Wraiths | Soul Sucking Spirits Under a Spell

Wraiths | Soul Sucking Spirits Under a Spell

Wraiths are some of the deadliest spirits to manifest. For many, someone used black magic to enslave them. This spellcaster intends to use the wraith to kill someone. Find out how to fight a wraith after the jump.

How Spirits Become Wraiths

Black magic transforms ghosts into wraithsIn general, a spellcaster can enslave an entity from another world or a ghost that has fallen victim to its own shadow. In some cases, the magic wielder captures a specter.

For entities, the magic pulls the entity from the Otherworld of spirits and warps it into a mindless slave. With ghosts, the corrupting shadow overtakes the ghost’s essence and warps it into a monstrous version. The spellcaster then grabs it with the magic and turns it into a mindless drone. For specters, it’s much the same, but specters agree to the conversion. It’s pay off is to feast on the victim’s lifeforce.

Once the wraith finishes its assignment for the black magic user, it returns to the Otherworld or moves on to the afterlife.

Wraith Haunting Characteristics

Wraiths eat your life force, not fearYou don’t have the usual manifestation of knocks, cold spots and EMF changes. Magic may be the difference: It doesn’t create your standard apparition.

There are a few signs you have a wraith after you:

  • Wraiths always manifest when you’re wide awake
  • It scares you, but it doesn’t want your fear: It wants you to die quickly
  • They only manifest at night when they can blend into the darkness
  • Wraiths have glowing red or green eyes
  • Wraiths always manifest as cloaked, skeletal figures
  • These spirits will not stop until they kill you or the spell ends

How Wraiths Feed

Wraiths feed on a victim's life forceWraiths differ from other ghosts and spirits because they don’t live on fear or other negative emotions. They drain their victims of their life force. This means they intend to kill the person and fulfill the black magic used to enslave them.

In order to feed, the wraith must become a corporeal manifestation to touch its victim and drain their life force. Each touch transfers some life force into the spirit. In some cases, they rake the victim with their sharp skeletal hands. The wraith can then drain the victim’s essence as they bleed out. It doesn’t need to touch the person again.

Victims report they feel a numbing cold when the wraith touches them. If raked, they don’t feel sharp pain, but fall unconscious in seconds. Sometimes, a wraith will grab a victim by the neck and they feel something sucking on their head.

Protection Against Wraiths

Silver, herbs and stones can protect you from wraithsMost ghostly and religious protection techniques won’t work against wraiths. You have to use magical remedies to protect yourself. In this case, you could look into stones, herbs and silver objects for protection.

If you can break the magical bond between the sorcerer and the wraith, then the wraith will immediately dissipate from the physical world. That’s tough to do since you’d have to understand the spell and the magician’s motivation to kill someone.

Here are some articles to help:

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Similar Ghostly Types

Wraiths can be confused with shadow peopleMany people confuse wraiths with shadow people, but they’re only similar in a superficial way.

Here’s a checklist you can use to better identify your haunting between wraiths and shadow people:

  • Wraiths wear cloaks and have glowing eyes: Shadow people do not.
  • Wraiths try to kill you: Shadow people only want to observe.
  • Wraiths manifest as physical entities: Shadow people stay non-corporeal.
  • Black magic control wraiths: Shadow people control themselves.



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