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Dealing with Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are normal people, but they have a flaw in their energy mechanism. They can’t get enough earthly materials, like food, or spiritual energy to sustain themselves. So, they have to take it from other people. In most cases, psychic vampires don’t even know they drain energy, called chi, from others. This is quite unlike mythical vampires, who need human blood.

Let’s find out more about psychic vampires.

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Using Clairgustance on a Ghost Hunt

There are really sides to clairgustance, or clear tasting, psychics use. There’s the tasting part – when actually taste something that isn’t there. Then, there’s clairalience, or psychically smelling something. These are both physical reactions versus a spiritual event like the other psychic abilities. As with the material world, both taste and smell work together.

Let’s find out how to use clairgustance on a ghost hunt.

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Using Claircognizance on Ghost Hunts

Claircognizance is French for ‘clear knowing.’ That means you got some information or an answer, but you have no idea why you know it or how you found the answer. This ability is usually blended with one of the other psychic abilities like clairaudience or clairvoyance. If you wanted an example of someone who has claircognizance, I’d say it’s Fox Mulder from The X-Files tv series. He often received information from out-of-the-blue.

Let’s talk about claircognizance some more and how you can use it on a ghost hunt.

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Using Clairsentience on a Ghost Hunt

Clairsentience means clear feeling in French. A lot people have had these experiences in their personal lives. The most common types are:

  • Gut feelings
  • Vibes
  • Emotional states (not what you think – see below)
  • Tingling sensations
  • Pressure on your forehead
  • Danger sense (think of Spider-Man)
  • Psychometry

Let’s talk about each one of these signals and what they can mean on a ghost hunt.

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Using Your Psychic Abilities – Focus and Balance

Everyone has psychic abilities. Some people can access them easily. For others, it takes some work. This post is about the work part. Not everyone has had the chance to really work with their intuition. Intuition is the key. I’m not sure if any researchers have found why our intuition works the way it does. People with active imaginations seem to access the higher source much faster than others. We all can do it with practice. Let’s find out how.

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Using Psychic Abilities on Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunting and psychic abilities really go hand-in-hand. As a ghost hunter, you try to find the unknown or unseen. Psychics can see the unknown. They complement each other. I know many paranormal groups don’t like to mix science with metaphysics, but you can run into many strange things during an investigation. This is where a psychic can really help.

What do I mean by psychic abilities?

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