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Dealing with Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are normal people, but they have a flaw in their energy mechanism. They can’t get enough earthly materials, like food, or spiritual energy to sustain themselves. So, they have to take it from other people. In most cases, psychic vampires don’t even know they drain energy, called chi, from others. This is quite unlike mythical vampires, who need human blood.

Let’s find out more about psychic vampires.

Who’s a psychic vampire?

psychic vampires don't have fangs

Psychic vampires don’t have fangs

Well, it could be anyone. There are no features that single out psychic vampires. Most people don’t even know they are one. Some paranormal experts think people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome may actually be psychic vampires. The jury is still out on this one.

Why do psychic vampires need to drain energy from other people?

Something has broken their connection to the earth and other nourishing sources. Regular people get their physical energy from food and their spiritual energy from religion or meditation to name a couple of sources. Psychic vampires can’t fully recharge from these sources. They have to seek out fully charged humans and take a bit of their chi. Otherwise, they’ll become sick.

How do I protect myself from a psychic vampire’s attack?

Most people have built-in defense mechanisms like their own energy field that work. Some people are naturally attuned to the Unknown and they can deflect the attack. You can also use the white-light protective shield to defend yourself.

What are the signs of a psychic attack?

Most attacks happen at night while you sleep. They can seem like Old Hag Syndrome. The most common symptoms include:

  • unexplained behavior
  • restless sleep
  • strange dreams
  • exhaustion
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • unexplained illnesses
  • poltergeist activity
  • small bruises
  • tiny bite marks

If you are the victim of an attack, you’ll have at least 5 of these symptoms over a short period, like 2 weeks.

When would my natural defenses fail to protect me from a psychic vampire’s attack?

There are a few instances where your defenses could fail:

  1. places of a strong occult presence
  2. people who have trained their psychic vampirism for energy draining
  3. opening a connection for another realm, like the astral plane
  4. letting fear get the best of you

For more information about psychic vampires, we recommend, “The Psychic Vampire Codex,” by Michelle Belanger.



  1. lululala

    Make yoursel f -your aura- stronger each night
    Surround the ceiling above your sleeping place with a flickering string of electric cristmas lights of many colors. (The ones made for decorating cristmas trees. ) Favor a LED string of light bulbs with the colors violet and blue in it. Remember to cover your eyes with a dark cloth for a good night sleep.

  2. clair

    What should I do if I suspect I may be a psychic vampire?

  3. Jacob Rice

    Hi Clair. Thanks for replying. If you think you’re a psychic vampire, then I’d recommend learning what causes you to drain someone’s energy. First, you have to find triggers for it. You may be drawn to vivacious people, who suddenly become fatigued. In many cases, you won’t even realize your abilities flared because you may be asleep when it happens. There’s a book, ‘The Psychic Vampire Codex’ by Michelle Belanger, that covers a lot about living as a psychic vampire. If you are one, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You just need to learn to control it.

  4. Maeve

    So the other night I had two dreams, the first consisted of about 5 or 6 vampires, they were trying to turn me. The main Male vampire’s fangs reminded me of tightly wound corkscrews. I remember screaming and being very afraid. It’s difficult to remember, but at the end something happened where they lost their vampirism and turned into the undead (zombies). The main guy then killed the rest of his crew and became a caring figure to me? We were hugging. Then the scene changed and I was being chased by a massive woman (9ft tall very wide), she was murdering and eating everyone she came near, I was trying to run away and hide, but she could smell me out every time. It was like an apocalyptic city. When I woke up I was so thirsty, and I had such a terrible headache, I felt like I wanted to die. It felt like I was past dehydration at that point. I can’t tell if maybe I was under attack psychically, or if it was the shot of vodka I drank an hour before bed. I only question it because I read a previous post on here that was a guide to ghostly dreams (for the vampires, it actually linked me to this page), and I hit 2 or 3 of the red text definitions that were labeled as actual paranormal encounters.
    I’ve had dreams like this in the past and they’re the most memorable ones for me (I dont normally remember my other dreams to the extent of the ones with vampires). I figure it can’t hurt to get a second opinion on them anyways.

    As a side note, dreams with vampires normally seem scary in the moment, but when I wake up I kind of wish I was still dreaming? It’s all I could think of today.

  5. Jacob Rice

    Hi Maeve. Thanks for commenting. So, I’d normally say this is a dream about a toxic friendship or some kind of imbalance in your emotional life. But, you had some clear signs of a psychic vampire leeching your energy. A shot of vodka won’t do what you describe. I wouldn’t worry too much about the part being chased by the giant woman, who’s killing everyone. That’s a sign of anxiety and stress: Your brain’s telling you to put more focus on your wants and needs.

    With psychic vampires, they can create a bond with their targets. Since you don’t seem afraid of them, you know who it is. I should say, you have a relationship of some kind with them, but you may not know they’re a psychic vampire. And the vampire may not know they have these energy-draining abilities, either. It could be you’re in a relationship and it’s become possessive, obsessive and one-sided. But, there’s a dependency on your part, too.

    This is tricky to diagnose without knowing the circumstances of your current relationships. It’s best not to put those in the Comments. If you want, please send a note through the Contact Us page, so we can keep it private.

  6. Leedeeleedeelee22

    Hey, I had a dream where I walked into this room it had 5 people I didn’t know, I singled him out and started flirting with him and I took him into a different room, we started kissing and I got on top of him and I asked him while I rubbed his neck “can I go here?” He said no, and I said I just wanted to leave a little mark. And I grabbed his arm, I said “can I do it here?” He said yes. So I licked it and started sucking it, next thing I knew I had fangs in his arm and he started screaming and thrashing, but I couldn’t stop then I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, can you explain what this means?

  7. Jacob Rice

    Hi Lee, thanks for commenting. This is a tough one to deduce. In most cases, a dream like this means you’re trying to assert yourself in a relationship. However, it does have characteristics of a psychic vampire. You would be the psychic vampire in this case. There’s a book by Michelle Belanger, “The Psychic Vampire Codex,” you might want to read. I think it sells for less than $20 on Amazon. I wish I could be more helpful.

  8. Mary

    I’ve had numerous dreams lately that are becoming increasingly disturbing.

    Largely it entails the cannabilisation of my spiritual body.
    Sometimes I get a physical electrical pain accompanied with shuddering upon forcing my waking.

    In the dream(s) I can feel them cutting me and burning me. It feels like it is actually being done physically.

    I remember that one of the figures in my dream that I never get to see, was informing another person, that yes, I was alive with a physical body! Freaked me out!

    They always seem to be stronger than me and I usually cannot see them.

    I use to enjoy dreaming… not so much these days…

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