haunted dolls are common possessed possessions

Haunted Objects and Remedies

Possessed possessions. Demon dolls. Haunted objects. You never know what you bring home with you from an antique store or yard sale. Learn how to break the ghostly bond with your possessions.

We’ve all heard the stories about demon dolls and other haunted objects. In most cases, a family member buys an antique that just happens to have something paranormal attached to it. Now, you have to think twice about that item you buy from eBay.

2 Kinds of Haunted Objects

Robert, the cursed dollHaunted objects come in 2 general versions:

1. They absorb the energy of their previous owner

2. They’re cursed by a magical ritual

Unfortunately, Ghostly Activities isn’t a subject matter expert on magic systems. However, we did find a reputable site with information on breaking curses.

Now, back to breaking the ghostly bond with a haunted object.

Most Common Haunted Objects

Cursed chair kills anyone who sits in itHaunted objects can be anything. The most common possessed possessions include:

  • Dolls
  • Jewelry
  • Antique bed frames and headboards
  • Paintings (especially self portraits)
  • Mirrors
  • Clothing (especially gowns)
  • Chairs

It’s obvious why these objects absorb energy. They either have a great deal of contact with their owner (i.e., jewelry), or they capture the image of the owner (i.e., mirrors). An untimely death could also give the energy to charge the object. For example, a bride who dies on her wedding night could definitely charge her gown and wedding ring with enough essence to become haunted. Always ask about the item’s history before buying it.

If needed, you could ask a psychic, gifted with psychometry, to test the objects before you bring them home. The psychic can pick up the ‘vibes’ on the object and tell you if it’s good or bad energy. If you experience any ghostly activities, we strongly recommend you call someone to test the object right away.

Haunted Object Dormancy and Activity

Haunted box for sale on eBayMany objects remain dormant until there’s a change in its environment. Usually, that means a new owner takes it to a new home, or you move into someone’s home. That change in energy can activate the object.

We had one client with a haunted object in her wall. It was a cooking utensil used during the Civil War. Her home was a field clinic during a battle in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Renovators knocked down a wall and exposed the clinic’s kitchen and the haunting activity began. Once she donated the kitchen remnants and utensils to a local museum, the activity stopped.

If you do have a haunted object, the following ghostly activities happen:

  1. Your possessions move on their own (not necessarily the haunted object)
  2. Apparitions and shadow people manifest
  3. Nightmares become frequent (3x per week or more)
  4. Bad luck happens around the home (minor injuries or plumbing/electrical problems)
  5. Illnesses become more frequent like colds, flu and food poisoning

The timing varies on these activities. Usually, they start within the first 2 weeks, but it can happen on the anniversary of the previous owner’s death.

Haunted Object Solutions

Burning haunted objects breaks the ghostly bond with previous owner - NOT SAFE!There are 5 ways to break the bond with the haunted object.

  1. Spiritual cleansing of the object and home
  2. Cleanse the object with salt
  3. Return it to its original place
  4. Bury it in a graveyard
  5. Burn it

Burning always works, but then you’ve lost your money. Plus, you could burn down the block, so we say don’t burn anything. We recommend using salt cleansing and spiritual cleansing before doing anything too drastic.


 Burning Haunted Objects

Burning is a last resort. If the object continues to appear at your home and you’ve tried the first 4 solutions, then seek a paranormal specialist to burn it for you. Destroying a haunted object can cause the evil attached to it to ‘jump’ out. If you haven’t mastered protection techniques, it could attach to you or someone who was at the place you burned it. Then, you’ll definitely need a pro to destroy the object, break the attachment and clear your home. In every case I’ve encountered, you shouldn’t need to go beyond the 4th solution listed above.