Fighting Server & WordPress Theme Issues

Fighting Server & WordPress Theme Issues

UPDATE 2: Nevermind. Back to the original Ghostly site for now.

UPDATE: New theme in place. It tends to work well across browsers, and it seems to load fast. This is a news-centric theme, so I hope it doesn’t seem too dull for you.

Hi gang,

Sorry for not posting in awhile. I’ve fought some problems with my web server and the Ghostly Activities WordPress Theme. As a result, I’ve switched back to my standby theme .

I’ve got the server fixed, but the recent theme (with the abandoned asylum background) no longer works. This means I’m looking for another modern design that will work with the server upgrade.

Not sure how long until a get a new one up and running yet. You’ll see a lot of new designs until I find one. Testing them out and all of that stuff.

Take care,


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