Ghostly Vehicles | Haunted Cars, Ships, Planes and Trains

Ghostly Vehicles | Haunted Cars, Ships, Planes and Trains

Ghostly vehicles include cars, planes, ships and trains. You can find out why a vehicle becomes haunted and how to get evidence of a phantom craft. This is the beginning of our series on haunted vehicles. Look for the tag, ghostly vehicles, to retrieve more info.

How Vehicles Become Haunted

There’s three commonly accepted reasons for how vehicles become ghosts or haunted:

  1. Imbued by humans
  2. Created by a terrible accident
  3. Curses

Imbued By Humans

People love their vehicles. You’ll hear them call their cars “Baby;” ships get referred to as “her;” planes are a “she.” With all this positive emotion pumping through the craft, it’s bound to pick up some essence from their owners or crew. Enough to imbue it with energy and create the ghost. This can create an intelligent haunting, so the vehicle may try to interact with you. Still, residual hauntings are the most common with imbued vehicles.

Created By A Terrible Accident

In other cases, there’s a horrible accident that kills many people. This is the most common cause for plane crashes and train accidents. Many people die in an instant and their energy imbues the craft and scene of the accident. This type of haunting tend to be residual in nature.


Oh brother. You do not want to deal with cursed vehicles. This is the stuff right out a horror movie like Christine. Somehow, a vehicle has a curse placed on it by magic. These vehicles act more like meta demons and have a thirst vengeance. Cursed vehicles to have a lot of ‘unexplained’ incidents near them. Take the car that inspired Christine: Over 30 years, a dozen or so lethal accidents have happened near it. The car never moved, but a couple of kids got hit on the road and their bodies rolled near the parked car.

There’s no good way to handle a cursed vehicle. Just get out of its way.

Most Common Ghost Vehicles

We gave this away in the title, but these are the vehicles most likely to become ghostly motor crafts:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Ships
  • Motorcycles

So, we’re having some trouble finding a confirmed haunting with a motorcycle. If you know of one, please reply below. We’d love to include it in the series.

How To Collect Vehicle Ghost Evidence

It can be tricky to gather the evidence. With residual hauntings the common form, you’d have to go on a vigil and wait for it to manifest. In many cases, you get apparitions to appear without EVP. Now, that’s not always the case at the scenes of terrible accidents. Many airplane crash sites have the EVPs of dying passengers or you hear the metal-rending screech of a train collision without the apparition.

To get the evidence, research the where, when and how the accident or haunting. There may be a trigger that causes the haunting to start. This means find out:

  1. Where did the vehicle accident happen OR where have witnesses report the activity?
  2. When does the haunting activate (Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Lunar Phase, etc.)?
  3. How does the haunting manifest (Is it just an apparition? Is there EVP? Does it give some sort of energy signature? What about temperature changes?)?
  4. How long does it last (Does a train roll by for a minute? Is it an hour-long session of moans? Is it a single, but loud, bang?)?

You may have to hone in on these. Most haunted vehicle manifestations are short, so you have to get as much info early and make repeated visits to the spot it manifests to get the evidence.

Featured Ghostly Vehicles In This Series

Each vehicle type has a classic haunting to feature. We’ll write about these famous crafts:

  • Eastern Airlines Flight 401
  • Silverpilen of the Stockholm Metro
  • The Bannockburn of Lake Superior
  • Little Bastard, The Porsche That Killed James Dean

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Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice has always loved ghosts and scary stories. When he’s not being a tech nerd for work, he’s the gadget guy on the team. He hunts ghosts, spirits and other paranormal entities in Seattle and the Puget Sound area.

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