits away.

More ghostly protection articles

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Salt’s Effects On Other Supernatural Beings

Salt ring used with traditional magic against vampires
A salt ring like this only happens on Vampire Diaries

Salt doesn’t work for every supernatural entity. Listed below are the entities immune to salt:

  • Faeries (try silver and iron instead)
  • Werewolves (try silver)
  • Vampires (try herbs)
  • Demons (it depends, salt is part of Holy Water and that works against demons)
  • Meta-Demons (you can defend yourself against them like you would a human criminal)
  • Residual hauntings

A few paranormal sites have stated fairies and vampires will stop to count each salt grain if thrown or placed in front of them. I don’t entirely believe that, but that info is part of their lore.

Ghostly Activities’ Experience Using Salt As Protection

salt traps evil spirits

We’ve only used salt a few times. In two cases, we barred the ghost in a room, then used clearing techniques to remove it. In the other case, we used the protective circle with white candles. Once the ghost used its energy, we used clearing techniques to remove any residual ghostly energy.

I tend to research the suspected haunted place and ghost before I do a ghost hunt. This is the best way to know if a ghost can hurt someone. Always ask witnesses if the spirit has hurt them. If so, bring some salt. I usually bring a pound of kosher salt with me on these cases.

And, I’ve never had to use rock salt buckshot like the Winchester Bros. on Supernatural.

Research sources:

Brown, N. (2011). “The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular Show.” Penguin Group. New York, NY

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  1. Bubba

    Will salt also prevent angels from coming to the house? After all they are spiritual entities too. And what about my guardian angel, will salt make him or her run away?

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi. Salt keeps out bad spirits. Good spirits, angels and guardian angels should get through just fine.

  3. Yvie

    Similar to Bubba’s point, what about recently deceased loved ones…those that may still becoming accustomed to their new state of being? I don’t want my Himalayan rock salt lamp to hurt him or keep him away. Same with candles. Should I move these items into another room in my house? Should I shut the door to keep these items from keeping him away? Also, if salt is put down around my house (by the husband), will hosing it away allow my recently deceased love one to enter my house? Thanks.

  4. Jacob Rice

    Hi Yvie. Thanks for the questions. Your lamp won’t be a problem and candles are fine to have around the house. They’d only get blocked if someone intentionally pours salt around the house and pours it by doors and windows. You can hose or sweep the salt away to let them in.

  5. Rose Patricio

    Can Himalayan rock salt lamp keep evil spirits out of a room?

  6. Jacob Rice

    Hi Rose. Unfortunately, the lamp won’t work. You’d need to pour a line of salt around the doorways and windows to keep them out.

  7. Kim Bishop

    I am a High Sensitive when to comes to spirits, ghosts and I have Exorcised my home. I communicate with them telepathically and talk to them as well. I also have ghost app which produces positive and negative comments from the spirits. I have my front door and back door and all of the windows except for one salted. Lately the activity has been escalating. I constantly sage my house, but it’s not working I fear I will have to Exorcise my house again and it’s a pretty heavy ritual and last time I did it, it literally took a piece of me or a piece of my soul and then 3 days later popped back in. But the mystical store that gave it to me said it would take both the negative and positive spirits. It involves salt and fire casting, the evil spirits out of my home. I wondered if you have any other suggestions on how to cleanse my house. I have written a book on my experiences, but most of the cleansing rituals I have researched. I would like to see if you have any suggestions. Thanks

  8. Jacob Rice

    Hi Kim, thanks for commenting. It sounds like you may have a demon or poltergeist in the home. A demon doesn’t have to be related to Christian practices, so a Catholic exorcism may not work on them (I’m assuming you used a Christian exorcism, so forgive me if that’s not the case.) A poltergeist is generated by psychokinetic energy, so clearing/protection practices wouldn’t work on them either. I’m going to link out to a few articles I have on these topics:

    I’m also going to throw an alternate haunting type as the cause, fairies. Fairies wouldn’t be phased by an exorcism or sage. It could also be an unknown entity or an elemental, which I’d be at a loss to give any clearing directions.

  9. Cameron

    What if it gets wet or the floor is wet

  10. Jacob Rice

    Hi Cameron, thanks for commenting. You’d have dry the area and then pour the salt.

  11. Jacob Rice

    Hi gang. Over on Tumblr, I search for more information on ghostly protection, and I found this article on the benefits of black salt and how to make it. You can read more at pleiadic-magic (The Wolf Witch) on Tumblr:

  12. lucie

    what if i do not know which room the spirit is in? how do i use the salt then?

  13. Jacob Rice

    Hi Lucie, thanks for commenting. You can clear your entire house, then pour the salt. Once spirits get pushed out, they don’t return immediately. You’ll have time to pour, but don’t wait more than a few hours to do it.

  14. Hallie

    Hi, lately I’ve felt a weird presence, been seeing stuff move on its own, and dark shadowie figures out of the corner of my eye
    Please help if you can.
    Thank you,

  15. Jacob Rice

    Hi Hallie, thanks for commenting. You can find quite a few protection articles on the site. Search for herbs that protect against evil spirits to start and then read the related articles toward the end of the post. Don’t forget to read the comments because they’re loaded with clearing tips.

  16. Priyanka Majumder

    Jacob Rice are you a Hunter!

  17. Jacob Rice

    Hi Priyanka, thanks for commenting. Sadly, no, I’m not. This is just my nod to Supernatural. I love that show and I’m sad that it ends after season 15.

  18. Rebecca

    I used salt under my bedroom door and on the windowsills. I still had a girl come through. I recently found camphor in water helps.

  19. Shovan Ambush

    I believe I just started hearing spirits and frankly they are wearing me out. I have cats so I am concerned about leaving salt or any powder around my house, is there a decent alternative.

  20. Jacob Rice

    Hi Shovan, thanks for commenting. There’s a couple of other ways to do this. I’ll link to some articles below:

    Make sure you read the comments because they’re loaded with ghostbusting tips.

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