Editorial Change for Podcasts

Hi gang. We’ll change our podcasts from technical ghost hunting information to original stories inspired by our ghost hunts or ghost stories. In this case, treat them as fiction because we’ll take creative liberties with them. It’s all for a ghoulish, good time. Look for the new podcast format in September 2018.

Episode 8 | Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Ghost Hunting Tips

Get the scoop on the ghosts that haunt Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. Find out what type of equipment to bring, experiments to run, and a few myths get debunked. The focus should be on collecting apparitions, which the cemetery is known for. And don’t bother with robed or cloaked figures: It’s a matrix. (August 5, 2018).

Episode 7 | Poltergeist Investigation in Green Lake, Seattle, Washington

On June 30th, Ghostly Activities, along with AGHOST, investigated a poltergeist haunting in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. It wasn’t a haunting at all, but something different. And it required a new perspective on the paranormal. Luckily, we had some powerful ghost gadgets and psychic testing equipment on hand. (July 4, 2018).

Episode 6 | Behind The Scenes: USS Turner Joy Ghost Hunt in June 2018

Ghostly Activities went to the USS Turner Joy with AGHOST to investigate the ship. We captured evidence on bridge and in the Commander’s Stateroom. On the bridge, we got phantom footsteps and bangs (residual haunting), and a possible ghost interacted with our EDI meter on a table in the Commander’s Stateroom. Get more tips and experiment ideas with this podcast. Also, read about our first ghost hunt on the ship. (June 17, 2018).

Episode 5 | Behind The Scenes: Black Diamond Cemetery Ghost Hunt

Ghostly Activities and AGHOST teamed up to investigate Black Diamond Cemetery on May 19, 2018. We investigated 3 areas in the cemetery, then went to Franklin Ghost Town & Mine Trail to check out another (possibly) haunted cemetery. Get the scoop on evidence, equipment used and some ghost hunting tips before you investigate Black Diamond. (June 16, 2018).

Episode 4 | GoPro 4K With Full Spectrum Light Rig Test

Ghostly Activities tested out its new GoPro 4K with full spectrum light rig in Seattle’s Underground. While the picture was good, the waterproof casing killed all audio (not surprising), but also warped the screen edges due to its fish-eye lens cover. The light was also very powerful and didn’t capture the full field of vision if there was nothing to bounce back the light. We still recommend the product, but we wouldn’t put it in the waterproof case unless there was a hard downpour. (May 13, 2018).

Episode 3 | The Difference Between Paranormal Researchers and Ghost Hunters

Ghostly Activities discusses the key differences between paranormal researchers, ghost hunters and a subset of ghost hunting called legend trippers. The main areas where they diverge include their scope, objectives, research quality and how they present evidence to the public. (April 29, 2018).

Episode 2 | Behind The Scenes: Port Gamble Ghost Hunt

Ghostly Activities and AGHOST teamed up to investigate 2 locations in Port Gamble, Washington, an idyllic Pacific Northwest town with a loooong haunted past. We investigated the Walker-Ames House, a Victorian-era home with at least 3 active ghosts, and the Buena Vista Cemetery, which is known for child shadow figures and a mother-daughter ghost duo. Get the scoop on the experiments and some tips for holding an investigation in the Walker-Ames house. Read more about the Port Gamble ghost hunt. (April 28, 2018).

Episode 1 | Supernatural:  Men of Letters Bestiary: Winchester Family Edition Review

Ghostly Activities reviews the new Supernatural companion, The Men of Letters Bestiary: Winchester Family Edition. Jake gets into the nitty-gritty about the characters, the art, editorial and if it’s a good addition to Supernatural’s universe of books. Also, he gives his opinion if ghost hunters will find it useful. (Sept. 17, 2017)

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