Ghost Stories: Presented by Ghostly Activities is a compilation of 24 ghostly encounters by regular folks.

ghost stories presented by ghostly activities
Ghost Stories tells 24 tales of ghostly encounters by regular folks

You can find many different tales, like a wolf pack encounter, romantic rendezvous, and life-threatening assault. Each tale takes place in a different town. The stories come from Washington state, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

These tales are suitable for children over 10 as Halloween stories or just spooky fun. There’s one exception. Parents should not let kids under 12 read, “Snoqualmie Ghost Story,” the last chapter. It contains adult language and gore. However, there is some adult language scattered throughout (not much, but it’s present in 3 other stories).

Ghost Stories: Presented by Ghostly Activities is available now for Kindle or in paperback.