Hi Gang,

Saleen and I launched GhostlyActivities.com five years ago this January. We started off on Tumblr, but moved to our own site about six months later. We’re about to cross 1,000,000 visitors over that time, so we wanted to say ‘Thanks so much!’ to all of the people who’ve stopped by and shared our ghost hunts, stories and tips.

So, I’m going back to some of our first articles and update them. I’ve been dying to re-write our “what are ghosts” stuff for a looooong time. I think I’ve improved over the years. If you didn’t know, Saleen and I are just nerds with WordPress: We’re not pros at this web publishing thing. We just post ghost stuff we thought you’d like to read about.

Look for “Ghosts | An Earthbound Essence” in the next week. And thanks again for stopping by.



Last Updated on May 1, 2018 by Jacob Rice