Spirit Pacts | Breaking a Self-Inflicted Bond

Spirit Pacts | Breaking a Self-Inflicted Bond

People can voluntarily let a spirit or meta demon inflict pain on their lives. In many cases, it’s a rookie psychic, paranormal investigator or magician who makes a deal they don’t want to keep. These are spirit pacts and you want to avoid them at all cost.

What are spirit pacts?

Spirits pacts are voluntary deals made with spirits and meta demons, which lead to a great deal of suffering.

The entity wants to eat your psychic suffering to become stronger and more powerful in the physical world. People with weak psychic barriers or poor will power tend to be most vulnerable to these deals.

Ghosts do not have the power to forge spirit pacts. It will be a spirit, like an elemental or faerie, or a meta-demon. Demons of Christian belief work different deals with humans.

How do you enter  a spirit pact?

The most common pacts involve spirit communication gone wrong or the improper use of magic. In rare cases, someone unwittingly agrees to it when they attempt to clear a haunt.

On spirit communication, many people forget to use protection techniques when they use a Ouija board or automatic writing. It’s not as common with tarot cards or runes.

When clearing, you have to make sure to tell spirit not to return to our plane. Many people new to the paranormal forget that last part after they use the protective herbs or magic rituals to release a spirit. It then attaches to them.

The most common way to enter a pact is through magic. Many rookie magicians get sloppy and cut corners with the rituals. They’re more interested in the excitement of the moment than stopping a meta-demon from getting its hooks into you. Leave the magic to the pros.

What happens after you form a spirit pact?

You start to get physically ill, your relationships with loved ones deteriorate and your finances get worse.

When you get sick, it lingers for weeks or months at a time. It may seem like you have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Your relationships with family and friends fall apart. The spirit loves to create emotional suffering since it provides more psychic juice. You may think your parents disowned you, your spouse cheats, your siblings backstab you and your friends abandon you. It’s just the spirit playing with your mind.

As for your finances, the sickness and emotional imbalance can lead to a lot of time off and you get fired. You could also meltdown at work and they suspend you. In other cases, your medical bills add up and you can’t afford your rent or mortgage. Many times, your investments tank and it wipes out your savings.

How do you break a spirit pact?

First, these pacts are harder to break than using clearing or banishing rituals. Since you’ve let yourself become bound, you may need to suffer….a lot. Many spirits won’t leave you alone until they’ve had consumed enough of your life force.

There are options:

  1. Contact an occultist to break it – A professional will know how to break the bond, but they will need to give something in exchange with the spirit.
  2. Bathe in salt water – You may have to do this repeatedly over a period of months before the pact breaks. Since you need to suffer to appease the spirit, you may need to use a salt rub to break your skin. It’ll burn like hell, but, it helps break the pact. Remember that the spirit didn’t end the pact, so it could come back.
  3. Ask your spirit allies to intervene – We all have something watching over us. If the spirits believe you’ve learned from the pact, they can come to your rescue and fight off the offending spirit.
  4. Get the spirit to do its worst to you – In many cases, you just tell the spirit that you want to end the pact and you will give it whatever it wants right now. This gets very painful (emotionally, physically and financially), but it tends to work.

Once you’ve broken the pact, leave the paranormal stuff alone for a long time. Don’t watch movies, read books, think about ghosts, etc. You need to let your energy recover and strengthen your defenses. Once you’ve had a pact or bond with a spirit, you will always be vulnerable to them.

The best thing you can do is walk away from paranormal investigations and the occult.

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