Robert is America’s most haunted doll and he has the most consistent paranormal activity. If you break any of his 3 rules, you will get quite a shock. Robert always lets you know when he’s not happy with you.

Robert’s History

Robert the haunted dollRobert was made as a gift for the son of a famous artist, Robert Otto, by the head of his housekeeping staff. However, there was a catch. The servant cursed the doll because Otto wasn’t a very nice man to his staff. When the servant was fired, she placed a voodoo curse on the doll.

Robert Otto, Jr. became obsessed with the doll. He took it everywhere with him. To help differentiate themselves, the younger Otto asked to be called Eugene. Eventually, the doll became sentient. It moved on its own; smashed things; and speaking.

Once the son grew up and left the house, things became quiet again. The doll was placed in the attic. Eugene inherited the house when his father died and he moved his family into it. That’s when the doll became active again. Eugene became obsessed again. His wife even hid the doll, but it always found its way back to Eugene. She finally divorced him and moved away.

The estate sold the house to a new family in 1974 after Eugene’s death. Robert, the doll, was found in the attic and the family’s daughter took him into her room. Robert didn’t particularly care for this new family. After all, he was bound to Eugene.

The daughter reported the doll tried to choke her one night and it had been found at the foot her bed with a knife in its hand.

The father took the doll to a local museum where it remains today.

Robert the Haunted Doll’s 3 Rules

Robert has 3 rules when you come to visit him:

  1. You must say hello to the doll when you enter the museum;
  2. You must ask permission to take his picture;
  3. You must say goodbye to Robert when you leave.

If you don’t follow the rules, Robert will curse you. You can find the tales from visitors on the wall behind it. It’s filled with stories of people who had random bad luck follow them shortly after leaving the museum. These are letters of apology to the doll. They hope it will stop the curse. Usually, it works to break the curse.

You can find Robert on display at the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida.

Last Updated on January 15, 2017 by Jacob Rice