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Parasitic Entities | Spirits That Sip on Your Life Force

Parasitic entities are supernatural spirits that attach to unsuspecting people to feed on their life force. These entities look for targets with low self-esteem because it’s the easiest prey.

What Are Parasitic Entities?

parasitic entities as seen by Dr. Strange
Parasitic attachments from Dr. Strange comic book (Courtesy: Marvel Comics)

You can think of these as bugs from the ghostly world. These critters seem like our parasites, like ticks and lice. In fact, most clairvoyants ‘see’ them as that kind of parasite. Parasitic entities just want to feed on you. They’re not smart by any means, but they have a lot of survival instinct. This makes them dangerous when you try to clear them.

Why Did You Get a Parasitic Attachment?

pill bugs look like parasitic entities
Parasitic entities can look like pill bugs to clairvoyants

You have low self-esteem. These entities can ‘smell’ people who don’t value themselves. It lowers their natural psychic shielding and physical endurance. Parasitic entities notice that, much like blood in the water to sharks, and they come swarming after an easy meal. You’ve probably seen this with the self-sacrificing person in your life. They are always willing to give you their time and energy, but they always seem a bit sick and fatigued. That’s a good sign an entity has attached itself to the person.

How Do You Get Rid of Parasitic Entities?

Parasitic entities can look like ticks
Ticks are another common visualization of a parasitic entity

The first step is to recognize the problem. Many people don’t realize they’ve got a bugger sucking on their life force. They usually blame it on too much work and not enough rest. Initially, you won’t notice a parasitic entity. It could take weeks, months or even years to recognize it. You may even need the help from a holistic healer or psychic to really diagnose it. That’s not something many folks do. Often, the friends and family of the sick person hold an intervention to wake up them up to a problem. And recovery begins.

Now that the person knows they have a problem, they can begin working on their self-esteem and physical strength. As their will power improves, the parasitic entity won’t get as much nourishment and leave.

It’s better for the victim to do most of the work to clear the entity. When healers and psychics have tried, the critters buried themselves inside the victim. This creates the potential for a lot of damage to the person’s emotional well being. The ‘scars’ from the clearing struggle can last a long time and leave the person open to many spirits and entities. This is a case for self-help.

How Do You Stop Parasitic Entities from Feeding on You Again?

Spider as parasitic entity
Parasitic entities commonly appear as spiders to psychics and holistic healers

Most protection techniques for clearing ghosts will work as well. I would recommend some protective stones. If you can, wear tiger’s eye or hematite bracelets. These stones ground your body and provide more psychic shielding. Also, keep up your physical health with a good diet and stay mentally healthy. This will make you a very tough meal for parasitic entities.

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  1. Heather Lafond

    Please communicate with me. My girl friend has this and my 21 year old niece. I’m going to cleans the house n try to help I’m very spiritual was raised in witchcraft. And I’m a very positive person so please give me suggestions for helping them

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi Heather, thanks for commenting. I’d start with a protective stones like onyx or obsidian. They form barriers that will rip the entities off your gf and niece. Then, do the cleansing. Once that’s done, place sea salt along the exterior doors and windows to prevent the spirits from coming back. You’ll need to repeat the cleansing 1x per week for at least a month. The stones should be worn all the time. Finally, work with your gf and niece on their mental strength. Parasitic entities target people with self-esteem issues or low psychic defenses. They’re usually very easy to clear once you show you’ll fight back.

  3. Pamela

    My theory is that they are humans who decided not to move on. They don’t want a new life, they want to feed off of the living. Is this the real reason why we still have zombie movies? The collective consciousness knows this has been going on but it isn’t talked about openly. Zombies eat brains, these things feed off psychic pain and emotional distress. I have been experiencing being tormented day and night by invisible entities for the past seven months and have tried almost everything to get rid of them. I thought I was working on my self-esteem, but apparently it’s not so cut and dry. Imagine if the Spanish Inquisition was invisible and was hanging around your body day and night torturing you, trying to drive you crazy.

    I have found no help whatsoever from people. I tried all the house clearing and protective stones, tried prayer and sound healing. I am about to try psychedelics as they usually provide answers to problems no one else could/would help with. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It started after my husband threw out my old hair that I was going to burn, he put it in the recycling instead. It was a shock to my system and I felt very vulnerable. My shamanic teacher said you should always burn your old hair and fingernail clippings. Anyway, my advice is, tend to your spiritual Self and don’t hold any grudges. I think they are attracted to people with grudges. I have never figured out how to energetically let go of my grudges, my ironic super power is to want revenge but never to get it. So, don’t be like me, learn to forgive and forget!

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