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Live Ghost Hunt | Astoria Underground in Astoria, Oregon

On Saturday, March 27th, 2021, Ghostly Activities participated in a live-broadcast ghost hunt under Gulley’s Butcher Shop in Astoria, Oregon. Get more after the jump.

Live Ghost Hunt Background

The event was part of the Oregon Ghost Conference. It featured AGHOST (the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma) conducting a training and investigation. Ross Allison and June Nixon led the ghost hunt. It featured various ghost hunting gear placed throughout the Astoria Underground. You can also access the area by contacting Gulley’s Butcher Shop and taking a ghost hunt tour.

Live Ghost Hunt Equipment Tests

During the ghost hunt, Ghostly Activities tested a Phasm Light and infrared binoculars. See the videos for the results.

This is a test of the Phasm Light using a Sony 4K camcorder
This is a test of infrared binoculars. No audio.

EDI+ Data Visualizations

Below, you will find the different environmental metrics for the live ghost hunt. The Geophone and EMF spikes were caused by handling the EDI+.

  • Boo Buddy Interactive
  • Glowing cat balls
  • Paranormal Music Box
  • EDI+
  • Zoom H3 360° audio recorder
  • 360° motion sensor puck
  • REM pod
  • Para-Light Lantern
  • FLIR One thermal imaging
  • Infrared binoculars
  • Sony 4K camcorder with Phasm Light
  • 8704R-REM-ATDD Mel meter
  • Static electricity detector
  • Shadow detector

Evidence Analysis

Currently, AGHOST reviews the data collected during the ghost hunt. For now, enjoy the the videos and image gallery. There is a large, surround sound file under review. If any EVPs are found, they will be posted here.

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  1. Jacob Rice

    Hi gang. Just letting you know that no ghostly evidence was found on the files from that night.

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