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Ghost Hunt | Spooked In Seattle on February 4th, 2020

AGHOST investigated Spooked in Seattle (Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA) the night of February 4th. Get the scoop on an EVP and our new experiments after the jump.

Evidence Captured

Investigators Chrystell and Jill captured an EVP by the bathrooms at Spooked in Seattle. They had heard strange sounds in the area, when a female ghost voice recorded on their equipment.

The EVP happens 10 seconds into this recording (Source: Chrystell Harmon Lemke & Jill Marie)

This is not the first instance of ghostly activity. Witnesses have seen a female apparition in the bathroom area. It appears to look out from behind the door among other manifestations.

AGHOST continues to review its files for more evidence. Ghostly Activities will update this report as evidence becomes available.

New Ghost Hunting Experiments

The Estes Method

Tonight, the team agreed to try a popular technique used on ghost hunting shows like Hellier and Kindred Spirits. It’s called the Estes Method after the town in Colorado with the Stanley Hotel (from The Shining movie).

The Estes Method runs in a similar way to a standard ITC session with a spirit box. But you plug headphones into the spirit box, wear a blind fold, and another team member asks questions. It creates a more focused listening experience. The person wearing headphones would not hear the person asking questions. Then, they would state what they hear over the spirit box. An intelligent haunting would directly answer questions.

We found all responses to be gibberish over our hour-long test. AGHOST used 3 different team members to respond to questions asked by June Nixon, VP of AGHOST. The team tested both AM and FM frequencies in a forward sweep. The AM sweep rate was 400ms, while the FM sweep rate was 300ms.

The video posted earlier details how the test works and a few examples of the results.

Singapore Theory

AGHOST team members ask questions while early-1900s music plays to test the Singapore Theory in the Seattle Death Museum
AGHOST members ask questions while early-1900s music plays for the Singapore Theory test

After conducting the Estes Method experiments, the team moved to the Seattle Death Museum to test Singapore Theory. Previously, AGHOST used this experiment and captured a shadow figure in the Spooked in Seattle lobby and ghostly engagement in a cordoned off area.

Tonight, neither the tests in the Death Museum, nor the cordoned off area, produced evidence at the time of this writing. AGHOST continues to review its data for ghostly activity.

Team Members & Equipment Used

For this investigation, the team included:

  • June Nixon, VP
  • Bob Foster, Investigator
  • Jill Marie, Investigator
  • Chrystell Harmon Lemke, Investigator
  • Melissa Becker, Trainee Investigator
  • Rachel Brevik, Trainee Investigator
  • Jacob Rice, Technical Manager

Ghost hunting equipment used:

  • Canon XA11 camcorder
  • EDI+
  • GS2 Laser Grid System
  • 2 Mel 8704-R-REM-ATDD meters
  • 2 Zoom H1n handy audio recorders
  • Digital audio recorder

Environmental Conditions

Start Time: 7:30 PM PT

End Time: 10 PM PT

Solar X-Ray Activity: Spotless, no flares

Geomagnetic Field: Calm

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Temperature: 55°F ±3° (indoor)

Humidity: 93%

Barometric Pressure: 29.97″

Wind Speed & Direction: n/a (indoor)

Keep watching this report for updates. AGHOST continues to review their evidence. If you’d like to join AGHOST and investigate the most haunted places in Seattle and Puget Sound, please visit Become A Member.

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  1. Priscilla Bettis

    The Estes method totally makes sense to me, but it would also be scarier for the person blindfolded with headphones. I don’t think I could do it!

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