Using Candles on Ghost Hunts

Using Candles on Ghost Hunts

Candles have been used to detect spirits and ghosts since Roman times. How do you use them on your investigations? Find out after the jump.

Using Candles during a Ghost Hunt

candle with blue flame means ghost nearby
A blue flame means a ghost is nearby

Before you light up 20 candles, remember you could burn down the place. Be careful. Okay, the best thing to use is consecrated candles. This means you need a religious figure to bless them. I’m not sure the best way to do that. You could ask a priest, bishop, friar, etc. When I researched this article, I didn’t find any consecration rituals for candles.

You’ll know a ghost is present when you see these events:

1. The candle will dim for no clear reason.

2. The flame color will change to blue.

Note: In some cases, there’s a natural reason for a candle’s flame to turn blue. It could be a high amount of sulfur or nitrogen. If you work in paranormal research, then the increase in sulfur (think demons) may indicate more than a ghost.

Supernatural Precautions with Candles

Don't use 3 lit candles at the same time
Never use 3 lit candles in the same room

According to American and British folklore, there are a few rules to follow when using candles around the paranormal:

1. Never leave a burning candle in an empty room – it leads to a death in the family (Scots folk custom)

2. Never burn 3 candles in a room and never, ever in a dressing room – someone will fall ill and die (Irish folklore)

3. If the melting wax curls around the candle, the person closes to the winding end will die shortly (English folklore)

Apparently, you can prevent the death and sickness omens by extinguishing the candle under running water as soon as you see the 3 items listed above.

You can also use a candles for protection against demons. According to Irish folklore, you can take 12 lit candles and make a circle. Stay inside it and it will protect you as long as they burn. No word on if demons can blow them out and get you. I assume it’s a shield against any demonic threat, including a possessed person.

One thought on “Using Candles on Ghost Hunts

  1. Hi gang. Wanted to give you an update on this article. I don’t think you need to use candles for ghost hunting because the tech has gotten better. But, you can use them for protection from evil spirits.

    If you run a magic-based paranormal team, then I think it’s perfectly fine to use candles. The changing flame colors may go along with the spells you use.

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