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Ghost Story | Snoqualmie, Washington | Part 1

A young married couple moves into their dream house in idyllic Snoqualmie, Washington. But, things change when a ghost begins to terrorize them and their cat. This is part one of a six-part series on the haunting in Snoqualmie.

The Boogeyman | A Personalized Fear

The Boogeyman. It’s a nasty child-stealing spirit that haunted us for years. Get a glimpse into what makes it tick and how to protect your children.

Faceless Woman Ghosts Manifest on West Coast

Long thought to be an urban legend, faceless woman ghosts have become more common in the past 30 years. No one is sure why this ghostly type manifests more often, but they now appear on the West Coast of the USA. This is what you need to know.

New Category: Urban Legends

Hi Gang, We have a new category, Urban Legends. This topic focuses on ghosts, hauntings and other ghastly things that have no evidence associated with them. They make great stories, but we can’t verify them.┬áIt also covers folklore. We’ll continue to cover ghost stories with documented evidence under our “True…

The Drowned Girl of Miller Creek in Burien, WA

Long ago, around 1915, a railway man’s little girl got washed away when Miller Creek overflowed its banks during a horrible storm. That little girl now haunts the creek near Ambaum Boulevard and 163rd Place in Burien, Washington.