On June 25th, 2021, Ghostly Activities investigated the abandoned St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, Washington. We captured some activity in the Basement, 1st floor and 3rd floor. Get the scoop after the jump.

St. Ignatius Investigation Background

Melissa Becker, AGHOST paranormal researcher, set up the investigation by contacting the coordinator, Val, through Colfax Haunted Hospital. AGHOST and Ghostly Activities booked a private tour to gain full access to the site. The date was set for June 25th, 2021.

This wasn’t our standard investigation. Due to time constraints, we skipped the main hospital walkthrough and began the investigation. That’s because the walkthrough would limit investigation time.

Ghostly Activities kicked off the ghost hunt in the basement and moved to a new floor every hour. We began at 8:15 PM and ended at 2:45 AM on June 26th. Our goal was to capture engagement with the trigger objects listed later.

For full detail about the hospital, see Melissa Becker’s custom research in the download. Her material was the basis for our investigation, which trigger objects to use, and which ghosts to focus on.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

  • PatrolMaster body cam
  • Footstep tracker
  • EDI+
  • Boo Buddy Interactive
  • H1n audio recorder
  • Laser grid

Trigger Objects Used

  • 1920s candy
  • Chalkboard
  • Toy gun
  • Jacks
  • Whiskey
  • Poker chips
  • 1885 replica poker cards
  • Stethoscope
  • Surgical kit
  • Holy Bible
  • Scapular
  • Rosary

Basement Investigation

In the basement of St. Ignatius Hospital (Colfax, WA)

The basement offered some activity. Investigators Jake and Melissa felt a cold spot follow them, although it seemed more attached to Jake. It’s plausible the coldness came from a vent and/or open ceiling. The temperature gauges didn’t detect much of a change around Jake during this time.

We found no other evidence of ghostly activity here.

1st Floor Investigation

The EDI+ detected movement near trigger objects in the Dying Room

The first floor offered evidence in the Dying Room. This is the room were fatally injured people would go. You may hear about the ‘left turn’ if medical staff didn’t think they could save your life.

We used trigger objects and foreign languages on the first floor. The EDI+ (graph below) detected movement around the whiskey, poker chip and playing cards. We had used Cantonese language translation during the session. From Melissa’s research, we thought Chin, a Chinese resident who died here, might want to speak with us. There were no EVPs captured, but the geophone results were interesting. We did not see the EDI+ trigger: We found the anomalies when reviewing the files.

In the Dying Room (the ‘left turn’ on the 1st floor), the EDI+ collected evidence of movement around the whiskey, poker chips and cards

2nd Floor Investigation

Boo Buddy conducted an extensive investigation on the 2nd floor

The second floor could offer a hodge podge of ghosts. They could be anything from doctors, nurses, patients and kids. We used Boo Buddy to elicit responses from children and other trigger objects. But we didn’t capture any evidence on this floor.

Jake spent time in the confessional booth in the former chapel. He didn’t capture any EVPs.

3rd Floor Investigation

Investigators swung by Rose’s room, but it was a different room with ghostly movement

Things changed on the third floor. This floor has Rose’s room, which appeared on a couple of ghost hunting shows. It was a focus during Paranormal Lockdown’s investigation.

Rose’s room didn’t provide any evidence, but it looked creepy. Melissa reported odd feelings. Jake and Sandy felt nothing strange about the room.

In another room, we used trigger objects that would appeal to kids. They included candy and jacks. The EDI+ glitched out mysteriously when we tried to use it. The gadget was on, but it wouldn’t detect anything. After a reboot, it worked just fine and detected some movement around the triggers. See the graph below for geophone results.

The EDI+ captured signs of ghostly movements near the trigger objects

4th & 5th Floor Investigation

Living creatures gave investigators a jolt on the 5th floor

The fourth and fifth floor investigation ended the evening. You can find a laboratory and surgery rooms on it. We conducted EVP sessions hoping to connect with Dr. Cardwell from our research. AGHOST had also reported a shadow figure from a previous ghost hunt. But we didn’t capture any ghostly evidence.

On the fifth floor, a bat (or two) flew by and gave us quite a jolt. We tried to communicate with Mother Joseph and a few other nuns who had lived here. There was no ghostly activity found on this floor.


Overall, it was a quiet night. AGHOST continues to sift through their data. Jake will publish any evidence they find to this report.

It was the basement, first floor and third floor that had some activity. The cold spots in the basement were corroborated by the AGHOST team. Besides those events, we had the EDI+ glitches and some movements around trigger objects. AGHOST also had equipment glitches during their investigation. We’ll see what comes back from the other floors.

Stay tuned for more!

Tips for Ghost Hunting at St. Ignatius Hospital

  • Wear a mask: It’s dusty!
  • Wear comfy clothes: You’ll get a workout moving between floors!
  • Pad time to move floors
  • Expect outside noise contamination: It’s in a residential area and windows are broken
  • Watch out for bats
  • Find the port-a-potty near the main entrance
  • Book the longest tour/ghost hunt possible: It’s a big place and you don’t want to run out of time

Additional Walkthroughs at St. Ignatius Hospital

Ghostly Activities got to walkthrough the morgue and boiler room at St. Ignatius. Neither area is part of the ghost hunt offering. As a bonus, here’s an exclusive tour for you, the Ghostly Activities reader.

Morgue Walkthrough

The morgue appeared on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown

Boiler Room Walkthrough

Ghostly Activities had a unplanned visit to the former boiler room at St. Ignatius Hospital

Feature image: Washington Trust, St. Ignatius Hospital – Colfax, Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, May 6, 2015, Copyright of Washington Trust, no changes made to source, retrieved from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/washingtontrust/17207523448

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