How To Break A Curse

How To Break A Curse

Curses have been around since modern man started communicating with each other. Well, I should say since people started hating each other, since it takes a big ol’ dose of anger, hate and malevolence to activate a curse. Find out how to break one after the jump.

Types of Curses

I found it odd that there doesn’t have to be a ritual involved with curses. Ordinary people can do it everyday. Only the most punishing curses need a ritual or magic. Here are the most common curses:


Yes, praying to God (or your deity of practice) can create a curse. It’s not that the deity is actively out to take some negativity and hurt someone: The person praying may use their intent to harm someone and something in the universe picks up on it. Then, the curse could get targeted to the target…or back to you.

Ill Wishing

These are bad thoughts you’ve leveled against someone. That negative energy can take form and affect another person. When you say, “You’re gonna regret that!,” you’ve just released some ill wishes. These can come back to haunt you (pun intended).


Now, this is the kind of curse most people know. It requires a (usually) magical ritual or spell. However, hexes can be good, bad or downright evil. The thing that really triggers the bad hex is negative emotions, willpower and intent to harm. If you’ve got someone out to get you who’s relentless, driven and just cold-hearted in general, you may get walloped by their hex!

Deathbed Curse

You’ve seen the old movies with someone’s about to die and they just release a lot of hate on their enemies, right? That’s a deathbed curse. They can last generations before their energy subsides. A deathbed curse can target a person, family, plot of land or town. It’s the most powerful curse.

How To Break A Curse

Once you know what kind of curse was placed on you, there are many options to break them. Here are the most common techniques:

If you have a cursed object:

Start by neutralizing it. The easiest way is to douse it in salt, then put it under running water. This purifying method will ‘shock’ the object and turn off the curse temporarily. You only have a few hours-to-days to get rid of it. The best thing to do is bury it in sacred ground (like a church cemetery); burn it and bury the ashes in a cemetery; box it up and throw it into deep water (like a lake) or place it in a river with a strong current. I’d go with burying it. This technique is very similar to clearing a haunted object.

Note: These techniques will work on Voodoo dolls, but you may not find it. It could be hidden or inaccessible. If that’s the case, then you’d need to get a Voodoo practitioner to reverse the negative energy.

If it’s a written or verbal curse:

You have all the power to break these curses. If you build up your spiritual strength, you can will the hex to break. Other techniques include using sage, spiritual cleansing, using incense, holy water and white light protection. But, that just breaks the curse on you, not your house. You may need to cleanse your home of the negative energy.

There’s another way to stop gossip attacks or ill wishing: Take a picture of the person who cast the curse (or you can write their name on paper), then put it in a plastic bag with some ice cubes and put it in the freezer. This will gradually weaken the hex. Once the activity stops, take the bag out and let the ice cubes melt over the picture or written name. It will purify the negative energy and the curse will break.

If it’s a deathbed curse:

Call in the professionals. You need a skilled spiritual or magic practitioner to counter these.

10 thoughts on “How To Break A Curse

  1. Hi gang. I may have written this post in a tongue-in-cheek way, but curses are serious: If you think you have one, work to break it ASAP. Take action right away.

  2. How can u do this for an electronic device (cell phone w/charger) if u felt evil spirits come out of it?

  3. Hi again. I’d recommend burying it in a church graveyard. If you try to destroy it, the curse could become stronger. You can put sea salt on it, place it in a bag, go to the graveyard, dig a hole at least 18-inches deep, and then bury it. The salt will neutralize the curse for a short period of time, but I can’t say how long it will be. When you get back home, perform cleansing rituals on your house, like using sage or a frankincense-myrrh incense. You want to cleanse the home, every week, for 4 weeks.

    But, if it’s a family curse, you’ll still need a magic practitioner to help. A family/generational curse will not end so easily.

  4. Hi Jacob,
    Just wondering if you can actually confirm a presence in the home. We have had several things happen in our home during the past 18 years. We learned that the person who we bought the home from was a pastor that was banned from the Christian church, who conducted spiritual cleansing on people in the home, so I think these spirits are lost or sticking around.

    Just recently we are noticing things again. We constantly hear doors slamming and opening when we are alone. Recently, my husband experienced the toilet water running and when he went to stop it, he witnessed the knob handle slowly turn itself to stop the water from running. This is something that requires you to manually move the handle. Scary!

    What do you recommend to get rid of whatever it is in the home permanently. I tried sage and sea salt but these are just temporary cleansing. I heard planting certain herbs also help. Can you recommend things I can do to get rid of these ghosts. They are not harmful but just scary being alone in our house. At times you can actually feel the heaviness in the air. Your are most welcome to come over and conduct an investigation. Some thing is definitely in our basement as well. A pile of organized bricks don’t scatter by themselves do they? LOL


  5. Hi Rose, thanks for commenting. I’m glad the spirits aren’t dangerous. I’ll put some articles below to help with clearing. Then, I’ll write down what I recommend. Please read them in order because they build on each other:

    1. 8 Ways To Clear Spirits
    2. Herbs That Protect Against Evil Spirits
    3. How To Make Incense
    4. Salt For Ghostly Protection
    5. Stones That Protect Against Evil Spirits
    6. Ghostly Anchors
    7. Haunted Objects & Remedies

    First off, make sure you read the comments for the articles because they’re full of good info. You mentioned that you’ve used sageing, but the ghosts came back. When you sage, it’s something you have to do 1x per week for a good 4-8 weeks. I’d recommend you use a frankincense-myrrh incense. It’s what the Church uses as part of annointing rituals. You can also negotiate with the spirits while you do this. Just say it’s not their home anymore while you waft the smoke around the house.Then pour salt along exterior doorways and window sills. It stops them from coming back in. Just like sageing, you’ll need to refresh the salt weekly. The stones will just stop the ghosts from touching you. Lastly, if there’s an anchor or haunted object in the house, you’d have to remove it.

    I live up in the Pacific Northwest, but you can find a local ghost hunting team to help at Paranormal Societies. Let me know how it goes and thanks for reading.

  6. Hi I was wondering if you knew or heard of someone trying to put a curse on you by taking a (excuse my language) a poop in your toilet when they always come to your house? I found that to be weird and started to think something was up , Have you heard of something like that? If so what kind of curse would they be willing on me?

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