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Haunted Objects and Remedies

Possessed possessions. Demon dolls. Haunted objects. You never know what you bring home with you from an antique store or yard sale. Learn how to break the ghostly bond with your possessions.

We’ve all heard the stories about demon dolls and other haunted objects. In most cases, a family member buys an antique that just happens to have something paranormal attached to it. Now, you have to think twice about that item you buy from eBay.

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2 Kinds of Haunted Objects

Robert, the cursed doll

Haunted objects come in 2 general versions:

1. They absorb the energy of their previous owner

2. They’re cursed by a magical ritual

Unfortunately, Ghostly Activities isn’t a subject matter expert on magic systems. However, we did find a reputable site with information on breaking curses.

Now, back to breaking the ghostly bond with a haunted object.

Most Common Haunted Objects

Cursed chair kills anyone who sits in it

Haunted objects can be anything. The most common possessed possessions include:

  • Dolls
  • Jewelry
  • Antique bed frames and headboards
  • Paintings (especially self portraits)
  • Mirrors
  • Clothing (especially gowns)
  • Chairs

It’s obvious why these objects absorb energy. They either have a great deal of contact with their owner (i.e., jewelry), or they capture the image of the owner (i.e., mirrors). An untimely death could also give the energy to charge the object. For example, a bride who dies on her wedding night could definitely charge her gown and wedding ring with enough essence to become haunted. Always ask about the item’s history before buying it.

If needed, you could ask a psychic, gifted with psychometry, to test the objects before you bring them home. The psychic can pick up the ‘vibes’ on the object and tell you if it’s good or bad energy. If you experience any ghostly activities, we strongly recommend you call someone to test the object right away.

Haunted Object Dormancy and Activity

Haunted box for sale on eBay

Many objects remain dormant until there’s a change in its environment. Usually, that means a new owner takes it to a new home, or you move into someone’s home. That change in energy can activate the object.

We had one client with a haunted object in her wall. It was a cooking utensil used during the Civil War. Her home was a field clinic during a battle in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Renovators knocked down a wall and exposed the clinic’s kitchen and the haunting activity began. Once she donated the kitchen remnants and utensils to a local museum, the activity stopped.

If you do have a haunted object, the following ghostly activities happen:

  1. Your possessions move on their own (not necessarily the haunted object)
  2. Apparitions and shadow people manifest
  3. Nightmares become frequent (3x per week or more)
  4. Bad luck happens around the home (minor injuries or plumbing/electrical problems)
  5. Illnesses become more frequent like colds, flu and food poisoning

The timing varies on these activities. Usually, they start within the first 2 weeks, but it can happen on the anniversary of the previous owner’s death.

Haunted Object Solutions

Burning haunted objects breaks the ghostly bond with previous owner - NOT SAFE!

There are 5 ways to break the bond with the haunted object.

  1. Spiritual cleansing of the object and home
  2. Cleanse the object with salt
  3. Return it to its original place
  4. Bury it in a graveyard
  5. Burn it

Burning always works, but then you’ve lost your money. Plus, you could burn down the block, so we say don’t burn anything. We recommend using salt cleansing and spiritual cleansing before doing anything too drastic.

 Burning Haunted Objects

Burning is a last resort. If the object continues to appear at your home and you’ve tried the first 4 solutions, then seek a paranormal specialist to burn it for you. Destroying a haunted object can cause the evil attached to it to ‘jump’ out. If you haven’t mastered protection techniques, it could attach to you or someone who was at the place you burned it. Then, you’ll definitely need a pro to destroy the object, break the attachment and clear your home. In every case I’ve encountered, you shouldn’t need to go beyond the 4th solution listed above.


  1. James

    I have a question, not a comment. my question is is there a way two impart part of my spirit into jewelry without a demonic ritual way? I try to live a good life full of friends and family, I love my friends and family very passionately and I know that when I die I will be a guardian angel for my niece. if you wish to know more about my reason for this, please please feel free to return me an email and I will be more than happy to have this discussion with you via email, phone, or in person. Thank you for any reply and information you’re willing to divulge.

    James “Andy”

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi James. Thanks for asking. You don’t need to run a ritual to leave your essence behind. This post really focuses on the bad haunted objects because they cause a lot of trouble for the new owners. Families with good objects don’t want to clear those spirits. The quick answer is: If you really love someone or something, you can leave part of yourself behind. Just keep the jewelry with you and focus on love toward your family and friends. It may be a warm feeling when someone holds the object in question, or it could be the happiest memories. It’s different for everyone, so I’m not sure how it will turn out for you and family and friends.

  3. Rynae

    A previous tenant left a beautiful old mirror. After we moved it out of the room and into the hall, we have seen spirits, or one particular spirit in it. I am a strong empath but had not really seen or looked into or passed close enough to the mirror until tonight. My daughter is pregnant. She has used the mirror and began bleeding. I moved my left hand close to the mirror and chills ran down my left side. Also earlier in the evening we almost had to call the ambulance b/c my heart stopped during an arrythmia attack for much too long. A good whack to my chest restarted it. I knew something was wrong in the house. I have read to keep it covered, wash it with holy water or oil outside during the day, then either bury it deeply on holy ground or have a practioner burn it at at least 2300 degrees to ensure the mirror melts either by a priest or a pagan practioner who knows what they are doing.I also read that if you look into thiese mirrors, the soul inside “connects” with you or “steals your soul.” I need serious help for my daughter, her unborn child, and her husband. I have not looked directly into it… I was far away and could not see my image. Please… she has been trying so long to get pregnant. What church will allow you to bury a haunted item on hallowed ground?

  4. Jacob Rice

    Hi Rynae. Thanks for asking. I’m going to give you a lot of info on this subject, so take your time reading it and send me an email through the Contact Us page if you need to. This is good info for everyone to know (or respond with what works for them). There are many ways to handle a haunted mirror.

    You can bury the mirror in any graveyard of the appropriate faith. It doesn’t have to be one on with a church on the grounds.
    There are a few ‘rules’ to know:

      Don’t bury it in a pet cemetery. These graveyards haven’t received the same rigor of blessing.
      Bury it in the appropriate graveyard: For example, if the spirit is Jewish, then bury it in a Jewish cemetery. Otherwise, you’ll just anger the spirit. The faith of the spirit can be difficult to find out, but it’s important. There have been reports of people burying haunted objects with Protestant attachments in a Catholic cemetery and the spirit came back.
      Wear some protective stones when you cover the mirror. The spirit may attempt to jump out and attach to you if you crack the glass. Onyx or obsidian are very good protective stones.
      Holy Water may not work because of the spirit’s faith. It’s better to use Oil of Abramelin to ‘neutralize’ the mirror.
      Cleanse your house after you move the mirror. You want to prevent the spirit from coming back. Check out the articles on herbs that protect, stones that protect and salt to fortify your home.
      To move the mirror, neutralize it with Oil of Abramelin: You can splash some on oil on it. Wrap it in burlap. Dig a hole at least 3 feet deep. Place it with the glass facing down. Throw salt on top of the wrapped mirror. Cover it with dirt and say you bind the spirit to its grave and it cannot return to your home. Now hurry home and cleanse the house. Keep wearing the onyx or obsidian to prevent any attachments to you. To be safe, wear the stone for at least 3 days. This will frustrate the spirit and it should move on if it finds its way out of the graveyard. It’s a good idea of have your daughter and her husband also wear some onyx or obsidian. I wouldn’t have them come to the graveyard you choose.

    And I want to dispel some myths about mirrors: It won’t steal your soul. You’d have to have some kind of dark magic ritual to do that. Even a cursed item won’t take your soul unless you allow it. You also don’t have to burn it at 2300 degrees. Any fire could do the trick. Just don’t break the glass before you burn it. That could let the spirit jump out, but the onyx or obsidian will prevent it from attaching to you.

  5. Rochelle

    Hi I have a question about buring items – specifically some items of clothing that belonged to my partner, now deceased. They have a connection to a dark entity (a witch to be exact) that infested the last home I lived in. I keep the items outside at the moment but I’m moving house very soon and I have the overwhelming instinct to burn the items. I wish more than anything I could keeop them because they smell like my partner, but everytime I bring them inside, I see the dark entity and have to return them to their box on the balcony. I want to burn the items (to finally let go of my partner, but also to cleanse the items) but I’m fearful the entity may jump onto me, as noted in your blog post. Would you recommend cleansing the items first by washing them in salt, then burning them, or to use another method?
    Thanks for your time.

  6. Jacob Rice

    Hi Rochelle. Thanks for leaving a reply. The first thing I recommend is getting a protective stone, like an onyx or obsidian bracelet, to prevent the entity from coming near you. These stones will deflect any entity trying to attach to you. Then, I’d wash the clothes with salt to neutralize any bad energy. But…salt may not work against a curse or black magic. You could wash them with white vinegar to disrupt magic and hexes. That should break the bond. If it doesn’t, keep wearing the protective stones and you can burn them. The stones will keep the entity away from you. You can read up on stones here:

  7. Rochelle

    Thank you so much Jacob. I am certainly going to take this action. I’m very appreciative of your help 🙂

  8. KC

    I have a book that is haunted. It’s a “history” book about ritualistic spells and how to do them, with ancient inscriptions and symbols, so detailed it’s actually a grimoire! I believe it was used maliciously and a spirit bound to it. I kept whatever it is at bay by putting a bible at each side; but since my little girl was born it has become violent. I bound it in a canvas shroud soaked in holy water from the Vatican, put 4 bibles surrounding it in a metal briefcase and locked it in with the water heater… son of a bitch, burst the plumbing. The ink had run on the Bibles, the holy water has diluted and I’m terrified to open the case. This is an honest inquiry from a sound-of-mind individual with a problem. I live in Austin Texas. My Jeep was totaled the first time this thing was transported, leaving me with lifelong spine injuries. Does anyone know how to get this thing away from me before it gets my daughter? I fear driving with it is a mistake. Shoot me an email, please!


  9. Jacob Rice

    Hi KC. This is a serious matter and it’s probably better to contact a local Wicca or pagan group to help you. Your story illustrates a very important point about cursed or haunted objects: You have to use the same faith to counter it. Christian religious symbols don’t work if the spirit or curse is from a different religion. For example, using the Lord’s Prayer won’t work on a Djinn, an Islamic entity. I’ve had a family contact me about Catholic ways to clear Native American spirits before. They had to use a shaman to finally help the spirits move on. All the Catholic priest did was anger them until they became violent.

    I found this link for Austin-based pagan businesses and community to help you ( I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do to help.

  10. KC

    That’s fascinating and terrifying. Thank you for your insight! I will contact them.

  11. Daniel Livingston

    Hey there I am an empath and I purchased an old book at an antique store that I believe is haunted. It is called “Religious and Moral Quotations from the Poets” The book was published in 1864. When I got out to my car I began driving and just happened to be singing “Rose of Alabama” when I saw a vision of a young woman in victorian clothing. She said “This is my book, please protect it and one day pass it onto another whom you trust.”
    I reluctantly agreed, for this seemed like a friendly presence. In the front of the book there is a note dated 1867 where the book was given as a gift. For its age it is remarkably in great condition. Not a single tear or wrinkle in the crisp pages. Whenever I read the book I get this odd feeling like I am sensing energy or even a presence. Its similar to the feeling you have when you are using something that belongs to someone else. It is safely stored on the bookshelf in my library. Note, I am a Christian but due to my empathic abilities I realize that these things happen.

    I am concerned for my safety if something should happen to the book, or even if I give it away. Should I try and destroy the book? (No supernatural occurrences have taken place in my home, for there is positive energy there). Should I simply take care of it and pass it on to another when I am old?

    Thank You.

  12. Jacob Rice

    Hi Daniel. Thanks for commenting. I don’t think you need destroy the book. The spirit doesn’t seem harmful. The only thing it might do is draw more spirits to your home, but the positive energy should overwhelm the bad ones. That would keep them away.

  13. Bob

    As a joke my brother in law hung a picture of my great grandfather. My sister hates it. It started rocking back and forth and a orb was sited in the video my brother in law took. Should I be worried about this. It was moved from basement of my moms house to his?

  14. Jacob Rice

    Hi Bob. Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t be too worried about it. In 98% of cases, orbs are just bugs or dust particles. If you start to hear footsteps with no one present, feel weird temperature changes, hear odd banging and/or see shadows forming in the house, then you may have a haunted object. Otherwise, just give a toast to your great grandfather from time-to-time and relax.

  15. Omar Yeldell

    Great article. As a shaman, I don’t recommend burning any haunted object. Fire magnifies energy ..releases it into the air. The crystals and/or gemstones may protect you but the fire strengthens the energy and puts the next person it attaches to in greater danger. Sea salt the objects and burying them in Mother Earth in an undisclosed location would be the way to go. Thanks for the topic.

  16. Jacob Rice

    Hi Omar, thanks for commenting and adding the tip about fire. Much appreciated!

  17. Holly Anderson

    I have a problem,My stuffed,little animal monkey moved to the other side of my desk like a few inches and I swear I didn’t move it and I’m sure my mom didn’t,my cat didn’t because she didn’t come in here and she can’t move it that far or it will fall over. I don’t remember moving it to the other side,but I need help,My mom’s friend,Lisa gave it to me for my birthday and it can’t be haunted,but my grandma died this summer and I’m confused because she didn’t give it to me. Please answer back,I’m curious and I don’t know?

  18. Jacob Rice

    Hi Holly. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. A one-time movement doesn’t mean you have a ghost in your house. If you start to hear strange noises, your cat acts weird, you hear footsteps or bangs, and you get strange hot or cold swings, then you may have something.

  19. Courtney

    Hey Jacob ,

    Thanks for the article. My ex boyfriend mother had to raggeded ann and Andy dolls that are like 40 years old. She was selling them so my ex bought them for my daughter. Ever since they have been in my house I have felt weird energy around them and my daughter who is four said she seen them move in the night. They are now in my storage locker. Also I swear I heard them swear at me when I moved them from my house. I don’t want to burn them is it ok to give them away to charity ? His mother just recently passed with cancer so I can’t return them to her. If I give them to charity will they still have connection to myself and my family? But I always don’t want them to haunt anyone else. I was thinking mabye they didn’t like being in my house because I was an ex. Any help would be helpful!
    Thank you


  20. Jacob Rice

    Hi Courtney, thanks for commenting. This is a tricky situation. On one hand, the dolls seem to be imbued with your mother-in-laws essence. That’s what you feel. Since you broke up, any positive energy could be twisted to into something dark, but it shouldn’t be harmful to your daughter.

    If you give them to charity, I’m not sure how the energy will respond. In some cases, the dolls would go dormant and not bother anyone. Or, it could cause the energy to become super active when they go to new homes. It’s hard to say. If you want to be safe, I would sprinkle salt (use sea salt) on them to neutralize the energy, put them in a bag (an old pillow case will work, too), and wrap an iron chain around them to bind it. Then, I’d take them to the dump or landfill. That may seem disrespectful to your mother-in-law, so you could go to a cemetery and bury them there, too. If you do, try to dig a 3 foot hole to put them in. It just needs to be within the cemetery’s border or fence.

    If that doesn’t seem practical, I’d contact a local pagan group. They may have experience with haunted objects. Most churches won’t touch this kind of disposal. Hope this helps!

  21. Cali

    i bought a necklace of a “miraculous medal” and a sterling silver ring with a “t” on it. i felt a very negative feeling inside of this estate sale home of an older gentleman who was very angry. these items did not come from his room, though. ever since i have had the items in possession, and in the house, i have had a very harsh pressure on my chest, restricting my breathing and feeling my throat close up. i’ve taken the jewelry off and i do not feel much better. my mood has been down ever since. how would properly i dispose of these items, and cleanse myself from this negative energy?
    yours, cali

  22. Lisa

    I have a question my son brought a object home that he found in woods. 2 weeks after we hear foot steps. I made him throw it away but he threw it out in my woods behind my house. Should I be worried is too close to home ? Should I go get the object nand throw it further out.

  23. Jacob Rice

    Hi Cali, thanks for commenting about your experience. The best thing to do is return the items to the estate. If you can’t do that, you could salt them, place them in a bag, and bury them in a cemetery. The hole needs to be a foot deep. Unfortunately, you’d lose your money. Now, you need to break the energy leeching on your body. You could wear some stones like magnetite, onyx or obsidian. These stones are known to deflect negative energy and ground you. I’d also recommend taking salt baths for the next few days. A handful of salt in the bath will work. Make sure it’s kosher sea salt.

  24. Jacob Rice

    Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting. It’s best to remove the object from your property. To do that, get some kosher sea salt, pour it on the object, place it in a bag, and bury it in a cemetery. If you can’t do that, take it back to the original spot. You want to wear some protective stones to keep the spirit from attaching to you. You can get some onyx, magnetite or obsidian. Make sure you wear these stones before you use the salt or bury it. You can get them on Amazon: They’re not expensive.

  25. Lisa

    Thank you so much. Are there any specific amazon seller you trust? I’m afraid they might say is onyx and is not.

  26. Jacob Rice

    Hi again. I just look for the items sold directly by Amazon. In the past, I’ve ordered from SilverSpeck and Live Allure. These indie sellers come and go, so I don’t know if these 2 sellers are still active.

  27. Robyn Plocher

    I am seeking advise on ridding myself of a cloth patch that I have just discovered is the emblem of the KKK. It has been in my home for a number of years, decades even, and I didn’t know what it was. I don’t want something that could have such a violent hateful energy attached to it in my home. Sadly, it probably was worn by my grandfather or an uncle. I don’t know that the energy has affected us, but we moved recently and have faced some serious family interpersonal strugggles since that time even though professionally the move has been a very positive thing. Suggestions?

  28. Jacob Rice

    Hi Robyn, thanks for commenting. I recommend burning it. There’s a few things to know before you do it. First, you want to wear a protective stone like onyx or obsidian. These stones are the strongest at deflecting attachments. If you have other people with you, they’d need to wear the stones, too. Next, try to burn it far away from your new home. Since the stones will protect you, any negative energy will try to latch on to anything with positive energy nearby. It may try to go back to your old home, but the energy should dissipate within a few minutes. Last, do a spiritual cleansing of your new home. It could be as simple as having your priest or pastor (assuming you’re Christian) do a blessing. That should do the trick. If your interpersonal struggles continue, then it probably wasn’t the patch causing the havoc.

  29. Syd

    About a year ago my grandmother passed, and I took home a giraffe statue from her home in which she passed away inside. Nothing too strange happened once it was brought into my home but it’s getting near the anniversary of her passing. Some weird things have been happening. When I try to sleep at night sometimes I’ll feel something pushing on the bed but nobody is there, I see figures for a moment and then they’re gone, and my cats won’t go near it, in fact I saw one of them hiss at it before. Would you recommend I get rid of it or are these things unrelated?

  30. Jacob Rice

    Hi Syd, thanks for commenting. It’s probably nothing. My pets can get freaked out by statues, plants, new things, etc. in the house. The bed moving is interesting, though. You could see how things go leading up to her death’s anniversary, and if the activity gets stronger. If the giraffe is a haunted object, you’ll always have some activity until the ghost leaves or you break the bond with it. This doesn’t sound like anything to worry about. After all, it would be your grandma. If it continues to worry you, then you can say something like “love you grandma, always will, but I need you to move on.” That simple solution should work for a departed loved one. If the spirit has a message to deliver, then it would stick around. In that case, just listen for the clues it gives you. Once you figure it out, then the ghost will move one. Hope this helps.

  31. Steve


    I recently have been experiencing odd activity in my apartment at night, specifically in our bedroom. Over the last year and a half nothing odd has ever happened until recently. I’ve narrowed it down to a stuffed animal I picked up from goodwill in August. Its not vintage as it was made in 2016 and is always in the bedroom where odd things happen at night. I saw our bedsheets moving on their own a half dozen times. No noises etc but someone is trying to get my attention. I want to help but I’m thinking about just returning it to goodwill, perhaps some one else can help it. Would returning it make the activity stop? It’s actually in my car right now so I can return it.

    Thank you

  32. Jacob Rice

    Hi Steve, thanks for commenting. I understand your concerns with the stuffed animal. Removing the object should stop the activity. I’d recommend taking a few precautions before you take it back. Since you’re not going to destroy it, I wouldn’t worry about the spirit jumping out and attaching to something else. But, you should neutralize it before taking it back. To do that, sprinkle some sea salt on it (not table salt). That’ll shut it down for a good day. Then place it in a bag or pillow case and head over the Goodwill. My only concern is that it will become active at a new home. It may be better to salt it heavily, put it in a bag or pillow case, and take it to the dump. It’ll get buried in time and you won’t have to worry about it again. You could also bury it. Do the salting thing again and put it at least 1 1/2 feet into the ground in a cemetery. That’ll do the trick.

    But, contact me again if it comes back to you. If that happens, then you need a pro to break the attachment. Haunted objects can be pesky things.


    I have a doll that my aunt bought me at my brother’s funeral, when I was almost 7. Its always been a weird doll and others thought I should get rid of it, being that its odd and it came from a funeral home gift shop. Ive had it 32 yrs now. Over the years I’ve decided to throw it away twice, only it showed back up. My husband threw it out twice as well. Yet we still have it. We found it two days ago, we thought it was gone. My 3 and 5 yr old sons hate it and keep asking me to get rid of it. Yesterday it moved from my dresser to the window AC. I asked everyone, no one moved it, everyone’s scared of it. So I put it outside on the patio table and thought Id burn it, until i read this. Im afraid whatevers in it will transfer. Any ideas?

  34. Jacob Rice

    Hi Tami, thanks for commenting with your story. I agree with you: Get rid of it. To stop it from attaching to you and your family, put on onyx or obsidian stones. I use a bracelet when I get rid of haunted objects. Then, take sea salt and sprinkle it on the doll. This neutralizes the spirit for a few hours to a day. Put it in a bag and wrap it with a chain (iron is best, but it’s neutralized right now, so you could use a string, too). Say the spirit is bound and cannot leave while you wrap it up. Next, take it outside and place sea salt across window panes and the floor under the doors. This will stop the spirit from coming back. Now, you can burn it (but go far from your house, more than a mile), or you can bury it in a graveyard. If you bury it, dig a hole at least 1.5 feet deep. Once you get back home, you need to clear the salt, light some sage or frankincense-myrrh incense, and walk through each room. Open the windows and get the smoke in each corer of the rooms. This will drive out any remaining negative energy. Then, pour the salt on window panes and doors, and leave it for 3 days. The spirit shouldn’t come back. It’s a lot of work, but you don’t want to mess around with haunted objects. They’re pesky things.

  35. Gregory N Parker

    Hello Jacob, My brother who died over a decade ago was an OTO priest and conducted many rituals. A month ago I found a box of white cut stones he had which made a pyramid. I didn’t think anything of it till certain activities start occuring: TV and stereo turning themselves on, channel change by itself, motion lights in my bedroom activating for no reason, front door swinging open for no reason,and then a few night ago the kicker when going to bed up the stairs a cacophony of noise behind and above my head which startled me. When he first died I had a statue of his which caused some very negative occurences so I shipped back to his OTO friends and the problem stopped.
    I am long out of touch with them so looking for another solution, Can I salt the stones and put them in the trash or what? thanks

  36. Jacob Rice

    Hi Gregory, thanks for commenting. I’m a little out of my league when it comes to the O.T.O. Ideally, you’d want to find an O.T.O. burial place and bury the stones there. I’m not sure if that’s practical. I’m not sure salt would work in this case. You could put the stones back where you found them, and the activity could stop.
    It’s probably best to contact the O.T.O and tell them about your brother. I don’t think you need to mention the haunting activity. They may receive the stones and bury them on their property. I’ll put the link to their locations below. I wish I could be more helpful.

  37. Gregory N Parker

    Jacob thanks for the quick reply. I think your right about giving them to O.T.O. seems like the safest approach. Thanks for the web links. I know O.T.O. practitioners usually use careful cleansing rituals after their Magick rituals but in my limited experience that isn’t full proof. I want to thank you for the useful service you provide in these unusual and often misunderstood situations. Greg Parker

  38. Kai Kai

    So I asked my sister for a taxidermy bat for Christmas, because I saw a beautiful one at an antique store years ago that I loved and regretted not buying because it was gone when I went back to purchase it. So this year, she ordered me one from online. She wrapped the box as it came without opening it at our childhood home where it was sent. When I opened it today at my aunts house, it was the first time we opened the box from the mail. Inside, was a business card, and pin from the seller. My sister paid such little attention to the actual shop she purchased from, that we were surprised to see on the business card that this person sells not only oddities but occult and murderbelia, along with satanist imagery. Things I don’t support. Along with the item, card, and pin, there was a handwritten thank you note to my sister for her purchase. The note looks as tho the edges have been burned, and the face of it has black marks like it was held over a flame. The writing itself was odd and my aunt who is in tune with energy simply said it gave her a bad feeling. Not the rest of the stuff, just the note. All we could tell from the handwriting is that it’s someone of confidence. I’m sure it’s nothing, and nothing odd has happened so far, as I just opened it, however the box has been in my possession at our parents house for a few days. What does get me is the fact that I’ve been sick with sinus related stuff for a week now, which started the day the box arrived in the mail. This is the second time in six months I’ve had this illness, the last time being the last time that I saw my sister.. that was also the time I started college. Then, this illness came on again now after my first semester ended, the object showed up, and my sister came to town. These may be coincidental but I can’t help but wonder if they may be related. If this note that is giving me a bad feeling, with my sisters name written in it, is something I should salt and burn, or if the bad feeling may be connected to my sister instead? And if that, what can be done? My sister is plagued by a lot because of her job, and it wouldn’t surprise be if something attatched itself to her during her time living in America’s most haunted city. What should I do with this gift? The note? And my sister? Should I message the seller? I don’t think he would curse it but I don’t know him from Adam and this all seems really freaky…

  39. Jacob Rice

    Hi Kai Kai, thanks for commenting. This is an interesting case, but I don’t think your illness is related to a cursed object. If you had a sickness curse placed on you, you’d never recover: It would keep getting worse until you couldn’t function at all.

    I’ve got an article on breaking curses you could try. It’s great that you have a handwritten note because it makes it much simpler. Scroll down to the part on written or verbal curses. Here’s the link:

    As for the gift, you could put some kosher sea salt on it to neutralize it. If things stop happening, then the bat may have caused the problems. The salt will only work for a week, so things could start again. After a week, if weird things begin to happen, then it’s time to bury the bat in a cemetery. Salt it, put it in a bag and bury at least 1.5 feet into the ground. The best cemeteries have a church on the grounds. But, burying it should work.

    If it comes back to you (haunted objects can be pesky things), then it’s time to burn it. Before you do that, get some protective stones to stop it from attaching to you. I use onyx or obsidian. Spiritual entities really hate those stones. Next, go far from your home to burn it. You don’t want to do it nearby because the entity can go right back to your house. Put some salt on it before you burn it. I like to neutralize any object before destroying it. Once it’s destroyed, then go back to your house, burn some frankincense-myrrh, and clear each room. Once your done with that, then pour sea salt on doorways and window sills. The entity will get the hint that it’s not welcome and leave. Now, you only have to do this if things don’t work with breaking the curse or burying it. Burning haunted/cursed objects is a last resort.

  40. Ana

    Hello, my Girlfriend brought home a stuffed animal giraffe head she found outside our workplace. It was just in a flatbed and she said ever since shes been experiencing paranormal stuff in her home, from seeing shadows to the cabinets being opened. Her mom has blessed her, her room, and tried to bless the stuffed giraffe head . It seemed to work for the most part but last night her cabinets were opened and no one heard anything. Any recommendations on what needs to be done? Thank you.

  41. Jacob Rice

    Hi Ana, thanks for commenting. There’s a few things you could try:

    1. Continue blessings and the attachment could break in time. It may take 3 or more attempts for the attachment to break. This may not be practical.
    2. Return it to where you found it. If the flatbed has moved on, then go with the next option.
    3. Bury it in a church graveyard. Before you do that, put some sea salt on it to neutralize the energy, then place it in a bag and bury it 18-inches or more in the cemetery. It doesn’t have to be in a specific spot, just within the graveyard’s border.
    4. As a last option, you could see what the spirit wants. To do that, try an EVP session and continue to ask what it wants for a 20-30 minutes. If you get a response, then see if it’s something you can do for the spirit (legal and safe, of course). It would likely move on at that point.

    My last bit of advice is to wear some protective stones, or use protection prayers, to create a defensive shield. Sometimes, the entity will attach to you, or people with you, when you remove the object. Salting helps neutralize it for a day or two, but never count on salting to work without fail. I wouldn’t recommend donating it because the spirit may haunt the new family. When you put an end to a haunted object, end it permanently. Haunted objects are pesky things.

  42. Heather Frazier Behling

    Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for all of this advice and help. A very close friend of mine has an object in her home that was brought back as a gift from Belize. It is a creepy wooden mask type of object, and located in her kitchen. She said that her husband has been experiencing erratic and negative behavior mostly when he is in that room. She has a “bad feeling” about the item and had moved it from the room and out of sight but he moved it back to the kitchen. We both kind of feel like “better safe than sorry” about the item and she wants to get rid of it but is seeking advice on how to do so. Is there a way that doesn’t involve digging in a graveyard as that would be a little difficult I feel. Thank you!

  43. Jacob Rice

    Hi Heather, thanks for commenting. The most practical solution would be to take it down, sprinkle sea salt on it, put it in a box, and move it out of the house. The salt should neutralize it for a bit. This could give you time to find a new ‘home’ for it, meaning the dump. Wear a protective stone (onyx or obsidian) when you do it to block it from attaching to you.

    And don’t give it away to another person or donating it. The spirit could activate in its new home.

    If you want to burn it, then wear a protective stone, like onyx or obsidian, to prevent it from attaching to you. Also, take it far from your home if you destroy it. The spirit will only have a few minutes to attach itself to a host before it dissipates.

  44. sue

    I got a old doll from a used site online and the person selling said, it got its fingers cut off on one hand by this little kid in the fifties and next the little person had a bad accident and injured her fingers real bad. It looked like it’s chest had been stomped on too. I fixed it all up and repaired fingers and chest best I can to just be nice to it if nothing else, and put it in over all’s I made and little shoes and it looks fine, but there is something different about the eyes. And it’s a pretty large baby doll. I guess the seller heard this stuff happened, and said a paranormal group used it as a prop, I am a little wary so I did put two crosses on it and smugged with sage, around it, I feel better, but still. what she told me about it, concerns me some

  45. Victoria Stanton

    34 years ago I kept one item from my deceased mother in law. She was 44 yo when she committed suicide on the day of my baby shower. She had different and strange spiritual treatment influence and depression. Once she had a litter of kitties and could not handle it, she put them all in a bag and drowned them in her backyard swimming pool. Telling you this so you get a picture of this person who owned the item that I have owned since she passed. This item is a beautiful crystal basket. I feel the negativity attached to it and keep it in a closed closet. I have no activity in my home but I would like to get rid of this object safely. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  46. Jacob Rice

    Hi Victoria, thanks for commenting. My recommendation would be to salt it and bury it. The salt will temporarily neutralize its negative energy. You can put it in a box or bag and bury it. I would take it off your property and see if you can bury it in a graveyard. It doesn’t have to be a church’s graveyard. Just someplace the dead are at rest. For salt, I recommend sea salt.

  47. Lourisia Cox

    My son got a box he put friends ashes in it who had died from overdose.. Now he has became obsessed with box! He is in mental hospitel and called asking me too bring him the box! I told him cops took it he freaked out saying if anything happend too box he will die?? What to do worried mother

  48. Dewey Nu-wynn

    Hello, is there a way for me to transfer a spirit from one object to another? Thank you!

  49. Jacob Rice

    Hi Dewey, thanks for commenting. You could do that through a magic ritual, but I don’t have that skill. You’d have to find a magic worker to help.

  50. Dewey Nu-wynn

    Thank you Jacob Rice!

  51. Jacob Rice

    My pleasure and thank you for reading Ghostly Activities!

  52. Crystal Harrington

    I’m seeking some advice or help please. Recently, my husband purchased a old rice bed for me as a gift. My husband moves a lot at night, but since his surgery on his knee not so much now. He asked me about a week ago, if I felt anything when I go to sleep. I told him just him moving his feet or hitting the bed with his hand. He told me, he thinks a child is climbing on the bed and he see’s/feels it. He wanted to know if I thought he was crazy or having some kind of hallucinations. I brushed it off till yesterday, I actually felt the bed being bumped multiple times. But he wasn’t moving, and this is not some kind of sleep disorder. This is happening all hours of the day and night, meaning wide awake. He also claims, twice he’s heard his name called. Once by a women and the other time by a man, he would’ve been late for work if they had not spoke. He also told me, that he can feel someone or something lay next to him. He thought it was me coming to bed, and put his hand back and felt the bed and looked. Realizing it wasn’t me. I don’t think the spirits are harmful, but is there anyway to send them to the light? Or am I being to positive and they may actually cause some kind of disruption sooner or later? Just not sure who they are or what is going on.

  53. Jacob Rice

    Hi Crystal, thanks for commenting. This sounds like a classic haunted object. I’ll put a link to my article on clearing spirits. It may be as simple as asking them to leave. Now, if it’s a residual haunting, the activity won’t stop if you try to clear it. I’ll add a link to that one as well.

  54. Ben Baldwin

    So I found this stick thing not sure what it a carving of a face and every since I brought it home I have seen it felt bad the house when it hanging on the wall more sickness more fighting with me and my soon to be get bad at times and after we dont feel like our slef. Pipes are leaking and dig freak out at night. Can I just salt and burn it or what should I do

  55. Jacob Rice

    Hi Ben, thanks for commenting it. I’d put it back where you found it. That’s probably the simplest thing to do. If that’s not possible, then salt it and bury it off your property. When you destroy something with fire, it can create an attachment. That’s why I recommend fire for the pros only.

  56. Sasha p

    Hi there, a few months back I heard a male voice outside my bedroom door. It said “I can’t sleep”. A couple of weeks ago I began hearing what sounds like sighs and maybe like cat noises like a short meow. Then a few days ago I heard a garbled voice near my head. Two nights ago I heard (in addition to the “cat” sounds) someone say “Lisa !” Sometimes it feels as if a very light touch happens along with the “voices?” Last night after I set my alarm, put my phone on the charger and adjusted my pillow I literally heard “boo” from below(?) my mattress. What could be going on? I should mention my male kitten went through a couple of weeks of looking down the hallway (by my bedroom) completely frightened although we saw nothing…

  57. Jacob Rice

    Hi Sasha, thanks for commenting. Did you get an antique recently? Maybe shop at an estate sale? If you did, then it’s likely a haunted object. Although, haunted objects usually have stuff moving around your house. If not, you may have a random spirit. It happens from time-to-time. I’ll put some protection links below for you:

    Please read the comments under the articles because they’re loaded with clearing info. Take care!

  58. Nicole Lepes

    hi my name is nicole, i’m not sure if the blanket that i have is haunted but this blanket was given to my dad from a friends brother who both are now dead but when my dad first got the blanket he sent it to my uncle two weeks after receiving the blanket my uncle passed away, so three people who owned this blanket all passed away shortly after getting it, and now the blanket is now back with my dad and im scared that something will happen to my dad, i was wondering what i should do, and if i can somehow get it cleansed or idk

  59. Jacob Rice

    Hi Nicole, thanks for writing in. Before doing anything too drastic, how did they die and what were their ages? It could be a coincidence. If they were young and in good health, then I’d wash the blanket in sea salt to neutralize it. But, if you’re really worried, I’d bury it in a graveyard or cemetery. If you go back and read some of the other comments, I’ve got instructions on what to do.

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