Finding Ghostly Portals

A ghostly portal is a ghost hunter’s dream. It’s an opening with multiple ghost lights and Class A EVP. They’re not common and they aren’t the reason for most hauntings.

Let’s find out how to find a ghostly portal.

When found, ghost portals usually occur near a large body of water. It can be flowing water or still water, but water is a key part of creating a ghostly portal.

Water tends to absorb negative energy from a traumatic event. It also creates an electrical field – another part of a ghost portal. This field helps charge the spirits so they can manifest. Ghosts need energy to enter our physical world.

Look for a Haunting near a Body of Water

Underground caverns and tunnels may have ghost portals

As you research a suspected haunting, try to find out if water is nearby. Actually, try to find out if water runs through, or under, the location. That’s a key element for the portal. If water is nearby a haunted site, you may get some activity, but not a portal.

You may want to visit your local library, historical society, or check the real estate records. Most will have information about underground rivers, lakes or reservoirs in the area. These bodies of water are more common than you think. You may find caverns that have a great deal of standing water in them, too.

Traumatic Events + Water = Ghostly Portals

Bridges are notorious for ghostly portals

A traumatic event also can be the spark that turns a local haunt into a portal. For example, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has a pond that’s believed to be a portal. It has ghost lights and a spectre that emerges from it at night. These activities weren’t very common until the 1920s. That’s when Chicago gangsters dumped the bodies of their hits into it. All that death is enough to charge a regular haunt into a portal. It also has a large stream with a strong current flowing through it. A great combo!

Portals are commonly associated with bridges. It’s easy to understand why: There’s a flowing river creating an electrical field and then you add the motor accidents and suicides on the bridge to the mix.

Signs of a Ghostly Portal

When a portal opens, it tends to generate so much ghostly activities, you have a difficult time recording it all. It’s quite stunning. Ghost lights swirl; spirits speak; and, apparitions appear. You have to be quick to record it because portals do not stay open very long. It usually happens in a burst of 5 minutes or less. Portals can form at any time, so your team may need to go on a vigil.

You can tell the portal will open when you see strange lights form like streaking yellow, blue and red lights. Some may look like lightning bolts on a small-scale. You may also hear a buzzing sound when it first opens and again when it’s about to close. In some cases, you’ll find artifacts at the portal’s location. For ghosts, it’s usually a fine powder or something like crystals. If the portal was interdimensional, you could find objects like arrowheads, feathers or an object from the other world.

You can also feel the surge of paranormal energy. For regular folks, you’ll begin to feel disoriented, weak, cold or get a headache. Animals in the area may become agitated and try to run away. Psychics tend to have magnified abilities. They’ll find they have more clarity, peacefulness and calmness. Their protective shielding may become stronger.

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