On April 25, 2021, Ghostly Activities visited Mima Prairie Pioneer Cemetery near Olympia, Washington for a potential investigation at a later date. Get the scoop after the jump.

Mima Prairie Pioneer Cemetery Background

Mima Prairie Pioneer Cemetery near Olympia, Washington

In 1869, John and Polly Laws ceded what was believed to be an orchard to Thurston County (Washington). The county made the land a cemetery for farmers, lumberjacks and families in the area. Linda Howerton stated that Lucelia Marcy (d. 1864) was the first person buried on the plot. But there are a few children listed in her book that don’t have burial dates associated with them (Howerton, 1990).

John and Polly Laws are also buried in the cemetery as well was William Packwood (d. 1897). Packwood is a bit of a legend in Thurston and Lewis Counties. He settled in the area in the 1840s, left to mine gold, then returned in 1852. Many local buildings and towns are named after “Uncle Billie.” He also successfully petitioned for ferry services and schools in the area (Lally, 2016).

The most recent burial happened in 1991. That grave is next to the rusted fencing you see in the gallery below. Most people were buried between 1860s and early 1900s. To visit the cemetery, head to 15025 Mima Rd SW, near Littlerock.

Haunting Potential

The cemetery sits on a former orchard, nestled near the Black Hills and Capitol State Forest

There are no reports of haunted activity at the cemetery. I can see why: The cemetery is well maintained, without desecration, and locals still visit their descendants to this day. If only all cemeteries could have the love and respect that Mima Prairie Pioneer Cemetery has.


Find in-depth information about the cemetery’s history and key figures with these articles:

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