Using Automatic Writing to Communicate with Ghosts

Using Automatic Writing to Communicate with Ghosts

Automatic writing can be a very effective way to communicate with ghosts. But, it’s the riskiest of all methods. You open your mind and body to ghosts and spirits. You have to be very careful when using automatic writing. Let’s learn more about it after the jump.

What is Automatic Writing?

what is automatic writing

In general, automatic writing is a way to channel a spiritual source and write their words without consciously doing it. It’s sometimes called psychography.

You can also use a Ouija board for automatic writing. Automatic writing is also the spelling of words using a planchette. For our purposes, I’m going to focus on using a pencil and paper.

How Does Automatic Writing Work

how automatic writing works

I’ll say this first because it’s very important to know: Automatic writing uses channeling, so it’s a high risk technique.

This is an advanced way to communicate with ghosts and spirits. You need to master your protection techniques. A spirit will come into your body to move the pencil and write out its messages.

Automatic writing allows a spirit to use your hand to write out its message. Sometimes, you can feel it take control of your arm and move it gently. Other times, you may feel your fingers tighten on the pencil and spell out words. In rare cases, you feel nothing and the words flow out of you. I usually feel a spirit take control of my whole arm. It’s going to be different for each person.

I’ll warn you now: Some of the messages could be disturbing. Not every spirit is nice. Some of them were never human. If you haven’t done so yet, read our Ouija board post. It tells you when to break off a session. Automatic writing and Ouija board readings use similar ways to communicate with spirits.

To use automatic writing, you need to go into a trance state like I wrote in the scrying post. If you can’t clear your mind, relax and focus, then automatic writing isn’t for you. That’s ok; you can use other ghost communication techniques. Like I said, this is an advanced technique. You may want to get a medium to do it for you.

How to Use Automatic Writing to Communicate with Ghosts

how to use automatic writing to communicate with ghosts

Automatic writing takes a lot of practice to get right. I think it’s takes longer than the other communication methods. It also doesn’t provide results right away. Patience is important as you develop this skill.

Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Go into the session with no knowledge of the suspected spirit. You want to do a ‘cold’ reading.
  • If you feel threatened or scared, at any time during the session, break off. Negative energy attracts bad spirits.
  • Have someone ready to take the pencil and paper away from you, or pull you out of your trance. This is a good emergency brake that will short circuit your spiritual connection.
  • Don’t look at the paper while you write. Close your eyes or look away from the paper. This is a free word association effort.

 This is how to use automatic writing on your ghost hunts:

  1. Set up your automatic writing area on a table
  2. Go into your trance state (this could take a few minutes)
  3. Invite the ghost to join you
  4. Put the pencil on your paper pad, but don’t start writing immediately
  5. Have someone read questions like you would for EVP
  6. Start moving the pen on the paper in a circular motion
  7. Write whatever words come to you, even if they don’t make sense
  8. Draw a picture or symbol if that’s what you get from the ghost
  9. Continue to have someone ask questions for the next 15 minutes
  10. Close the session by thanking the ghost or have someone take the pencil from you

I limit sessions to 15 minutes because you don’t want spirits to occupy you for longer than that. Experienced mediums know how to manage their connections. In general, most of your sessions won’t last 15 minutes. The ghost will run out of energy and fade away. It’s hard work using somebody to write for you!

You also want someone to record the sessions with a video camera or voice recorder. You may pick up some evidence like the ghost manifesting or speaking. Of course, keep your EMF meters handy!

I like to have a cooling off period after an automatic writing session, so I’m more objective. Jake usually comes in at this point and reviews the session with me. He’s completely logical and debunks 90% of what’s recorded. It’s good to have someone like that to limit any false readings.

Automatic Writing Protection

how to protectect yourself automatic writing

You really have to practice your protection techniques and master them. If you haven’t, or you don’t think you are spiritually strong enough, do NOT use automatic writing to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Ask a medium to come to your ghost hunt to run the session.

I’ll be frank with you: Automatic writing doesn’t use many protection techniques. You have to let a spirit inhabit your body. Most of the techniques I’ve covered keep out spirits or they control how the spirit interacts with you.

In my experience, protection prayers and wearing jewelry that represents a saint or angel have worked best for me. I also end the session with the white light protection technique, but I also ask God or a saint to clean any spiritual residue. You’ll probably need to experiment with different techniques until you find one that works for you.

That’s why I think you should have a medium do automatic writing for you. It’s very risky without guidance from an experienced psychic mentor. I can’t emphasize this enough.

This concludes our series on ghostly communication. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun writing them. Thanks for reading Ghostly Activities!

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