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Crystals & Stones That Protect You From Evil Spirits

Crystals and stones can also protect you against hostile spirits, vengeful ghosts, psychic attacks and curses. Learn which crystals and stones will help you out in a pinch.

We’ll update this list as we discover more protective stones and as we discover them in our research.

Here they are, listed in alphabetical order:


tawny agate, most protective kind of agate

Agate is one of the best stones for protection. It can drive away spirits, protect you from psychic attack, and stop magic. Tawny agate is thought to be the strongest protective kind of agate.


Beryl is known for magical protection and it can help you find faeries.


Okay, it’s not a stone, but diamonds are known to banish all sorts of negative energy. A couple of paranormal sites said diamonds also amplify your personal energy to help in interpersonal conflicts.


garnet protects from evil spirts ghosts

Garnet builds up your willpower and can reinforce your protective herbs. Carry them with you for added protection from spirits and ghosts.


Yes, it’s a metal, but it’s one that can amplify the effects of your protection techniques. Use it with herb burning that drives away evil spirits. That means use gold incense holders or burn protection herbs on a gold platter. FYI – Gold-plated items won’t help.


See our post on this iron and its protective properties.


Jade is the most powerful stone to use against psychic and magical attack

Jade is one of the most powerful stones for protecting you against psychic and magical attacks. It will deflect the attack on the sender with 3x the power.


If you need protection against shadow people, Jasper will quickly dispel them. It will also disrupt magical attacks.


Jet is a kind of coal that has protective properties against ghosts, evil spirits and other earthbound entities. A few sources say you can burn it to enhance your herb defenses, too.


magnetite protects against evil spirits, ghosts, psychic and magical attack

This is one of our favorite stones: Magnetite is a great all-around protection stone. You can wear it as a bracelet, pendant, ear rings, ring or necklace to keep the bad spirits away. It works against psychic attacks and magical ones, too.


Malachite is another good general protection evil spirits and magic. It’s in the copper family and has a deep green color.


Obsidian and Magnetite have a lot of the same powers. We use both for a powerful protective shield from evil energies.


Use Onyx to help separate an attached entity. If you think something followed you home from a ghost hunt, wear onyx ASAP to break free.


ruby increases your life force after ghostly energy draining

Ruby is known to amplify your personal life force. Apparently, it will make your chi radiate, and it could attract a psychic vampire. We say use it to recharge after a night of ghost hunting. Some spirits use bits of your energy to manifest. Ruby should help you recover.


While it’s not a protective stone, sapphire has been said to wash negative energy out of your system. You place it in a glass of water, then drink the water after 5-10 minutes to purify the negativity. Remember, don’t swallow the stone. You can take it out after the purification process (about 10 minutes).


sardonyx protects against magic if worn on skin

Okay, we’d never heard about this stone before. Sardonyx is a combination of onyx and sard. It makes the wearer invisible to magical attacks…if you wear it on your skin. So, get a bracelet and you should be fine!


Topaz is another strong general protective stone. It works especially well against psychic vampires and hostile magic.


This stone is known to provide a strong defense against hostile magic. However, it’s not known to protect you against ghosts, evil spirits or demons.


I think we referenced 50 sources from all over the Web for this article. If you really want a great resource on protective stones, then we’d recommend “Encyclopedia of Natural Magic” by John Michael Greer. The book has great info about herbs, metals, stones and more natural protection solutions against paranormal entities, psychic attacks and magical hijinks.

Image sources: etsy.com (agate), steven-universe.wikia.com (garnet), crystal-cure.com (jade), twospiritcreations.com (magnetite), etsy.com (sardonyx), and hextcg.com (ruby).

Last Updated on July 24, 2021 by Jacob Rice


  1. Paul

    I find this article very helpful,I would like to know where you got the information about jade. Especially that it sends back 3x because I can’t seem to find much info about jade and psychic protection.

  2. Jacob Rice

    Hi Paul. Thanks for asking. I pulled this together from many sources. Here’s a list of my most trusted sources for this article: “The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic” by John Michael Greer; “Earth Power” by Scott Cunningham; “Natural Magic” by Doreen Valiente; “The Green Witch” by Arin Murphy-Hiscock; “Natural Magic” by John Baptista Porta; http://www.crystalvaults.com; and a bunch of other sites on the subject of stones. If you need a single source, then go with “The Encyclopedia of Natural Magic” by John Michael Greer. It’s the most comprehensive source of protection stones and herbs.

  3. Aikawa Nakamura

    What about Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Fluorite?

  4. Aikawa Nakamura

    Apart from Tawny Agate, Fire Agate is also very good Agate for repelling evil spirits.

    Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones to repel black magic and evil spirits, and so are Smoky Quartz, Staurolite, Clear Quartz, Blood Stone, tones, Labradorite and Fluorite.

    Herbs, Essential oils and incense for repelling evil spirits are:

    1) Sage
    2) Myrrh
    3) Sandlewood
    4) Paolo Santo wood
    5) Cedar wood
    6) Mugwort or Moxa
    7) Frankincense

    Do NOT use Lavender oil as it could attract spirits instead of repelling.

    You can also make your own smudge spray by combining the following essential oils with spring/mineral water and alcohol:

    1) Sage oil
    2) Frankincense Oil
    3) Myrrh oil

    Optional oils to add to increase potency:

    1) Lemon oil
    2) Peppermint / Mint
    3) Rosemary oil

    Spray this smudge spray at the front entrance, at all four corners of the hotel room/home/room, at every window and in every closet and drawer. Do not forget to spray the bathroom.

    As you spray, declare out and speak out “In the name of my God _____, I ask for the power to remove all the negative energy and presence from this room with this spray of protection”.

  5. Aikawa Nakamura

    I left out Lapis Lazuli. It is also a very good stone to repel evil spirits.

  6. Jacob Rice

    Hi Aikawa, thanks for commenting. The list isn’t comprehensive, so it won’t have the all the stones in it. Just the ones that most people can get easily or have a long history.

    Would you list the protective properties of these stones? Thanks!

  7. Jacob Rice

    Hi again. This is great information, and I’m going to add it to the comments under the article “Herbs that protect against…” because most of it deals with them. As for lavender, would you tell me more about it? I ask because all my sources said lavender will not attract spirits. It’s listed as an source ingredient for protective amulets. Thanks!

  8. Aikawa Nakamura

    Hi Jacob,

    My answer to Lavender (why it attracts spirits) is below, and here’s a link that explains why in detail:


    Lavender is also often used in love spells and it could attract spirits and otherworldly entities that are looking for love, or void of love, or sense the void in a human that is low in energy (undergoing depression and trying to find peace and relaxation). Lavender is a calming and soothing herb, not the kind of energy that repels strongly.

  9. Aikawa Nakamura

    Lapis Lazuli:


    Carrying lapis lazuli protects against unwanted spirits.

    Moreover, Lapis Lazuli is a stone that recognizes spiritual attacks. It does not work as other protective stones that only protect you by blocking the negative energy. Lapis lazuli not only blocks the negative energy and spirit, but also sends it back to the source. It can protect complete environments by placing it in the four corners of the space creating a protection grid.

  10. Lizzy Adebayo

    I like this website, please can u enlighten me on somethings privately ….pls what can I use for spiritual husband

  11. Jacob Rice

    Hi Lizzy, thanks for commenting. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help. I have no experience with these relationships, and I wouldn’t know where to point you.

  12. Joe t

    Sardonyx. Sardonyx means red. Onyx in this case was used by ancients to describe agate and jasper. Thus sardonyx = red jasp/agate

  13. Justine

    HI Hope you can help. I have lived in my home now for about 10 months and everything has been great up until now!!! I have had things fall off the walls for no reason!! and my youngest daughter and seen a entity of a little girl twice. she said it didn’t scare her or say anything to her just kind of appeared and then was gone. I Sagged every inch of my home, my kids, my cats, my crystals. I guess my question is what would be a good crystal or stone for my daughter to keep with her, for her protection? I should also add that I do live very close to the ocean like its a two min drive from my house and there is a old cemetery not to far from my house as well.

  14. Jacob Rice

    Hi Justine, thanks for commenting. The best stone to use is probably onyx or obsidian. I’ve used these 2 for years to keep the ghosts away. These stones create a barrier around the person wearing them. They won’t clear out the spirit, but it will protect from physical contact. That means your daughter may still see a ghost or two.

    Since your daughter can see spirits, they may be drawn to her. Have you considered testing her for psychic abilities? If she has gifts, she will attract ghosts, so it may be better to teach her how to control her clairvoyance.

  15. derek burmis

    what type of jasper works the best to make shadow beings to leave? and ive tried to find Tawny agate but no luck any othername for it? thank you. also any other advice on astral beings protection?

  16. Jacob Rice

    Hi Derek, thanks for commenting. Jasper is a protective stone for your personal being. It wouldn’t clear a shadow person. To do that, you’d wear protective stones to prevent the shadow person from draining your energy. It would leave because you’re not an easy meal for them.

    For tawny agate, I found some bracelets on Amazon you could buy. Etsy is another good place to find it.

    For protection from astral beings, you want to ground your body. That’s when magnetite will work. It grounds your astral body, so it can’t be attacked. You can find magnetite bracelets on Amazon or Etsy for less than $20. Take care!

  17. Don X

    Derek Burmis, Ever watch the “reality” paranormal show called The Dead Files? The psychic-medium star of the show has encountered Shadow People in her private life, and at the homes of others. She said they’re evil (duh), not much is really known about them, but she thinks they come from portals from other dimensions. She said they prey on children, the elderly and the ill. She doesn’t think they can be removed; but they don’t follow people, either. I’m sure there are stones you can wear that would put up a “barrier” between you and it, but not repel it enough to make it leave. I wear a garnet, a black spinel and a small diamond set in simple silver snap in pendant castings on pendant cords. The garnet & spinel not only provide protection, but energy, too. The diamond has protective properties too, but also enhance the other stones. (I have a couple of sets. They need to be cleansed, then set in the sun or on tumbled clear quartz, and allowed to rest for a couple of days.)

    I’ve gotten rid of invisible, noisy “presences” in my kitchen by burning incense (frankincense, myrrh, copal, sandalwood, benzoin, dried rosemary, sage, etc.) and praying for several weeks, asking God to remove it, and telling it it has to go.

    But, for THAT thing, I wouldn’t pick a fight with it, because they can/will respond. If it’s usually in the basement, that may be how it’s getting into your home. Try to avoid the basement. If it’s coming into your bedroom, I’d burn a shit-load of incense in that bedroom, and pray out loud (but not so loud like it’s a challenge) — the sound adds power to the prayer — for protection. If i were desperate & really afraid for my well-being before i could MOVE, I’d spray Holy Water all through my bedroom to make that room unpleasant for the entity. And if that didn’t stop it from bothering you, SPRAY IT! Heat some spring water/bottled water & desolve some sea salt/pink salt or Kosher salt in it. Pray over it, fill up an empty (big) spray bottle, and spray the focker! Maybe it will repel it. Keep us updated!

    Just found this site. I like it. Good job, Jacob. ;^)

  18. Jacob Rice

    Thanks for the response! It’s always good to have actionable info for folks.

  19. kalen

    Which crystals would be best to use to detach a succubus ?

  20. Jacob Rice

    Hi Kalen, thanks for asking. I’ll open up your question to the community to answer. I’m not an expert with succubi.

  21. Rose

    Hi I’m from Cape Town. Where about are you. Can I come see you.. depends where you are situated

  22. Jacob Rice

    Hi Rose, thanks for asking. I’m in Seattle, Washington, USA, so the opposite side of the world to you!

  23. Lyndon Davie's

    1st time I’ve thought of this to attract spirit’s, av been into it 4 while now due 2 personal reasons, but didn’t realise just how powerful this stuff was, reading through these pages, ( TOOK ME AGE’S ) but I real pleased I did 4 it has made me think, thanks

  24. Justin boy in high school

    Thank you this really helped because there’s just soooooo many magicians attacking me rn. So what about the demons/hauntings ones? I’m actually the owner of some kinda haunted ring which I wear on a chain around my neck due to one of the three rules from its actual owner(rule one being DONT wear the ring), i never really believed in spirits or ghosts or demons but in the past few weeks I’ve been convinced by voices in my head shadows on the walls and for some reason I can now write in some strange language that I’ve never seen before, looks kinda like Latin but it isn’t because I looked up Latin to be sure…alittle help?

  25. Don X

    Sounds like you’re becoming possessed. Look up an Aramaic to English translator. Some say that’s the language of demons. I’d get rid of that ring fast. At least take it off. Even though you’re not wearing it on your finger, wearing it around your neck keeps it inside of your aura. You don’t want a haunted anything inside your aura. You may think it’s protecting you from bad magicians, but it doesn’t sound it. If you want to keep it, put it in a tin of some kind, or a small wooden box with a lid and seal it with string/rope/a shoe lace, what ever. Put some sea salt in the box and bind it so what ever’s connected to the ring can’t get out, then see how you feel. If you feel better, you’ll know the ring was hurting you. Find some black tourmaline and carry that for protection. Good luck.

  26. Gigi

    So, I live in my grandparent’s house with my husband. I have lived here for 9 years and have occasionally heard activity around the house, but I’ve never feared it. (There have been several times I’ve heard walking footsteps… usually 5 at a time. (This could be residual haunting, but I’m not sure.) We placed security cameras around and inside the house several years ago. Well, this summer in July–I was asleep, and got a notification that woke me up on my phone at 3:50am. I automatically assumed it was a cat or a branch moving, but I looked and saw this: https://youtu.be/9xZX8K9G5rQ I had to upload it to YouTube because I had zero space on my phone, plus, I was hoping someone would comment and tell me what they thought it was. (terrible idea, because nobody has ever responded). I also sent the video to the security camera company and asked them, however, they did not answer me back. I assume this is either a glitch or a bug, but I wanted an opinion, so I sent it to a local ghost hunter in my area, which offered to come by and feel the vibe of the house/walk-through. I even thought about posting it to reddit, but then I found you! 🙂

    Honestly, I am not comfortable with a stranger in my home, and especially someone who hunts ghosts (afraid some negative energy will be brought into the house). At the same time, I have a hard time believing in this stuff and can’t imagine paying someone to do it. NEVERTHELESS, I am still interested to find out what this could be and have recently started to believe. I am a registered nurse and started working at a hospice house a year ago and have worked with the critically ill/dying for years within a hospital. Sometimes, I wonder if I bring anything home with me. I’ve also been a witness to a number of spirit encounters (I can’t see them, but I can hear them or watch critically ill/dying patients talking to them).

    Additionally, I have had a stroke of bad luck for the last 4 years (health-wise) to include depression, low energy, anxiety, two surgeries and both had surgical complications, as well as social relationship strains, including with my husband. Sometimes I’m very moody as well and snap quickly. I wouldn’t doubt that some spirit could latch on. I tend to feel a little better when I’m away from home, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just tired of living here in this space?

    Around the time of that video, my dog and I saw something cross our hallway from one room to the other in broad daylight–It was much slower than the video spirit and was about 5feet, 6 inches off the ground, around the height of both of my grandparents. However, I don’t see why they would have stuck around. The next day, my husband was sitting down at his computer and he caught something out of the corner of his eye about the same height, going in the opposite direction. The dog caught it as well.

    I have since kindly asked this spirit/essence to leave repeatedly, opening every door, drawer, and closet. Luckily, I have felt better since asking and have had more energy. However, I feel like it might also be a good idea to sage and then salt the house/yard perimeter in addition. I feel insane talking like this, but working as a nurse will make anyone a believer in these things, haha!

  27. Jacob Rice

    Hi Gigi, thanks for commenting. I think you’re doing the right things with sage, asking to leave, and other protective things. Sometimes, ghosts are just attracted to people and places, or it’s someone with a message. If you do want to clear them, I’ll put some links for you below. It’s always best if you do the clearing. Most ghost hunters (like me) would investigate to find more haunting details, but they don’t clear spirits. Here’s the links:

    You may have to repeat these. Usually, ghosts leave when they figure out you really don’t want them there. If you can figure out your house’s or the land’s history, it could give you the ghost’s identity in life. When you call them by name, they pay more attention to your requests. I hope this helps. Take care!

  28. Jacob Rice

    Hi again. I reviewed the video (with members on my team), and I don’t think it’s a ghost or spirit. The clue is with the spider web. The black streak goes around the web and it’s right up on the camera. That means it’s most likely a flying insect trying to get around it. I’ve never known a ghost to get that close to a camera and dodge like that.

  29. M. sarkar

    Very helpfull

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