Let’s face facts: You have to take your protective plants and herbs, and turn them into an incense you can burn to drive away evil spirits.

This is how you do it. And don’t burn down your house. Be careful.

To make incense sticks, watch this video:

Make sure you place the protective herbs in the oil at the beginning of the process, so the sticks get infused with the herbs.

Here’s another take using charcoal disks:

If you don’t have charcoal, you can try the method with some common household items:

Here are some links to Amazon to buy incense sticks and charcoal. You can also buy most protective herbs there, too. The incense stick page will also have the oil under ‘Frequently Bought Together.’

Unscented incense sticks

Charcoal disks

Feature image source: http://lucys6.blogspot.com/2014/04/truth-about-incense-stickcone-and-oils.html

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