Haunted Colleges – The University of Illinois

Haunted Colleges – The University of Illinois

When we reviewed the number of haunted hot spots at US colleges and 3 campuses stood out. We were surprised they were all in the Midwest. You’d think New England would win because it has the oldest colleges in the country. That’s not the case.

The first campus on the list is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Ghosts of The University of Illinois

Normally, dorms and residence halls tend to have more haunted activity than classroom buildings. In Illinois’ case, it’s the classroom buildings and administration building that have the ghosts.

The most active areas on the campus are the English Building and Lincoln Building. You can also find some spirits toiling around the main quad, and elevators in the Natural Resource Building and the A.A. Harding Band Building.

Haunted English Building at IllinoisThe English Building seems to be the most haunted building. It used to be a girls dormitory. Now, the dorm has an urban legend attached to it. You see, there was a girl named Christie, who was murdered in her room. It’s the “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?” tale: A roommate comes home late and doesn’t want to wake her roommate, so she leaves the lights off. If she would have turned them on, she would have been murdered, too.

Anyway, Christie haunts the English Building to this day. There are always electrical anomalies and furniture can move by itself. Slamming doors are common. Some people believe there’s another spirit in residence, Clarabelle. She haunts the top floor of the English Building. We’re not sure why Clarabelle haunts the building.

Next door is the Lincoln Building, the home to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It has a female spirit that looks out windows on the upper floors. She has a very sad expression and she’s only active after the building closes at night. Some people believe the ghost is a long-dead teaching assistant. Others say it’s a young co-ed who jumped to her death from the top floor. This one’s still open for debate.

Did we mention the ghost in the Psychology Building? It’s known for unexplained cold spots, whispers and strange footsteps. No one says it’s really haunted. It’s just creepy and that makes your imagination run amok.

The first president of the university tends the haunt the quad. President Gregory has been known to appear as a wavy figure crossing the Kentucky Blue Grass lawn to get to Altgeld Hall. He’ll wave at you as he hurries by you. There’s nothing to fear from this spirit.

Haunted Natural Resource Building at IllinoisThe elevators in the Natural Resource Building are the scariest and the hardest for ghostly data collection. In order to have an experience, you have to be in the building after it closes and you have to be alone. Then, the elevators will act like they have a mind of their own. They’ll randomly stop on floors, or stop on every floor. They’ll also ignore your floor selection. The doors may even remain open on a random floor and you’ll have to take the stairs. No one knows who could haunt the elevators. There are no reports of deaths in the building. Maybe it’s some sort of interdimensional energy?

In the A.A. Harding Band Building, the elevator will fill with the smell of cigars, even though no one has smoked in building for years. No one knows who could be the spirit in the elevators. There haven’t been any suicides or murders in the building. The elevators are very creepy. It could be fun just to take a ride in them. Bring a digital camera, if you do: We want that evidence!

The next university on the list is Iowa State University.

Image sources: All from the University of Illinois website.

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