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How to Protect Yourself from Ghostly Energy Draining

On ghost hunts, you sometimes feel sick or discombobulated. It could be the energy leeching effect of the spirit, or it could be a form of psychic attack.

psychic attack protection

Generally, ghosts don’t intend to steal your energy, but it can happen. When they try to communicate, they have to manifest in this realm. That’s no easy feat for the departed, so they take some of your body’s energy to help themselves manifest. Formerly human ghosts will only take what they need and, more importantly, only as much as you let them.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from earthly spirits’ energy siphoning. Let’s find out.

In most cases, you can do 3 things to shunt the energy siphoning:

  • Use the white light shielding technique
  • Say a protection prayer or spell
  • Wear some special stones/amulets/pendants

 Using the white light shield technique

white light psychic shield

The shield is a meditative technique, which requires a very quiet mind, focus and intent. You build the shield by visualizing white light encasing your body. First, relax and focus on seeing yourself with your imagination. Then, imagine the white light cascading over your body and pushing out any negative energy. It may appear in a gray or black color on your body. Use your will to push it out. Then, thicken the white light wall until it feels like an impenetrable, solid case. We usually say “protection” at the end of the visualization.

If you need to do another shield during an investigation, it’s okay. Take the time to do it. You can also tell the spirit to stop draining you, but it could drive the ghost away for the rest of the night. We’d recommend doing just that if you lose too much energy.

 Saying a protection prayer or spell

protection prayers spells

Okay, this isn’t our area of expertise, so please use what works for you. For people of faith, they can sometimes invoke a spirit, saint or angel to watch over them while investigating. This will shield the person from energy draining. Faith is a powerful tool for believers. We wish we could tell you more, but it’s not something we use.

We did find some good pages with protection prayers and spells.

For Christians, this site has 10 protection prayers to use.

For Wiccans and Pagans, this page says protection spells/rituals, but we’re not sure if it’s a good fit. We listed it to be helpful. If we royally screwed it up, just let us know a good page and we’ll update the link.

 Wearing stones/pendants/amulets for protection

psychic protection stones pendants amulets

There are certain stones to ward off spiritual and psychic attacks, and there are some special symbols that can protect you. For stones, some of the best include Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, Bloodstone (hematite) and Obsidian. You can buy a bracelet online or pendant made of the material and bring it with you on hunts. We don’t know why these stones work so well, but we’ve used them on our investigations and they seem to work.

For symbols, this is a matter of faith like the protection prayers and spells section. We know Pagans and Wiccans who’ve used the pentacle, Thor’s Hammer, Celtic Cross/Knot and a few other symbols to ward off an attack. We also know many Catholics who use a crucifix, alpha and omega symbols, Sacred Heart, and the CHi-RHO cross.

Unfortunately, we haven’t met any Protestants that use special pendants/amulets on an investigation. If you know how they differ from Catholic symbols, please let us know and we’ll update this post.

In parting, remember you, as a living person, have the power to command a spirit to leave you alone. Fear will always let them take too much energy. It can be as simple as saying “stop.”

Image sources: charmsoflight.com, astraldynamics.com, newagewizard.com

Last Updated on November 25, 2017 by Jacob Rice

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  1. michael b Lewis

    Christians use the image of Jesus either on the cross “wood” or just his image.

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