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Fairy Powers, Abilities & Magic

As supernatural beings, fairies have a variety of powers. It depends on the type of fairy. Each species has its own signature power and, some of them, may actually be magic. Fairies use their powers to help or harm humans, but they usually don’t use their abilities on other Fae.

Common Fairy Powers

Fairies don’t use their powers on other Fae. We’re not sure why that is. However, they will readily use them on humans. We can only speculate that fairy powers don’t work on other Fae.

Here are some of the most common powers used by fairies:

Luck – This means good–or bad–fortune. You could win the lotto or lose your fortune in the stock market. We’d consider any luck to be a curse because there’s always a cost. Under most situations, the person enters into a contract of some kind or provides a service to the fairy. If you break the contract or you don’t deliver as promised, then you get bad luck.

Invisibility – Generally, most fairies are invisible to the mortal eye. Fairies can show themselves if they want, but mortal minds have a hard time understanding what they’ve just seen. Fairies also give magical items that can make a person invisible.

Glamour – Usually, bad fairies use this power. Glamour is an illusion. The bad fairy looks beautiful, when it’s truly an ugly creature. Once a human sees the fairy’s ugliness, he or she can never ‘not see’ it as anything other than ugly. In other words, once you know the fairy is bad and ugly, it can never hide that from you again.

Healing – Some fairies have the ability to heal people. How they do it depends on the fairy. Very few can use touch to heal. Most of them use an ointment or feed you some of its food.

Clairvoyance – A fairy can grant you the ability to see the future or see the hidden world of the fairies. This is a temporary gift and it will fade in time, or the fairy can revoke it.

Flight – Only a few fairies can fly and they usually don’t have wings. Usually, flight is used as a defensive tactic: If a fairy feels threatened, you can get pushed back by a freak wind gust or step into a vortex. That’s really a group of fairies flying around you.

Nimble – This power is better observed than described, but here it goes: Some fairies move so fast or have some much agility, they can dodge anything and never get hit.

Enhanced Senses – Most fairies have better eyesight, hearing, taste, touch and smell than humans. They can see at night with ease, hear better than dogs, better taste than a sommelier, interpret emotions on touch, and smell better than a bloodhound.

Illumination – Some fairies, like Will o’ the Wisps, bright elves and White Ladies, can generate light from their bodies that can light up a large room.

Resistance – These creatures are quite durable for their small size. They can take a licking and keep on ticking. Within 24 hours, a fairy should be healed and ready to go.

Shadowmelding – A certain type of fairy, called a darkling, can merge with shadows. It allows them to quickly move between shadows and become intangible.

Animal Communication – Many fairies can communicate with animals and understand their emotions. They can summon most animals in their immediate area for protection.



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Feature Image Source: lytum.com

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  1. Phil Bendy

    Great subject. I have posted you separately referring to this page. I live in England and have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing their powers first hand – if you are in their domain and extra-sensory, they are sure to know. Their values are not always closely aligned to ours, and what might seem trivial to us is a gross misdemeanour for them – and punished accordingly. You start to see Cause and Effect all around you where previously you wouldn’t, e.g. scare some swans away from your baited fishing spot by use of mud pats (so you didn’t injure them) and your missus shortly after breaks her wrist … pure coincidence, or something darker?

    Nature is as cruel as it is beautiful. Iron is a good way of warding off the more malevolent Fey whilst leaving the neutral or so-called ‘good’ fairies behind – particularly out in the open. Horseshoes work quite well as does the liberal scattering of salt to occupy them. Reciting St Benedict’s Medal prayer is a useful protection as are the wearing of pendants like the Chinese Guanyin – twice I have visited one of her temples in China. This is important when you are driving anywhere as you want to be free of distracting pranks that may injure or kill you … It’s my impression that praying and wearing of a pendant only works in a confined space. Out in the open, some of the more traditional wards are more effective.


  2. Jacob Rice

    Thanks for commenting! I bet the readers will love this info!

  3. Jovan

    I know I saw a fairy it was fat and the size of my hand. I saw it as I woke it was clear the thing was at my feet on wall I woke it fly by my head I thumped at it cause it got too close it made a noise like a log crackl when on fire

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