The Monsters Are Coming…

The Monsters Are Coming…

Hi gang,

We’ll start adding more content about monsters in the coming weeks and months. We’ve always been fascinated with creepy crawlies, juggernauts and shape changers. So, we’ll give them their due.

This is also part of our Ghastly Monstrosities project that…well…it went nowhere.

So, we’ll start with a rewrite of our Wendigo entry and move on from there.

You may ask why monsters will be on a ghost site and, in our original thoughts on the site, we wanted to make a comprehensive supernatural site. We just focused on ghosts at first.

Now, we’d like to showcase other supernatural entities. That doesn’t mean we’ll abandon ghosts. There’s no way that will happen.

We want to tell you about the entities created by curses and black magic. Or even in pop culture like Pumpkinhead (feature image above), a vengeance demon from the movies. We’ve gone down this road before when we covered djinns, hell houndspsychic vampires, meta-demons and demons.

However, there’s one topic we won’t cover, cryptids. These are creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. There are other sites that have covered these critters better than we could hope to.

If you want to find the monsters on our site, just use the monsters tag under a post or under our list of categories.

If there’s any monster you want to see created, just leave a reply below. If we’ve never heard about it, keep watching your reply, because we may ask you about it. Sound good?

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “The Monsters Are Coming…

  1. Hi gang. We’re testing comments again. If spammers and trolls dominate the comments, then we’ll shut them off.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    It’s Leonora. We’ve spoken before when you gave me advice on personal protection spells and ty for that. I should have remembered myself lol. As for the monstrosities? Well, a house I had lived in years ago had many. We had set up cameras throughout, even down in the basement. Speaking of Shapeshifters, I caught my son, who was in grammar school at the time, on camera that covered both the dining and living room, in both rooms doing two different things at the exact same time. He had also seen me going out the back door of the house just seconds before i came walking out of the bathroom. It was a beautiful house on Chicago’s south side. The realtor mentioned that people who moved into the house never stayed very long. I did paranormal research back then and had a site called I grew up in a haunted house and did investigations. Nowhere or nothing I had ever seen could touch what was going on in this house. I could go on and on about this house. I was glad to get out of there to say the least.

  3. Hi Leonora. Thanks for commenting with your personal experience. I lived in Chicago (Edgewater neighborhood) for years. I’m interested in hearing more about your experiences for the site. I’ll find your email and send you some questions, if that’s okay with you.

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