Ghostly Activities | Ghost Hunting & Protection compiles popular articles on ghost hunting, spirit communication and paranormal protection from

ghost hunting and protection book cover
Ghostly Activities | Ghost Hunting & Protection is the third book from Jacob Rice

The book covers the following topics:

  • Ghost hunting tips
  • Roles in a ghost hunting team
  • Evidence analysis
  • Alternatives to ghostly gadgets
  • Debunking
  • Using Occult tools
  • Psychic ghost hunting
  • Paranormal protection

It has 50+ short chapters, laser-focused on ghostly methods. Most of the psychic ghost hunting chapters are co-written with Saleen Graham, Ghostly Activities’ co-founder.

The book has over 200 pages of investigation advice for new ghost hunters from Jake & Saleen, who have a combined 22-years’ experience investigating ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

Ghostly Activities | Ghost Hunting & Protection is available in Kindle and paperback formats. You can also read it with Kindle Unlimited on now!