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Ghosts. In many cases, you don’t even know they’re around you. Find out what a ghost is, how it manifests, and similar supernatural entities.

Ghosts Defined

ghost characteristics

Ghosts are the essence of beings from the earthly plane (img:

Let’s keep this simple:

A ghost is the disembodied essence of a being from the earthly plane.

That essence, which some people may call a soul, could come from a person or animal. In other cases, it could be a vehicle. Why? Because people treat them like living things. Ask a captain about his ship and he’ll say ‘she’ is the best craft of the sea, and ‘she’ takes care of the crew. He and his crew are imbuing the craft with an essence. One that can make a ghost.

Vehicles haven’t had much focus with ghost hunters, but it’s a niche that could use more research. That means we’ll cover ghostly vehicles as our next series.

Ghost Characteristics

Ghosts are everywhere, but you may not notice them

Ghosts can manifest in many ways, but you probably won’t notice them (img:

Ghosts are fairly weak paranormal entities, so you don’t have anything to fear. Most people won’t even know they’ve encountered one. They’ll just think they imagined an odd noise or shadow. Other entities, like fairies and poltergeists, have very clear signs of their activities. More on that later.

The most commons signs of a ghost manifesting include:

  • Knocks
  • Footsteps
  • Bangs
  • Whispers
  • Temperature changes (+/- 5°F)
  • Physical sensations (dizziness, chills, hair standing on end, headaches, etc.)
  • Odors (stench, perfume, cologne, cigarette smoke, etc.)
  • Shadows
  • Glowing lights
  • Mists
  • Missing belongings (car keys, wallets, toys, etc.)
  • Animals behaving out of character
  • Doors or windows closing or opening
  • Nightmares
  • Partial or full apparitions

You probably won’t experience all of these activities. In many cases, you’ll hear strange sounds, notice random changes in temperature, smell something, and get a weird physical sensation. If you have these signs consistently for 2 weeks, then you may have something to research. But, some ghosts just show up once-or-twice a year. It varies by the ghostly type.

You can read more about ghostly types under this tag:

Ghostly Types

Ghosts are usually harmless. Most people get scared and do something careless and get hurt from a panic. It’s not the ghost that did it. Now, other entities are vicious, but 99% of ghostly encounters are safe.

If you want to know more about ghostly classifications, you can read our post on that subject:

How To Classify Apparitions And Other Ghostly Manifestations

Types Of Hauntings

Residual haunting of 18th century woman ghost on stairs

There are 2 kinds of hauntings, intelligent and residual (img:

First off, let’s define a haunting:

A haunting is ghostly activity that humans can observe.

It’s important to define hauntings as observable events. That’s because ghosts are everywhere, but, as we mentioned earlier, not all of them can manifest. If they can’t manifest, there isn’t much evidence to collect, eh?

Anyway, there are 2 kinds of hauntings:


The ghost engages with people and communicates in a unique way, such as EVP or apparition. It wants to give a message, or chase you away. After all, ghosts were people and they still have their human preferences. In general, an intelligent haunting can begin any time after its human death. Intelligent hauntings tend to be more pronounced than a residual haunting.


Residual hauntings are echoes from the past. These ghostly encounters don’t try to engage with people. In many cases, the ghosts won’t even notice the living. Jake usually doesn’t classify these hauntings as ghosts. Really, it’s like a hologram from past playing out in front of you. You may still experience ghostly characteristics with a residual haunting, but these types are truly harmless.

Non-Human Ghosts

Ghost car manifests

Cars are common non-human ghosts (img:

Not every ghost was human. As we mentioned earlier, there are other kinds of ghosts.


Animal ghosts usually don’t stick around on the earthly plane. The odd case is the guardian spirit found in graveyards. Most cat and dog ghosts want to make sure their humans are fine, then they move on. Animal ghosts can be any kind of critter, from wolves to whales. Many people think black dogs are simple animal ghosts, but these pooches are more like demons.


Vehicle ghosts range from ships, like the Flying Dutchman, to cars, think of Christine from the 80s horror movie. The craft itself doesn’t create the ghost; it’s the energy its crew or owner imbues in it. Once that person passes away, or the vehicle gets junked or sinks, it can come back as a ghost. Most of these vehicles become residual hauntings. In other cases, the craft acts as a ghost portal, and lets spirits come through it. The best example of a ghost portal craft is the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Commonly Confused Ghostly Types

In some cases, you may experience a haunting, but it’s not a ghost that haunts you. There are other supernatural entities that have similar characteristics to a ghost. Check out the links below to get more info:


  1. Jessica Ortiz


    Twice in one week I’ve woken up with Hand prints on a random place on my body. The first one was a bruise of a small hand on my bicep. The second was on my calf of a large hand. Human hand for sure. I actually was having one of those ” try to wake up but can’t” nightmares last night and it wasn’t until I was about to shower where i noticed the hand print on my leg. Is this evil doing? I don;t feel pain or injured. Just worried this “entity” may not be ghostly but something bad :(. What should I do or how can I find out what type of entity this is?

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi Jessica, thanks for commenting. What you describe isn’t a typical ghost. It’s something else. It sounds like an old hag, but let’s focus on protection techniques.

    Here are some links you can use to get protection:

    This is a case where I think you should get some professional help to clear the spirit. There’s a site with a list of paranormal teams you can use. Not all teams will offer clearing services. You may need to look into local pagan societies to help.

  3. Jessica Ortiz

    Thank you for the quick response. I will try protection methods first and try the “Trial and Error” approach before I seek out the “Big guns”. I will let you know if that works!!! Thanks!

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