Hi gang! I got to appear on Mystic Moon Cafe last night and play some EVPs. Watch the video after the jump!

Show Notes:

We played over 30 EVPs last night. Listen in a judge the quality and what you think the ghost says. This episode features:

  • Amanda Quill from Coldspotters
  • Jeff Webster from Haunted Crew of Canada
  • Michael Merle from Haunted Crew of Canada
  • Beck Ray from Paranormal Activity Investigators
  • June Nixon from AGHOST
  • Charlette Savoie (Vilisca Ax House investigator)
  • Jake Rice from Ghostly Activities
  • Sonia Jorgensen, Mystic Moon Cafe host
  • Wendy Schindler, Mystic Moon Cafe host

Last Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jacob Rice