Ghost Hunt | Saar Pioneer Cemetery in Kent, WA

Ghost Hunt | Saar Pioneer Cemetery in Kent, WA

On October 14, 2017, Ghostly Activities visited Saar Pioneer Cemetery in Kent, Washington to investigate a potential haunting. We brought some new gear to help capture the ghostly evidence, too.

Saar Pioneer Cemetery Haunted Background

There isn’t much to suggest the cemetery is haunted. Jake looked at to see if anyone had reported a ghost and there was nothing listed. He also checked ghost almanacs (like Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seattle and Puget Sound), and it wasn’t listed. So, it’s likely the place isn’t a hotspot for the paranormal.

If anything, we decided to go anyway and test out some new equipment we recently received. Details below.

You can read more about the graveyard from this Seattle Times’ article about Saar Pioneer Cemetery.

Ghost Hunt Conditions

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Start Time: 1 PM PT

End Time: 3 PM PT

Solar X-Ray Activity: Low (source: NOAA – Space Weather Prediction Center)

Geomagnetic Field: Active and unsettled (source: same as above)

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Temperature: 55°f – 58°f

Humidity: 96%

Barometric Pressure: 30.33″

Wind Speed & Direction: NE 5 mph

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

  • Bell & Howell full spectrum camcorder with full spectrum light rig
  • Zoom H4N audio recorder with external speaker
  • K2 EMF Meter
  • MEL Meter 8407-R-REM

Ghost Hunt Details

Ghostly Activities had planned to conduct EVP sessions at five graves, but it didn’t go as planned. The cemetery is at the intersection of Hwy 167 and S 212th Avenue, and a grocery store parking lot. Needless to say, the EVP would contain false positives. The H4N audio recorder is very sensitive and the data was filled with voices from the parking lot and traffic noise.

The five graves include:

  1. Margaret Saar
  2. Johnnie Hall
  3. James Iddings
  4. Baby Monster
  5. Kittie A. Nelson

Note: The Baby Monster has a few urban legends associated with it. We checked on this, and there’s no demon, monsters or deformed child buried there. The baby didn’t receive a name before it died in 1888. If you look at the grave, it’s buried with its father, James Monster. Yes, they had the unfortunate surname. That’s about it.

We decided to use the full spectrum camcorder as the primary collection device and conduct EVP sessions at each grave. Even if we couldn’t use the EVP, we hoped that the full spectrum would capture an apparition or shadow figure on the grounds. The camcorder didn’t capture anything.

As for EMF, we used the MEL 8407-R-REM to see if an area had EMF hotspots. And there was nothing found. The temperature meter didn’t detect anything more than a few tenths of a degree from 56.

In all, there was very little evidence of anything paranormal at the cemetery.

Ghost Hunt Conclusion

We don’t believe Saar Pioneer Cemetery is haunted. When you think about, the local historic societies and community have done a lot of work to restore it. Those good intentions have probably let the spirits move on, if any of them remained behind. Also, there aren’t many locals with their ancestors in the cemetery, so there’s no familial link to keep a ghost anchored to Kent.

It was a good test of our new equipment and learning experience for the full spectrum camera, audio recorder and MEL meter.

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