Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery: The Search for EMF and Visual Evidence

On January 19th, we went to one of the most haunted spots in the country, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Our aim was to gather EMF and photographic evidence of ghosts.

Bachelor’s Grove is known for its ghosts. The apparitions most seen include:

  • Phantom Dog
  • Caretaker
  • Farmer & Horse
  • The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove
  • Blue Light Phenomena
  • White Lady
  • Yellow Man

Our equipment included an EMF reader, digital camera and IR camera. We tested the EMF reader and found its range very limited. You had to skim the surface of an object to detect its EMF. Not very practical. The IR camera seemed to work well; it took clear pictures in the middle of the night. The digital camera was a standard 10 megapixel with 15x zoom. Back the the investigation…

We arrived around 1 PM and parked in Rubio Woods, near the 143rd Street/Midlothian Turnpike intersection. The path to the cemetery is marked by a bright yellow cord with a closed sign on it. The sign is to stop vehicle traffic. Small groups are free to enter the cemetery during daylight hours only.

The path entrance is known for appearances by the phantom dog. Reports state the dog in question is a rottweiler. Eye witness accounts say the dog follows you along the path and fades away at the entrance. It never shows aggressive behavior like barking or growling. We took some pictures with the IR camera and digital camera. We also used the EMF meter to collect some readings. There was nothing out of the ordinary. We also repeated the same steps as we left the cemetery with no indication of a phantom dog.

The path to the cemetery is about 1/4 mile. There were no incidences along the path. If there were any activity, it would likely be from the ‘blue light’ or caretaker.

The ‘blue light’, when seen, is the size of a basketball and intelligent. It will follow you along the path or fade away only to appear behind you. There have been reports of it shoving people to the ground. Our equipment and senses didn’t indicate the ‘blue light’ was present.

The caretaker appears at night. It is reportedly an apparition of a man in his seventies. Witnesses have reported it carries a lantern and a shotgun. This apparition seems harmless: he reportedly tells people to leave the cemetery and disappears once you get to the path entrance. The caretaker has also been seen on the path between the pond and Tinley Creek. We found nothing to indicate this ghost was present.

We entered the cemetery through its main entrance. Now, you should check around the fence for unmarked graves or headstones outside the gate. We found 3 such gravestones, but they were badly worn down by the elements. We couldn’t tell who ‘owned’ them.

The cemetery has been badly vandalized. Almost all the headstones have been turned over. We started by examining the grave stone where the White Lady had been photographed in 1991. The White Lady has only been recorded once. She is not related to the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove. Our equipment recorded nothing of note at the grave.

Next, we visited the Fulton Family marker. This is where people have reported the Madonna and a child’s cry. The Madonna is a female ghost that sometimes holds a child. She reportedly appears on nights with a full moon. Needless to say, we can only enter the cemetery during the day. Again, we collected no evidence of the her presence, nor the child’s presence.

We visited the pond where the farmer drowned back in 1870. Apparently, the farmer was plowing a field when the horse pulling the plow became spooked. As it fled, the farmer became entangled in ropes or chains attached to the plow, and he and his horse drowned. The nearby community retrieved his body and buried him in the cemetery.

Police have reported seeing a farmer with a horse-drawn plow crossing 143rd Street to Rubio Woods. At this point, we tried to capture EVP, but the background noise of nearby traffic squashed all the lower frequency sound. We didn’t get any evidence to indicate the Farmer was present.

Our final check dealt with the ‘Yellow Man.’ In 2009, an investigator captured a yellow-colored apparition next to the Shields Family marker. She stated it was a man wearing clothes from the 1940s. This is a newer apparition and not many people have mentioned its appearance. Our equipment didn’t record anything unique about the Shields Family marker and plot.

Once we had the chance to analyze the data, we did find one bit of evidence. We found what appears to be a cloaked figure by the Moss gravestone. This plot is on the right-side as you enter the main entrance. I’ll post this picture as a pic-only entry. Unfortunately, I lost resolution during the import from my camera to my Mac.

Our investigation didn’t turn up anything, but we’re not discouraged. We’ll go on another investigation. The next stop is the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue.

That’s the scoop for now.

Ghost Hunting Test: Capture EVP

It wasn’t an ideal scenario. My newbie partner and I wanted to capture EVP during a tarot reading and there was a lot of ambient sound in the room. There was a space heater and a dog in the room. The heater didn’t sound loud, but the digital recording picked it up. The reader’s voice and customer’s voices were very clear. The tarot reader would summon spirits and invite them to participate to gain additional insight.

There was some activity about 45 minutes into the reading/session. When asked if the spirits had anything to add, the following happened within a few minutes of each other:

  1. The space heater by the customer shut off, while the other 2 heaters in the room remained on. There was no timer set and no temperature gauge set. The other electronics (microwave, coffee pot and computer) using the same surge protector remained on. (Additional note: we used the electronic clocks on the coffee pot and microwave to mark the start of the session – 8 PM CT).
  2. Three candles in the middle of the table had flame spikes, from approx. 1-inch flame head to 3-inch flame head. The spikes lasted for approx. 5 seconds. They also wavered like a wind was present, but there wasn’t a draft in the room. The space heaters were pointed away from the table and on the floor.
  3. The dog stood up, looked at a corner of the room, and began growling. There was no one on the floor above us to make sound (…but the dog could have heard something we didn’t hear).
  4. The battery-powered clocked stopped for 15 minutes. The digital clocks and iphone time remained consistent. We started at 8 PM and ended at 10 PM (Central Time). However, the battery powered clock stated 9:45 PM. We took the clock down and examined it. There was no sign of corrosion that would reduce the battery power. We put the batteries back in and timed it against the iphone stopwatch app. Both were in synch to 60 seconds.

The next day, I took the MP3 recording and analyzed it using Audacity. It didn’t pick anything up beyond the tarot reader, the customer, space heater noise and the dog’s growling.

Our next adventure will be Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Midlothian. We’ll look for EMF and visual evidence of ghosts. Most Chicago-based paranormal sites state EVP is poor because of the cemetery’s location next to a busy road. Your recorders pick up traffic noise over EVP.

That’s the scoop for now.

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