Dreaming of Ghosts and Monsters

Everybody dreams and, sometimes, we see scary stuff in them. I don’t personally dream of ghosts, even though I spend a lot of time with them. So, what does it mean when we dream of ghosts and other monsters?

Ghosts + Monsters = Nightmares

Childhood fears lead to adult nightmares

Most people think ghosts and monsters in dreams are nightmares. Unless you become frightened, it’s not really a nightmare. You have to have some physical symptoms like sweating, talking in your sleep and some movements, like reaching out or kicking, to qualify as a nightmare. If you wake up–gasping for breath–with a pounding heart, then it’s a nightmare (actually a night terror). If you wake up and think, “Wicked dream!,” it’s not a nightmare. I’ve added in a few supernatural and ghost-inspired dream items, too. In most cases, there’s nothing to fear about a scary dream. I did mark the truly paranormal dream elements in red.

Ghost and Monster Meanings

Your subconscious owns your dreams. It’s the same place your intuition comes from. When you sleep, it goes to work to help you figure out a problem or make a decision. Many people say ‘let me sleep on it’ before they make a decision. That’s a good thing, and it’s usually the right thing to do.


Before leaving a comment, think about if you want the Web to see your dream meanings. Some of them indicate very personal problems and you may want to keep it private. We will respond to comments in the section below. If you want to keep it private, please use the Contact Us page in navigation. Our responses are just opinions for you to take or leave at your discretion.


Don’t worry – it’s not paranormal. It means you have a confrontation to make with someone in your personal or business life.

Ants (and other crawling insects)

In general, it means you have a lot of little problems that you need to resolve.


Okay, it’s not a ghost, but a ghostly setting. If you find yourself in an attic in your dreams, it means you have a ‘ghost’ from your past to figure out and release.


An axe means you have to separate from someone or something in your life. If it’s bloody, then the separation will be abrupt and messy.


Another ghostly setting. Basements mean you have a deep secret or you feel guilty about a past action. The basement represents suppressing the guilt.


It’s a bad omen, but it’s not paranormal. This animal means you will have–or have had–a death in your family or a romantic breakup.


A bear means you need to change course in your personal life or business life. Otherwise, you could get ambushed by a personal or work problem.


It’s just pure-and-simple anxiety.


A high-flying bird is a good omen. An attacking bird means you fear judgment. An attacking flock of birds means someone wants to get revenge on you.

Bones (also Skull)

It doesn’t mean death. This means you feel vulnerable.


We usually don’t like to think about blood: We need it but it’s also kinda gross. Blood has a few different meanings, all about your emotional state:

  • If it’s your own, you have an unbalanced emotional attachment. It’s not healthy and it seems like it’s draining you. This could mean an entity has attached to you. You may want to look into some protection techniques, or you may want to sever a bad relationship with another person.
  • If you see the blood of a living family member, it indicates an emotional problem with that person. It’s not paranormal.
  • If you see a dead family member bleeding, they may have a message for you and it’s likely one you don’t want to hear. I’d say ask for a sign from them so you can solve the problem.
  • If you drink blood, it’s a sign you need to replenish your energy.
  • General gore and bloodied bodies may show trauma from a past life. You may have some karmic issues to work on.
  • If you have blood-centered dreams often, it may indicate depression. Seek counseling for it immediately.


The boogeyman could be an actual supernatural entity that wants to enter your home. It’s a shapeshifter, so it can take any form it wants in your dreams. If you dream about anything that desperately wants to enter your home, make sure you keep your dream house doors and windows shut. If you let it in, it will inhabit your house in life. Look into some protection methods to contain it and clear it.


A bridge has a few different meanings. In general, bridges represent new opportunities. If you see a burning bridge behind you, it means you run from the past. If it’s in front of you, it means you don’t want to face consequences for a past action.


A burial means you need to escape from a current situation that’s burying you alive.


This one can have a paranormal aspect, psychic vampires.  If you dream someone’s eating your flesh, it could be a psychic vampire draining your essence for food. Try some protective techniques.

Car Accident

It means you’ve lost control of your life. Your emotions or mental health have become damaged.


Someone is trying to get their ‘claws’ into you. It’s not paranormal.


In general, it means you have repressed sexual urges. Some of them may be unsavory, and you need to work them out. Play safe!


Another common ghost setting. Cemeteries symbolize great sadness and death. Usually, it means you have a deep buried secret that’s going to impact your life in some form. This means you need to come to terms with your secret, no matter how much it hurts. This is worse than having a basement in your dream.


You have a larger problem, but you only focus on one part of it. Try to see how all your problems (each link) relates to the larger problem (the full chain).


You have a problem with repressed anger and it’s about to become public. Watch yourself!

Chase Dreams

I always thought chase dreams meant I had a paranormal entity coming to get me, but, the truth is much simpler: You’re stressed. This means book a trip to a spa or a vacation. It’s not a ghost.

Closet Monsters

It means a general anxiety or fear about the unknown. It’s not paranormal.


It’s not paranormal, so don’t worry about it. Apparently, it means you have a fear of something most people don’t even notice. If clowns frighten you, you may see the world differently than most other folks. It’s not a good or bad thing. You should find the thing that causes the fear and try to overcome it. This is such a general fear that I’m afraid I can’t be much help. You just have to poke around in your head and experience until you find what it is.


You need to clean up your act. It could be a physical place, like your kitchen, or with your health.


This means you either have a fascination with death, or you’re in a dead-end situation.


You may dream of a virus or poisoned food. If this happens, it means you feel guilty about something.


It means something is draining the life out of you. In most cases, it’s your job. It could also be a paranormal entity or psychic vampire. Look into some protection techniques to stop it.


If you experience a sense of danger in your dream, then you need to be cautious in your waking life. You may have taken too many risks in your daily life and you could have an accident.


Darkness represents a need to get some help. At work, you may have taken on more than you can manage. In your personal life, it may mean you have an unresolved problem with someone close to you.


There are many meanings to death. A fresh start is the most common meaning. In other cases, it’s anxiety or guilt about a relationship.


If you lose your head, it means a disconnect with your mental talents; or, you regret not fulfilling your educational goals.


Usually, demons represent your desires and impulses, not a literal demon. It could mean aggression or your libido. Check to see if you’ve given into these impulses: It could be your brain telling you to get control of yourself.


This represents strong fear and/or anxiety in your personal life. Dismemberment dreams have been linked to divorce or separation. If you see someone else dismembered, it means you have a lot of rage associated with the person.

Dog Attack

If you dream of a pack of dogs attacking you, there’s a bully in your life you wants to get you. You can try to appease this person to stop an attack. If it’s a single dog, then you feel like you’ve lost control of a part of your life. It would be something you are normally very good at controlling.


Simply put, it’s moving into uncharted territory in a relationship or business venture.


Dragons represent anxiety. You don’t feel in control and something big is going to gobble you up.


Drowning means emotional upheaval. These dreams will stop once you’ve faced a very emotional period in your life.

Dynamite (and Explosives)

You have a lot of anger and it’s about to manifest. This could be a very ugly situation, so find someone you can talk to before you blow up in a rage. It’s not going to end well.


If you dream of a falling elevator, it means your life spins out of control. If you have claustrophobia, it means you feel confined in a relationship or at work.


Emptiness has multiple meanings. If you find yourself in an open field, then it means freedom, unless you live in a big city. Then, it means isolation. If you find yourself in an empty house with a feeling of dread, it means abandonment. If you don’t have abandonment issues, then it means you haven’t found your place in life or career path.


Escape dreams usually mean you run from an unknown threat. It’s simply anxiety, or you’ve put yourself in a dangerous situation.


Simply put, you feel guilty about something you did or you think about. In most cases, it’s brought on by sexual repression.

Excrement (Feces, Dookie, Caca, etc.)

You’ve got some baggage or personal issues you can get rid of. Once you see shit in your dreams, you’re over it. Move on with your life.

Explosion (also Anger, Rage, Aggression, Nuclear Bombs, Violence)

You have repressed rage that about to manifest. Talk to someone or get some help. This isn’t going to be pretty when it gets out.

Eyes (the feeling of being watched)

They’re a reflection of your psyche. If they seem angry, then you are angry. If they’re scared, you are scared or have anxiety issues. If they judge you, you are shy or socially awkward.


Falling has many meanings. First, examine your emotion state before you try to decipher its meaning. In most cases, falling means anxiety. In other cases, it’s literal: You dream of falling off a ladder because it really is old and rickety. The jolt you feel when you hit the ground has sometimes been associated with astral projection.


The feeling of fear in dreams is common. So common that it’s difficult to find the meaning. In general, it means anxiety, but it’s also directly linked to the subject of your dream.


Outer conflicts, which will look like real life, mean you have a problem in your daily or work life, it’s not a psychological issue. Internal fights, which will appear very much like a crazy dream state, have a psychological root. Usually, it’s stress or anxiety.


Oddly enough, fire has nothing to do with anger. Fire means you should proceed with a personal or business problem with caution. It’s a warning you could get into trouble if you don’t watch out for yourself.


Flooding dreams have very simple meanings: You are sloppy with your finances; You’re overwhelmed by emotions; or, You have some sexual urges to work out.


Flying represents your hopes and fears. When you fly, you break free into a new place in your life, but it comes with fear. Since you enter such a new place, you may not know how to proceed. That causes anxiety.


Fog represents the unknown. However, fog is just a thin blanket and you already know what lies ahead. Don’t fear it.


If you dream you get lost in a forest, then you feel overwhelmed by work.


If you dream that you’re at a funeral, then you have issues with death and dying.  It also means you’ve reached the end of a relationship or job.


If you dream of rotting trash, then you feel rejected by your friends and family.


A ghost found in your dreams isn’t a real ghost. It’s part of your subconscious. It means you  have a longstanding issue you must deal with. If the ghost is a dead relative, it represents a problem you had with person while they were alive. Usually, a ghost is your dark side. Your subconscious overrides your active brain and presents the ghost as a way to work through your problems. So, a ghost is not a ghost haunting your dreams. It’s a problem-solving tool made by your brain.


If you dream of white gloves, then you have a sensitive personal problem and need to use diplomacy to solve it. If it’s boxing gloves, you’ll need to be aggressive to solve it.


If you see your name on a grave, it means you don’t have the resources for a current life event. If you see another person’s name on it, your relationship with that person will end. It doesn’t mean anyone dies.

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper means a big change is coming. It’s usually the loss of your job, or the loss of a relationship with someone close to you. It doesn’t represent death.


Guilt creates two kinds of recurring dreams. The first type, survivor guilt, happens when there is a sole survivor from a violent event like combat. The second type, sexual guilt,  comes from a toxic, intimate relationship like incest. In both cases, the nightmares are vivid and seem to happen in real life. If you have them, you should seek counseling.

There is a third type of guilt-based dream. In them, you meet your shadow self. The shadow self is your dark side. It will stalk you in your dreams until you acknowledge it and incorporate it. If you don’t, then your nightmares will become worse. In rare instances, it creates an alternate personality.

Guns (and Weapons in general)

This one is simple: You either need to get laid (guns), or you feel vulnerable and need protection (weapons in general).


Long hair means wisdom. Unkept hair means confusion. Thinning hair means you fear growing old. Buzz cuts mean discipline and restraint.


If you see a hammer pounding something, it means things are getting into order in your life. If you are getting hit by a hammer, it means you feel stressed by what’s beating you.


They can mean kindness or cruelty. If you are choked, gasping or touching you in intimate places, then you have issues from possible sexual abuse. They can also represent your shadow self.


In general, it means you have guilty feelings in part of your personal life and the guilt is smothering you.

Haunted House

If you have a dream with a haunted house, it represents a violation. Your home is supposed to be safe and, it’s haunted, you have an intruder. Your safe places are no longer safe. This can apply broadly to your personal life, like a cheating spouse; or losing your job. It doesn’t mean a ghost tries to communicate with you.


If you see a (decapitated) head, then you don’t think you have the intellectual abilities to deal with a task.


If you’re afraid, you have a fear of success. Get over it.


Hell symbolizes your own limitations and you feel guilty about it. It’s not paranormal.


If you’re on a runaway horse, then you feel like you lost control of your life. If you have full control, then everything is going well in your life.


Nightmares in a hospital represent poor health. So, you need to acknowledge you have them and go get yourself healthy.


If you are hunting, then you feel like you are in competition with co-workers or suitors for a possible romantic partner. If you are being hunted, it means you have anxiety in your personal life.


If you dream your on an icy plain, then you feel isolated. If you see icebergs, then you have to work on an emotional issue with someone close to you. If the ice melts, then you opened a communication block.

Ice Pick

You have some sexual urges to work out.

Immobility (also Paralysis)

It could be paranormal. If you dream you can’t move or run away from harm, then it could be an attack by an Old Hag. Take precautions. Now, if you can still run but you stand still (like a hamster running in its wheel), then it’s not considered immobility. For it to count, you can’t move any part of your body.


If you dream of a lover cheating on you, then you feel vulnerable in the relationship.

Job (also Career)

If you have a nightmare set at work, you have performance anxiety, or just really, really hate your job.

Judge (Also Judgment, Juries, Trials)

You worry about your relationship with an authority figure. It also means you are very sensitive to others’ opinions. In certain cases, this is a sign of a social disorder like shyness.


In general, it means you need to get laid, but it can also mean you’re about to give in to fear.


If you’re kidnapped, then it means you’ve your sense of safety and security.


A dream about killing something, or being killed, isn’t always bad. If you do the killing, it means you have an anger issue with the person or thing you kill. There’s a lot of meaning in the weapon used and who or what you killed. The place is also important. If you remember the dream well enough, write down all the things you saw. It will help find the real cause. Killing dreams are not paranormal.


In general, knives are associated with gossip or betrayal. If you see someone with a knife, who’s chasing you, then that person is stabbing you in the back in real life.


Knots represent the little bumps in the road we all experience in life. They also mean you don’t see the big picture in your life. Petty annoyances distract you from what’s important. Knots also represent nervousness around a new venture. If you see a noose, then it means your punishing yourself for no good reason.


It just means you have anxiety with authority figures. If you’re a lawyer dreaming of lawyers, then you’re not as prepared for a case as you think. You’re about to get schooled by another attorney.


You need to fix the little things that prevent you from finishing bigger projects.


If light gets swallowed by darkness, then you reached the end of a job or relationship. In general, light vanishing to darkness needs more information to figure out. Make notes of who’s with you, the environment and other things you see in the dream.


Lightning is usually a background element in a dream and has no special meaning. However, if you generate the lightning, or a bolt hits you, it signifies your creative power needs a release.


She’s a demon and mother of succubae, sex-crazed female demons that drink your life force. This means you have someone close to you, who may take too much from you. It’s not a demon.


If a lion stalks you, you’re too submissive in a personal or work relationship.

Locked Out

You feel disconnected from your friends, family or co-workers.


If you become lost in a dream, then it means you’re off your life’s calling or purpose. It could mean a bad career decision or poor selections for romantic partners.


If you dream of black magic, then you have a lot of superstitions and fear the supernatural. In other cases, it means you think someone plays tricks with you in your daily life. Magic can also mean you have a creative resurgence. It’s definitely not paranormal.


If a mask frightens you, then you fear what the mask represents. If you wear the mask, it means you’re hiding from the person you intend to see while wearing it. The mask also represents your shadow self, if the mask is actually your face.


First, you have some sexual issues to work out. Next, if you are the submissive one, then you think you deserve punishment or being treated like shit. If you are dominant, you have power issues. You’re too controlling of others, but fear they’ll turn on you and take your power.

Maze (also Labyrinth)

Maze dreams are good things. Walking through a maze shows you try to integrate the different parts of your personality, even your shadow self.


Mirrors reflect the emotions of the dreamer. If the mirror’s reflection is clear, then you’ve integrated the different parts of your psyche. If you see a distorted picture, you have some inner work to do.


In general, the monsters you create in a dream are scarier than anything on TV or in movies. These monsters are based on your personal fears. They represent unreleased emotions and fears. It’s the ugly part of your personality. There’s nothing paranormal about them.


Either it represents gossip and lies or it means you have a big change coming.


Murder represents suppressed anger towards yourself or other people. If you are murdered, then it means you feel victimized. It can also mean you killed part of your old self so you can grow as a person. If you kill someone, you have problems with that person that you hide in life.


Specifically hammering a nail—it means you need to fix something in your routine life—OR—it means you did something well and will get a reward.


Most often, you feel insecure and people will find your faults. It also means you have low self-esteem.

Natural Disasters

In general, they can be a form of precognition, the ability to see the future. Unfortunately, we judge how accurate they are after the disaster. That means no one will believe you because society will think you made it up.


If you sew, then you need to close some unfinished business. If you get jabbed by a needle, a personal relationship annoys you.


If you see an inky blackness, it means you’re confused about a relationship or career move. It also means repressed thoughts or memories. It could also be a big signal from your shadow self to integrate your personality.

Night Terrors

Night terrors are an enhanced kind of nightmare. They involve a lot of physical movement while sleeping and physical symptoms like sweating, a racing heartbeat and, sometimes, you may feel like you went into shock. Unlike nightmares, the person doesn’t remember what happened in the night terror. With nightmares, you remember what happened when you wake up.


In general, you’ve just entered into REM, the deepest part of the sleep cycle. During REM, you lose some mobility (but not like the immobility entry) and get a pins-and-needles feeling and limbs get cold. It’s common for you to lose some circulation to your limbs.

However, if your breathing becomes affected, then an old hag may be attacking you.


You’ve overindulged and you feed ashamed of your actions.

Ocean (also Water)

Water represents your emotional state. If you float alone in an ocean, lake or river, then you feel isolated and lost. If the water is rough, then you suffer from anxiety.


If you are the surgeon, then some old problems are about to surface and you need to take care of them. If you’re the patient, then you need to seek counseling to get over a traumatic event.


Without arousal, it means you feel the need to be yourself. With arousal, then you need work out some sexual urges.


You feel abandoned more in your personal life than your work life.

Ouija Boards

Take the message the planchette at face value. It’s your subconscious speaking to you. It’s not paranormal.


You need to nourish your body or spirit. If you feel angry about the food you eat, then you may have an eating disorder.


If you dream of falling sheets of paper, then you feel overwhelmed by work.

Pathways (also Roads, Trails)

If you dream of walking down a dirt path and it’s clear, then you’ve made right decisions about your career, personal life or spiritual trek. If it winds, or it’s filled with obstructions, then you need to clear the clutter in your work and romantic life.


Pits symbolize hopelessness. It could also mean your shadow self is about to catch you off guard.


If the plants grow at a fast rate, then it means your life is about to spin out of control. If the plants attack you, then you have too many demands from your family or friends.


You need to get rid of something in your life. It usually means one of your close friends or a lover.


You’ve been reckless lately and you need to get your act together.


If you dream of being possessed, or fighting off something trying to get into your body, you could be under attack from the etheric plane, astral plan, or interdimensional plane. You need to protect yourself.


This is your brain telling you to stop the wild, destructive behavior you’ve done lately.

Public Humiliation (also Public Speaking)

This is simply anxiety and fears of failure.


You feel ashamed of something you did. If you see somebody else punished, then they represent a part of your psyche. The punished person is the link to your shame.


You feel insecure in a relationship or at work and it’s taking over your life.


If rabid animals stalk you, then you fear something out of your control. Generally speaking, you may have an addiction you need to cure.


You feel disempowered in a relationship, at home or at work. Oddly enough, this is your brain getting ready to make you more assertive in your daily life.


If you dream of rats, you spend too much time at work, and it’s starting to effect your home life.


You’re thinking about ending a relationship in your personal life.

Recurring Nightmares

Recurring nightmares indicate the inability to move on with an issue. For a nightmare to classify as recurring, you must have it a few times a month. Generally, recurring nightmares are caused by a traumatic event in life, like a car accident. The setting may change, but the physical feeling should be consistent. If you fell off a building and broke your leg, your recurring nightmare will have the falling feeling, but you could fall from a bridge or cliff in the dream. If you have recurring nightmares, seek therapy.


Robbery dreams usually mean you resent someone in your life trying to make decisions for you. It also symbolizes losing something very dear to you.

Roller Coaster

It’s not necessarily the roller coaster that’s symbolizes your psyche, but the ride itself. All the ups-and-downs mean you have a lot of fear present, or you feel helpless in a life changing event, like a divorce or a big move.


If you bound, then you need to express some negative emotions. If it’s a hangman’s noose, then you’re going to end a relationship soon.

Running Away (in fear)

You need to get out of a very negative situation very soon, or it will cause a lot of emotional pain.


If you dream of sacrificing yourself for another person, then you are too dependent on a more dominant person. It could mean you have self-esteem issues.


The Devil represents your dark side. You have problems to sort through like any other demon we mentioned earlier. Anyway, the Devil doesn’t bother with humans. His minions might, but not the Devil himself.


You have a new competitor, who will get physical to get what they want.


You simply have a problem with anxiety.


You need to dump someone and get back into the dating scene. Something good will make himself/herself known to you soon.

Same-Sex Intercourse Dreams

If you are female and have sex with a female, then you need some nurturing in your life. If you’re male and have sex with a male, then you need to be more independent and assertive in your personal life.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

Usually, a STD dream means you think your lover is cheating on you. If single, you may feel guilty about a sexual encounter or a partner.


In generally, you fear some part of your own psyche. You need to work on integrating your personality.

Sinking Ship

Oddly enough, if you dream of being on a sinking ship, then your unconscious is trying to explore some parts of your less savory psyche. It’s letting you know it’s going to fix your personality.


You need clarity in your life. You feel confused in your current situation.


The snake represents your dark side. If it bites you, then you feel threatened by it. But, you need to make peace with it, or you will feel threatened when you don’t need to be.

Sores (also Wounds)

You’re sensitive about your failures. This is a case where you need to accept you failed and move on. Otherwise, it will always hold you back on future endeavors.

Spear (also Sword)

If you’re a woman, then the guy holding the spear wants to do you. If you’re a man holding a spear, you want some action. Pretty straightforward dream meaning, eh?


It’s not really the spider that’s the problem; it’s the webbing. Web represent the lies you’ve told or other deceptive trappings. You’re about to get caught and there’s no saving you.


Something’s holding you back in your life. This one is vague, so you need to look at other parts of your dream to find the who’s strangling you or what’s strangling you.

Suffocation (also Trapped, Claustrophobia)

This one is easy enough: You feel smothered in a relationship. You need to take a break and find yourself again.


Suicide dreams are one of the few dreams that have a literal meaning. If you dream of your own suicide, then seek help for your mental condition. If you dream of someone else committing suicide, see if you can talk to them about getting help.


You’ve come to clarity in your home or work situation, and you’re ready to take action.


Just the opposite of sunrise above. Things are getting dark and you’re losing clarity.


You’re entering into a dangerous situation in your personal life. You should take a step back and think about what’s best for you.


You recently cleaned up a negative part of your life. Tears represent that cleaning.


Any dream with teeth in it has sexual meaning. If a single tooth is pulled, it means you have some sort of need to masturbate. If you have all your teeth pulled, then you’ve lost your sexual urges.


If you dream you answer the phone, but no one is on the line, then you feel disconnected from your family and friends. If you hear the phone ring and can’t find it, then that disconnection is more extreme.


If you dream you were in a terrorist attack, then you feel very vulnerable in your daily life. It could mean something happened in your personal or work life that you can’t control.


If you can’t talk in your dream, then you feel someone is suffocated in a relationship, or you’re too submissive.


In this case, you want to look into what the object changed into. If you have a puppy that becomes a wolf, look up what the wolf represents.


Trees represent you in your dream. You need to pay attention to what happens to the tree because it will tell you about yourself and your relationships.


If you dream you go underground, to find something unpleasant, then you are working on integrating your shadow self. This is a good thing.

Urine (also Pee, Piss)

If you pee on someone, then you want to control them. If you see someone get pissed on, then you really don’t like them. If you get pissed on, then you need to release some negative emotions.


If you dream of vampires, you need to look at your relationship with the other person in the dream. It means you have a bad relationship with them. However, there can be a paranormal source for the dream, psychic vampires.

They live by draining normal folks of their energy. In most cases, a psychic vampire doesn’t know he’s a vampire. You may want to read our post on protecting yourself from psychic vampires. Don’t hurt them! They’re still normal people.


In general, being a victim in a dream means you have some stress or anxiety in your life. However, if you were the victim of a traumatic event, then your mind is still working on how to solve your emotions about it.


Vomit has a few literal meaning. Either you realize you have an eating disorder and you mind wants you get help. Or, you are about to become physically sick.


Vultures represent someone taking credit for your work. Take a look at your work place and try to determine who would do that.

War (also Battles, Battlefields)

You have a serious internal conflict, or you are about to have it out with someone at work.


A werewolf represents your inner monster. It’s a part of your dark side and it has a problem with power in a sexual relationship. It means you may have an unbalanced dominant side to sex.


A whip means punishment, but the punishment is so severe, it causes guilty feelings. If you whipped someone, you realize you were too extreme. If you receive a whipping, you think you received unjust punishment.


This one is pretty serious. If you dream of getting sucked into a whirlpool, you have an emotional conflict with someone close to you. But, your emotions are so strong and negative, someone could get hurt. Seek some advice from someone you trust about whatever conflict you have.

Wind (also Tornado, Tsunami, Tidal Wave)

In general, you feel helpless about your current situation. You will get tossed around, battered and bruised. You see no way out. Since wind is clear, you really don’t know what could be harming you. It could be an addiction or mental health problem.


If you dream of a witch, it generally means you have issues with a female relationship. It could be your mother, aunt, a co-worker or sibling, but it’s someone you often see. It means they have some sort of mystical power of you. You want to take back control of the relationship, but you don’t know how to do it.


In general, a zombie represents a drain on your enjoyment of life. You may have health problems or you have a job you don’t like. It could also mean you need a more creative way to express yourself. There’s nothing paranormal about a zombie dream.

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Research sources:

“The Nightmare Encyclopedia” by Jeff Belanger, New Page Books, 2006.

More internet sites about dreams and nightmares than you can shake a stick at.

Selection Criteria

In order to make our list, at least 4 sources had to agree on the meaning. In most cases, we used Freud’s and Jung’s conclusions about dream meanings, if we found no paranormal elements from other sources. If we found paranormal elements in a dream interpretation, at least 4 sources had to agree on the supernatural source.

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  • My daughter had a dream last night about a skull that was brought into a house she was staying, she does not know who the girl is. The girl explained that the skull was taunting her & it chose people who sees it's real face, my daughter was looking at the skull then it showed itself to her & started saying that it was kill the people closest to her (everyone she loved) then torcher her. The skull was screaming which all the people who she curently lives with could hear it along with the girl who brought it but was not a problem or concern to them. She made the girl leave with the skull but when the girl got to the carport she decided she couldn't deal with it anymore & spashed it against the cement smashing the jaw. In doing this the girls jaw smashed at the same time & protruded bone out of her skin to which the girl looked at my daughter in horror. The skull reformed & formed the rest of it's body then said it was coming after my daughter & pinned her down. She then woke but the dream was very vivid & seemed very real.

    • Hi Peta. Thanks for commenting. Skulls represent domestic problems, usually arguing. The unknown girl means domestic trouble, too. The threats to kill and torture indicate false friends causing some trouble. The bones protruding from the girl means treachery or a betrayal. So, it seems like she's having problems with a close friend or within the family. It sounds like someone may bully her: Someone she thought was a friend. It could also mean a sibling or cousin does it as well. This dream isn't paranormal, so don't worry about that.

  • I just woke up from this very weird drem I don’t know if it’s a nightmare but When I woke up i was feeling very bad, anxious and sweaty. The dreams is divided to two parts which I guess are not related to each others it starts very normaly i’m having time with my cousin as we’re spending the night at somebody’s place and my brother is her too just discussing. Then we slept and when I woke up i went with my mom to some relatives house and it’s their daughter wedding day. As we work in event planning and decoration so we were checking what they did and thought that it looks very cheap and not organized.
    But her father didn’t look like what he actually is in real life he was a totally different person and he was wearing all in flashy pink and asking us what do we think about his clothes. (I know I described all the details but I guess they might be important since I saw them in the dream and even thought about them)
    Then people starts coming and we were not invited and don’t know what we were doing there so we were about to leave when other relatives started hugging us and talking to us. Then my uncle told me that I’m the one responsible of his flew because i was sick and slept at his place the night before.
    Here’s the first part.
    Now the second part we’re in the car my mom, my brother and I, it’s dark outside and we’re on the road there’s a little boy playing with other kids on the road and he lays down in the middle of the road and don’t want to move so my mom who’s driving continue and get on top of him when we pass i look back and see that he’s still alive but he has blood everywhere and his friends are carrying him.
    The road then is full of kids from different ages.
    We arrive at some point where there’s a girl standing on a side and a young man on the other and he doesn’t want us to pass. He looks ghosty and his skin is kind of blue. He puts his hand of the glass of the car and stops us with some black power and even if we’re accelerating we can’t move. Then he enter the car like smog or fog and he’s now very small. He can fly and wants to take our souls. I can see the soul of my brother tripped inside his stomach when he absorbs it and then my mother’s. I try to kill him and i was feeling bones even felt his teeth when i was fighting with him. I ripped his skin and cracked his bones and threw them outside the car. But he’s back like before and was still fighting to get our souls. He even got mine and i smashed him over and over and he kept coming back. I didn’t understand what he was saying everytime and this is how I woke up.
    So i googled it to see if anyone else had the same nightmare and what does it means and found this website. Hope to find the meaning of this dream. Thank you
    And is one of the rare time i get a nightmare!

    • Hi Karim, thanks for commenting. I'll start with the second dream. It may seem like the more terrifying dream, but it's a dream caused by anxiety, stress or worry. It's not paranormal. It would mean there's a big change in your life. This actually seems like a dream you'd have either when someone goes into high school or graduates from high school. In some cases, it's because you and your family may disagree about where you want to go to college or what you'll study. The souls, specifically, being eaten deal with sacrificing what you want to do to appease your family. The ghost is actually your own mind fighting the changes. It's not paranormal, so you don't have to worry about ghosts or spirits.

      The first dream is definitely about family, but there's something wrong. When you have your cousin and brother together, it means there's a split that's happening or about to happen. Having your mother in your dream and seeing other family members doesn't indicate anything bad or good, but the wedding isn't good news. It means bitterness. This is amplified because the father isn't the real father and wearing clothes not associated with him means difficulty and tension. The family difficulties continue because they don't recognize you even though some stop to talk to you and hug you. There could also be some kind of betrayal because you uncle says you gave him the flu and it happens abruptly. So, all these means there seems to be some family drama going. You're not really sure what causes it, but you feel pulled into it.

      I'm not sure if both of these dreams are related or not. The dream about the kid ghost means you're in control of the situation, but the wedding one indicates the family issues are out of your control. I'm not sure how to help you from here. You may want to ask someone else to help clarify things for you.

  • Ok, this is hard to describe so bear with me. I was in this weird place in which everything was pretty much made of trash and poop. I was in someone's home and all of the "people" inside were made of empty clothes that moved in a way that made you think there were maybe wires inside the clothes that animated them. Every one of them were wearing hoodies that were pulled down so you couldn't tell what was in them but the darkness. They were having an argument about a dead baby and what baby would replace it. For some reason these things scared me more than anything else I've ever seen in a dream. Then it switched to this new area where possession of these gems determined who was the king or something. These certain things were constantly searching for the gems so people had started somehow putting the gems under their teeth so these things would come along and wrap something around all the back teeth and as they pulled it tight the teeth would break and pop out, I could hear it happening and it sounded like popcorn popping, revealing the gems. No matter where people tried to hide them, inside their bodies was a common hiding spot, these things would rip The people apart until they found the gems.The area kept being buried in this trash-poop mix and the things would always somehow be able to dig their way up to continue the search.

    I have a bit of an issue with the STD dream description, the way it's worded now makes it seem like there is some standard definition of slutty. So maybe it could be adjusted to say 'they feel they've been acting too slutty"? I know it's dumb and anal retentive but slut shaming is unfortunately something us girls always have to contend with.

    • Hi Christina, thanks for commenting. I've changed the STD dream description to make it more neutral.

      Let's take it element-by-element with your dream: Trash and poop both mean some kind of social scandal or unfavorable personal drama. Invisible people with clothes mean people you should ask for advice. Since they wear hoodies and it masks their faces, it means people you wouldn't normally talk to on a daily basis, but they're willing to help. A dead baby signifies a disappointment. The new baby would indicate new friendships or relationships.

      For the switch in the dream to the gems: Gems means something positive is coming in your love life or business. Since it leads to becoming a king, it means you will rise above your competition. But, any time something is hidden and there's broken teeth, it indicates something very embarrassing will become known. Since the things keep coming out of the trash/crap mix, it just means your brain's still trying to resolve the problem.

      This is a complex dream, but it's likely driven by guilt, either with past or current relationships. It may only get solved by exposing a secret. And that secret will probably hurt a few people. Once it's out, then the situation will resolve itself. But it could take a long time to heal emotional wounds.

  • Hi it's the first time take a dee seriously but yet I dreamed of my own mom turns into or gets controlled be demonic activity and the whole house turn black she makes everyone afraid and escape while she agrees to leave me Alone or is to take my dad away with a written contact I was crying badly and hugging him in the dream before I leave then I wake up crying but the thing is my sister never appears in the dream plz reply ..

    • Hi Aya, thanks for commenting. These are the dream meanings: Having your mother possessed by a demon means sadness and betrayal. Your father represents authority and stability. The contract means a legal problem. Since your sister doesn't appear, it means you think you've caused the problem between your parents. It's not a paranormal dream, and it sounds like your parents have some problems to work out.

  • I had a dream last night/this morning where I was in a random, huge garage filled with sports equipment and some tools like shovels and stuff. There was a girl who I didn’t know covered in blood and I knew I had to save her. She started screaming and I turned around and there was this clown. It flickered like a light and then I knew it was a ghost so I grabbed some large tool made out of iron to slow it down. Then the girl was gone and the ghost clown was covered in blood. I never hit it or anything. Then suddenly I was in my house, running up the stairs to warn my parents about the vengeful spirit coming to kill us. I never saw it again but had a strong feeling that it was getting closer and I started screaming and tears were streaming down my face. Then I woke up, kind of freaked out but mostly just thinking “wtf?” I want to add that I’m not afraid of clowns at all and never have been, and I’m not exactly afraid of ghosts either so I have absolutely no clue why I was so terrified at the end of my dream.

    • Hi Caylee, thanks for commenting. Let's look at each part of your dream. A garage deals with security, and it's filled with sports equipment and tools. Those usually mean hope. Since the equipment and tools don't sound broken, there's nothing wrong with this part of the dream. Now for the unknown girl covered in blood: It usually means bad health is coming or your home life won't be very happy. When she screams and you see the clown, it indicates there's bad news coming. With the switch to your house, it tells me that things will turn out fine. Since you never see this vengeance spirit and you successfully warned your parents, it just means you've worried about something that isn't really a problem. You can handle it.

      So, this just sounds like you or your family have hit a rough patch for some reason, and you're worried about it. It's not paranormal, so don't worry about ghosts.

  • First of all thanks for giving this platform to discuss dreams from last two days whether it's day or night, whenever I sleep I see something scary, sometimes damn scary!! Last to last night I saw that m with one of my friends n we saw some soft toys n I told her that I want to buy one of those, though I liked a male doll but the shopkeeper suggested to buy the better one which was a female doll that speaks n replies! First I got impressed but after a few minutes, I felt this female doll was too much, she started irritating me, she hugged me n said that she won't leave me if I won't purchase, I felt something weird n supernatural n we decided to leave from there, purchasing no one of them. Somehow we managed to escape but as we stepped out from there n as it was night, we hesitated. Then I saw a boy, damn scary, staring just at me badly. I felt it was the same toy that I liked at first n which had taken human shape, though m not sure about it. He kept on staring n I told my friend that he was staring, but when she looked in same direction, she dint not find him staring bcz whenever she looked at him, he bended his head down n whenever I saw he started staring. Oh hell!!! Those scary eyes n dark face, I still can't forget!!!! Then we decided to stay at the shop's boundary. For some time, my friend also noticed but then she fell asleep, n that scary boy, sitting at some distance in dark night scared me like anything, he came closer step by step!! I tried my friend to wake up but once she did n tried to shout at him for doing the stuff he was doing but when she reacted he became furious n I was shocked my friend was asleep again n I was unable to wake her up this time though I kept on trying by looking once at my friend n once towards the boy coming near n near. But I failed to wake her up n that scary boy came as close to me as he could doing the same thing, staring n at last he open his mouth in scary way, might be, he was planning to me eat me!! But I woke up before he could eat me!!
    Before telling the dream I just saw, I want to tell that from two three days m noticing a super weird knock at my door around 12 AM, though I m not scared of it bcz someone is trying to disturb me. But it is only one knock n very loud n no one around me is observing this n it may be possible that only my door is being knocked, but surprisingly I dint see any dream last night even after knock. Before it I was relating my dreams to this knock that I think remains in my sub conscious but today I slept during day n saw something supernatural again!! It is my own room that I saw n a girl child of 6-7 years was telling that m her mother n my name is Santosh while I have a different name, she tells various other names that don't relate anywhere in my life n I rebuke her for being liar n ask her to go. For sometime I leave my room n when I come back all the walls of my room r covered with black clothes that seems so scary but I feel relaxed when I don't find the girl anywhere after checking every corner of my room. But all of a sudden, she comes from behind n taps my back!!! She gives a mysterious smile n makes others to believe her. Everyone starts standing against me bcz they think m liar n m not accepting that "innocent" child who really was not innocent!!
    This is how things r going on m unable to relate things....

    • Hi Priyanka, thanks for commenting. You don't have to worry: Your dreams aren't paranormal. The first dream deals with guilt because something follows you. The dolls just represent your emotions about something you did. When it tries to eat you, it means the guilt is getting the best of you. The second dream deals with a deception, so someone has lied to you. It doesn't sound like it's your parents because you'd have different dream symbols. It's likely a close friend or sibling. Since you're called by different names in the second part, someone may be trying to put the blame on you (or they will try to do that). It could also be gossip. As for the single knock, don't worry about it. If you get a few more over the next week or two, then let me know and I'll give you some tips.

  • Hi last night I had a dream. I was in a dark room with a human like creature with no face. It kept handing me books and as i was reading them it would hand me objects. I felt like I could not leave and did not have the ability to speak or think. I did eventually work up the straight to walk out but then I woke up. Little help been bothering me all day. Thanks

    • Hi David, thanks for commenting. This isn't a paranormal dream, so you don't have to worry about it. It means you know a lot about a subject, but you're too afraid to actually say what you think. You're hesitating and maybe not as confident as you should be. Since you did walk out of the room, you will develop confidence to speak your mind.

  • Hi! Thanks for this kind of site where we can share our dreams/ nightmares stories. So, just this morning I had a scary dream. First I remember, I was in a Catholic church with an unknown guy older than me. We are trying to convince the church to change some verses in a song and they did. Then my dream setting turned to a house (not our house), we were on the living room watching tv but I do not know who I am with. But I feel they're my friends, then as I look at a door, probably a door of a comfort room which is open, I saw a figure of a girl ghost. Then, I started telling myself to ignore it. And the dream setting changed again. This time it was in my own room with the same things on it with the same clothes I am wearing in real life, same bed sheets and pillowcases. It was so scary because I was lying on the bed and something or someone is holding and pulling my hands from my left side. I can feel those are hands of a person but I cannot see it. And I cannot move and I am trying to say something but my mouth was stuttering. I was trying to get off of those hands and trying to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, go away" but I cannot utter those words clearly. It's like it's dragging me to somewhere. After moments of trying to get off I finally woke up and I really felt my left hand moved as it was released from the grip on my dream and my heart was beating so fast as I breathe deeply fully shocked and scared.

    • Hi Rawelyn, thanks for commenting. This is a complex dream, but one that's not paranormal. Whenever you dream about a church, it means a disappointment. An unknown older male symbolizes authority of a father figure. The verses in the song are bit more difficult to interpret. They usually indicate something literal about the words. Houses mean security. Being in a living room with a tv and unseen people means a group is trying to influence you or persuade you to go along with what they want. Doors tend to mean lies, gossip or slander. The girl ghost in a comfort room would mean you should let go of your worries. Going back to your room is another emphasis on security. When something grabs you in a dream, it wants to get your attention. If you have problems speaking or moving, it means you don't feel safe expressing yourself.

      In summary, it sounds like someone or a group in authority is trying to manipulate you or they're lying to you. You realize this, but hesitate to say anything about it. In this case, your mind is telling you to make your own decisions and it will be the best thing for you. The lyrics in the verse/song you mention would hold the key to the actual problem.

  • Hi. Every so often I have a dream that I am being pulled about by an invisible force, which is so strong there is nothing I can do to stop it, although I try. I am always in my home in my dream, and sometimes there are other people in the house although no one witnesses it as they are in other rooms.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting. In most cases, an invisible force means general anxiety, worry or stress. Your home would indicate security and strangers in your house would have something to do with your friends. The dream details are a bit vague, so it's hard for me to really interpret your dream. It may just be some anxiety or worry about your relationships with your friends. It's not paranormal, so you don't have to worry about that.

  • A few nights ago I had a weird dream. Two guys found a whole in the ground filled with mud on a rainy night. There was a cop car parked by it, and a sword sticking out of the mud. The mud caved in to reveal a doorway down in the ground. The cop was in the doorway holding the sword with bright white eyes. He then chases the two boys. They somehow get possessed and get naked. One was bleeding out of marks on his head, and one was bleeding out of his private parts. I woke up right after that with a bad headache. Just don’t know what it means.

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for commenting. This is an interesting dream, but it's not paranormal. The 2 men signifies friendships, the mud means some kind of gossip or deception, and the hole means easier times are ahead. A rainy night indicates a warning. Having police around is another form of warning, and the sword in the mud also means danger. Next, a police officer holds a sword and his eyes seem to be glowing. This means it's a really getting dangerous and some kind of harm could happen. When the boys become naked, their lies are exposed and their possession means they can't say why they've deceived you. Since they bleed from their head and genitals, it symbolizes they're bad people.
      So, it seems like you have some friends that aren't worth it. It doesn't mean that they're male. It could be any friend. If your instincts are telling you there's something wrong with them, or they're plans seem rather unsavory, think twice about your friendship.

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