Editorial Changes for Ghostly Activities

Editorial Changes for Ghostly Activities

Update (March 13, 2017): We will now list ghost stories submitted through the site as ‘Ghost Story,’ not ‘True Ghost Story.’ We will reserve ‘True Ghost Story’ for ghostly encounters with evidence (images, videos or audio). I’ll go back and start updating the titles to reflect this. We will not change the tags.

Update (Feb. 26, 2017): I need more time to research to write the Boogeyman article. It’s gotta be good; it’s the Boogeyman after all! I moved an article about wraiths to February while I do more digging.

Update (Feb. 25, 2017): We investigated Port Blakely Cemetery on Bainbridge Island, Washington and did not find anything to suggest it’s haunted.

Hi gang,

We’ll spend more time focused on debunking ghostly claims, describing ghosts you may meet, and writing more about well-known haunted places and ghost stories for 2017.

You’ve probably noticed we went back to our classic site theme, too.

For February 2017, we’ve got a profile on the Boogeyman coming and today we have a ghost hunt on Bainbridge Island (the island in Puget Sound, right across from the piers in downtown Seattle).

That’s the scoop for now.


Jake + Saleen

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