Saleen Graham, co-founder of Ghostly Activities, encountered a male ghost in her bedroom on the morning of May 3, 2014.

“I felt someone gently touch my arm and give me a soft shake,” explains Saleen. “I thought one of my kids wanted something, but, the touch was cold. That was weird.”

It was a few minutes after 7 AM. When she rolled over to see what her son wanted, she noticed the cats weren’t on the bed.

“To me, that’s a big sign something isn’t right,” she says. “The cats never leave my side. They only jump down when they’re scared.”

She saw them, huddled together, on the floor next to a dresser. All three cats held their heads down and to the side. It was a sign of submission.

The room suddenly became cool and the wallpaper color changed from light blue to light green.

“He manifested at the foot of the bed,” she said. “He looked like he was in his late 40s or early 50s, with black hair parted to the side, and he wore a light blue suit. I think the suit style was from the 1980s. He seemed real to me.”

The ghost tried to speak to her. He opened his mouth, but Saleen couldn’t hear him. It was like she was watching a silent movie. Soon, she heard a woman’s voice behind her, one she didn’t recognize.

“The male ghost looked up and across the room towards the woman’s voice. He responded to it, but I still didn’t hear his voice. Once he took a few steps, he faded away and the room changed back.”

Saleen didn’t understand what the woman said during the encounter.

Ghostly Activities will follow-up with research into the building and former residents. The house does have a haunted history, but nothing as strong as this encounter.

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