Editorial Changes for Ghostly Activities

Update (March 13, 2017): We will now list ghost stories submitted through the site as ‘Ghost Story,’ not ‘True Ghost Story.’ We will reserve ‘True Ghost Story’ for ghostly encounters with evidence (images, videos or audio). I’ll go back and start updating the titles to reflect this. We will not…

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Ghostly Activities Returns to Seattle

Hi Gang, Just to let you know, we’re moving our base of operations to Seattle in September. Los Angeles has some great haunts, but Seattle is home. We’ll continue our Chicago investigations with Saleen. Jake will handle the Emerald City. As always, thank you for reading our blog. Take care,…

Comments Turned Off Due to Spammers

Hi gang, We’ve decided to disable comments because of spammers. We get too many spam comments, which is a bad experience for our true readers. If you need to contact us, please use our ‘Contact Us’ form. Thanks, Ghostly Activities Duo

Ghostly Activities on Hiatus for 7-10 Days

Hi Gang, Ghostly Activities will now go on hiatus while Jake packs up his stuff and pooches, and heads to Los Angeles. We’ll start to post again next week. Expect more info about California hauntings and hunts in the near future. Of course, Chicago will remain a focus of Ghostly…

Short-Term Hiatus in May 2013

Hi Gang, In May, Ghostly Activities will take a short break from posting while Jake moves to Los Angeles. We’ll start posting again once he settles in. Expect new information about California haunts and adventures as a result. Take care, Saleen + Jake

Ghostly Activities is now posting on Facebook, too.

Ghostly Activities is now posting on Facebook, too. We are now posting our adventures and investigation pics on Facebook. Connect with us to get our ghostly education, info and exclusive pics in your news feed.

Editorial Change: More Focus on Education and Information about Ghost Hunting

Hi – We’re going to focus more on education and information about ghost hunting. It’s really because there’s a lot of downtime between investigations. We’d like to make this blog about our learning experience, so you can use it to learn, too. Don’t worry – we’ll still cover our hunts…