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How To Protect Your Home From Fairies

Not all fairies are bad. Most are helpful and they finish household chores for you. In this post, we look at how to keep the bad fairies out of your home and away from your family.

There are only a few types of fairies that could harm you. Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about brownies. They want to keep your home nice and tidy. Elves rarely come to our world, so I would say don’t be too worried about them.

Which Fairies Do The Most Harm

Evil fairies are rare in the human world

The troublesome fairies are trolls, red caps, sluagh and pixies.

Trolls really don’t bother humans very often. If you remember from earlier posts in our series on fairies, it’s the trolls that use changelings and take your child.

Red caps are the nastiest fairies out there. They murder people with the knives they have for fingers.

Sluagh are the spirits of the dead and they’ll fly into your home, grab you and drop you from several hundred feet.

Pixies are usually tricksters, but some of their jokes can get you killed. They don’t go into human areas very often, but when they do, it’s troublesome.

How to Protect Your Family, Home and Pets from Fairies

Protect yourself from fairies from with iron and boxwood

I’ll just answer the main question I get right now: No, ghost protection techniques don’t work on fairies. Occasionally, a prayer will help, but don’t count on it.

The best ways to protect your home are provided by Mother Nature.

Iron is lethal to most fairies, and certain herbs will drive them out of your home, and create a protective dome around it.

Let’s get specific about how to really keep the fairies away. Now, you could also remove the good fairies, like brownies, with these methods. Please think about your relationship with fairies before you use them.

To protect your children from trolls, place a pair of scissors next their bed. For added protection, put a lucky horseshoe above their room door.

Staying on the horseshoe theme, you can put one above the main entrance of your house and it will help protect the entire home. For added protection, put iron near any opening a person could go through. If you have large windows, you may want to place some nails near it to make a barrier. You can do the same with your dog’s house to keep the fairies out.

Please remember that the iron you use must be 100% iron. Much of the stuff we buy at the store is a blend. It will still protect you, but the protection could be limited.

I think herbs are the most practical way to protect yourself and home. If you want a strong barrier created, make a wreath with blackberry stems, ivy and rowan, and hang it on your front door.

Another really strong protection herb is boxwood. If you put it around your house, you shouldn’t have a problem with any type of fairy.

Lastly, if you travel, you can put an iron nail in your pocket and fairies will leave you alone.

Thanks for reading our series on fairies and reading GhostlyActivities.com!



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  1. Olivia Grego

    Hi! Will this work if they’re already in your home? A couple weeks ago they took up residence for some reason and have been super active ever since.

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi Olivia, thanks for commenting. Yes, these techniques will work with fairies in your home. But, you want to change the order around. First, start with the herbs and placing iron around to drive them out. It could take a few weeks or month to remove them. Then, hang the wreath on your door and make sure you have iron near windows, doors, vents, etc. The iron could be a nail placed by the openings. If you have pets, I’d use something besides boxwood. It is poisonous to them. If the activity continues after using protection techniques, you may have an entity other than fairies. Please reach out again if it doesn’t work. Many times, nature spirits and fairies get confused.

  3. ,(

    Anyone have experience with them stealing your stuff? I live alone and I lose stuff pretty often, but the other day I dropped an earring. Now, it’s just gone. I heard it hit the floor, I’ve looked under everything and it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore. I went into a crystal shop recently and the guy told me about crystal faeries. I thought it was BS, but honestly believing it now. I want those faeries gone. Getting my earring back would be an added bonus.

  4. Jacob Rice

    Hi, thanks for telling us about your story. I’ll open this up to our community to answer. I specialize in ghosts and spirits. This article has info on protecting from fairies, but not totally clearing them out.

    @Readers: What do you recommend?

  5. prudence

    in our household we have some type of sprite and they seem dangerous. We went looking for them at night time and we saw this ghost like sprite it looked like a woman wearing a white dress with no shoes on and with black hair floating toward us we did not know what to do. then when the sun lite came in it slowly vanished away. we tryed all the herbs and box elder and all of the other remedies and they all faild please respond bach.

  6. Jacob Rice

    Hi Prudence, thanks for commenting. A fairy wouldn’t fade in light so I think you have a ghost. Still, some protection techniques would work. This makes me think its a residual haunting.

    I’ll leave this question to readers to help. @readers – please add your thoughts to help Prudence.

  7. Rebecca Holman

    My daughter has a naughty fairy visiting her at night and waking her up. She wakes up screaming no leave me. We have seen it… we have asked nicely for it to let her sleep, but it isn’t working. She is 5 and has DS. Hard to explain to her… we don’t want to do something harsh, but she needs sleep?

  8. Jacob Rice

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing. I’ll post this so the other readers can provide some tips. I put everything I knew into this article.

  9. Huma

    If there is any fairy or ghost in your house or he scared you so please just say Allah you are the greater one please save me and my family from everything. Because he created you and he is the master of the entire universe. If you love GOD So he loves you too. So if your scared or see any ghost so say what I tell you. One time only one time try it. I am not lying because your life is most important for me.

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