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Using the EDI+ for Ghost Hunting

Ghostly Activities uses the EDI+ quite a bit on ghost hunts. That’s for good reason. We think it’s one of the best gadgets out there. Get the scoop after the jump.

About the EDI+

Get tips on using the EDI+ on your next ghost hunt

Analyzing Data with EDI+

CenTex Paranormal makes the EDI+ as well as the EDI. They also provide software you can download to a Windows computer to visualize data trends. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on a Mac, but there’s a workaround.

The EDI+ records CSV files (which is similar to Excel) that you can download to your computer. Then, you can use Excel or Power BI to import it and create charts.

The EDI+ measures the following environmental factors:

  • Temperature (in °F or °C)
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • milliGaus
  • Vibration

It can do this for a long period of time. In my case, I’ve recorded for over 4 hours with it.

If you have very large files, there’s a partner site you can use, It’s free to open an account. Once you have one, then upload your CSVs to it and let it process the data. You can split files, too.

There’s one drawback: It records in hours, minutes and seconds, but not the time of day. So, you won’t get a timestamp like 10 PM in your files. Make sure you note the start time when you hit record on the EDI+.

Use Cases for the EDI+

EDI+ used with other ghost hunting equipment like REM pods, Boo Buddies and spirit boxes
The EDI+ complements other engagement gadgets, like Boo Buddies or REM pods, as well as spirit boxes

We like to stage it with other ghost hunting gadgets, like the Boo Buddy Interactive, REM pods, spirit boxes and EMF meters. That’s because the EDI+ will record and track environmental factors over your ghost hunt. The other gadgets don’t provide a visual readout to the tenth-of-a-degree or milliGaus.

Just make sure you have a video recorder on the engagement gadgets, so you can check timestamps and how the gear changed with the engagement.

EDI+ Gallery

Drawbacks to Using the EDI+

There’s one thing I’d ding the EDI+ on, the alarm. Don’t get me wrong: It’s good to signal an environmental change, but it goes off and causes the Vibration sensor to trigger, too. The alert is loud and it shook the device in our tests. You’d get a false positive for vibration.

The temperature change sensor can be a bit annoying, since it will go off with a few tenths-of-a-degree change, but we can live with that one.

We do wish there was an internal clock to reference with the hour, minute and second mapping. It would just make it easier to look at other data sets if they shared a standard timestamp. This is a minor quibble.

Ghostly Activities’ Take

We already spoiled it for you: We love the gadget, and it comes with us on every investigation. It’s easy to use, easy to visualize, and accurate AF.

It’s a “Gotta Have It!” from us.

Note: Jake bought the gadget with his own money, so there’s no expectation of a good review from the maker.

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  1. Jacob Rice

    I forgot to mention that the EMF measurement is done by a single axis. Not ideal, but it’s still an effective tool.

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