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Ghost Hunt: Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

On August 28th, 2014, the Ghostly Activities Duo investigated Hollywood Forever Cemetery for possible paranormal activity. Our investigation focused on the most haunted areas of the cemetery, like the graves of Clifton Webb, Marion Davies, Virginia Rappe and Tyrone Power.

Environmental Factors at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Temperature: 90(f) and 85(f) in shade

Humidity: 70%

Barometric Pressure: 29.88″

Wind Speed & Direction: SSE 5-10 mph

Ambient EMF: 0.3mG

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used:

  • K2 EMF Meter
  • MEL Meter (8704-R)
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Infrared Digital Camera

Ghost Hunt Details

We arrived at the cemetery at 11 AM PT and began the investigation by the duck pond, to the left of the main entrance on Santa Monica Blvd. We took some baseline readings to compare to earlier recordings. They were aligned. We spent 4 hours in the cemetery.

Tyrone Power's grave in Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Tyrone Power’s chest tomb in Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Our first stop was the Tyrone Power grave. He died of a heart attack in the late 1950s. Saleen began an EVP session. As she did that, the MEL meter detected a gradual increase in the EMF field surrounding Tyrone’s tomb (a chest tomb). It rose from 0.3mG to 2.3mG. The ambient temperature also decreased by 5 degreesĀ  to 85 degrees – we were not standing in the shade. We spent 30 minutes asking questions at the grave before moving on. We will upload EVP evidence (if any) in the next week or two.

The next stop wasn’t scheduled. It was the grave of Amber Muschwitz, who died at 18-years-old. As we were walking by her grave, we got a EMF surge from 0.3mG to 2.1mG. Her grave was in the shade, so we had to throw out the temperature change that accompanied the EMF increase. We ran an EVP session for 20 minutes at Amber’s grave.

Our other stops at the cemetery didn’t reveal any readings of note. We hoped to collect interesting readings from Virginia Rappe’s grave, but there was nothing. We found nothing at the other target graves (Clifton Webb, Marion Davies and Rudolfo Valentino).

Let us know if you see something we didn’t in the gallery (below):

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Our next investigation happened the next day, at Suicide Bridge (Colorado St. bridge) in Pasadena, California.


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  1. Jacob Rice

    Just to follow-up (it’s been a while), but we didn’t capture any EVPs during this investigation.

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