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Identifying a Demonic Haunting

Other Causes for Demonic Hauntings

faeries can haunt a houseIt’s not always a demon in your house. It could be something else. The most common, non-demon hauntings are…faeries. Yes, the little people with cute wings and sparkly dust. Faeries aren’t as nice as they seem on TV. They are downright malicious and this is exactly their type of ‘fun.’ In fact, most of them are ugly little buggers. Usually, faerie hauntings start soon after you move in. They like to protect a house and your intrusion may anger them. Or, they see this as an opportunity for some entertainment. They have a twisted sense of humor.

We’ll add more about faeries in another post soon.

The other reason is a ghostly haunting. Our blog has covered this topic, so there’s no need to rehash them for you here. Ghosts usually cannot ‘possess’ people, but they are an obsession, or copy many of the same symptoms as a demonic haunting.

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