Haunted Expedition | Old Olalla Cemetery, Olalla, WA

Haunted Expedition | Old Olalla Cemetery, Olalla, WA

Ghostly Activities and AGHOST travelled to Old Olalla Cemetery to check out hauntings. We also learned about the horrible treatments Dr. Linda Hazzard forced on her patients. See the gallery after the jump.

Old Olalla Cemetery Haunted History

On August 18, 2018, Ghostly Activities joined AGHOST to check out the Old Olalla Cemetery. Victims of Dr. Linda Hazzard are reportedly buried here. Her treatment, to starve them close to death and then bring them back to health, claimed at least 20 victims. Some say 40 people died by her treatment. For the missing victims, locals say Dr. Hazzard used an on-site crematory to dispose of them or buried them on the sanatorium grounds.

You can learn more about Dr. Hazzard in this biography:

Old Olalla Cemetery Gallery

How To Find Old Olalla Cemetery

To find the cemetery, the best thing to do is set your navigation to Olalla Vineyard & Winery in Olalla. The cemetery entrance is about 500 feet to the east of the vineyard’s driveway. The cemetery trail has a cement pole and a rusty cable to mark it. Follow the trail up a hill and to its end. You can’t miss the cemetery.

map to old olalla cemetery in olalla washington
Use ‘Olalla Vineyard & Winery’ as your destination in navigation. The cemetery trail is nearby.
Old Olalla Cemetery entrance
The cemetery trail is across the street and 500-ft. to the east of the vineyard’s driveway.

About Haunted Expeditions

An expedition is different from a ghost hunt. When you go on an expedition, you check out a site to decide if you want to ghost hunt at a later date, or you go just out of curiosity to learn something about the haunt. You don’t pull out the EMF meters, audio recorders and thermal imaging to capture evidence. Although, you could do that. You could think of an expedition as a walk-through for an outdoor space or other uncontrolled environment.

Haunted expeditions are open to the public. Please contact AGHOST to find the next one.

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