Meta Demons | Supernatural Entities Beyond The Veil

Meta demons are creatures, entities and beings that exist behind the Veil. Some people believe these are demons from Hell, but that’s not the case. Meta demons have nothing to do with the Devil or Archangels.

Djinn – Monsters from the Middle East

You can find djinn anywhere in the world. They may have originated in the Middle East, but they can haunt anyplace and anyone. Let’s take a closer look.

All About Hell Hounds

Hell hounds have a long history in folklore from around the world. In some cases, the spectral animal is thought to be an earthly manifestation of the Devil himself. We have our doubts about that and they do not deserve their horrible reputation. On the TV show – Supernatural –…

Getting Rid of Demons

There are very, very few people qualified to get rid of demons. This is usually an area for Catholic priests, shamans and magic workers (not a magician). In the West, science would be the normal way to find and remove a demon, but science doesn’t tend to work well with paranormal…

Identifying a Demonic Haunting

Other Causes for Demonic Hauntings It’s not always a demon in your house. It could be something else. The most common, non-demon hauntings are…faeries. Yes, the little people with cute wings and sparkly dust. Faeries aren’t as nice as they seem on TV. They are downright malicious and this is…

Types of Demonic Behavior

There are 4 types of demonic behavior. Each has its own set of ‘symptoms.’ If you experience these symptoms, you should seek a professional to help you banish the demon.

Information about Demons

What is a Demon? A spirit whose actions are hurtful to humans. Demons don’t have a problem with killing people. They may be entities left over from the universe before our current reality or they may be from another reality. Demons can take many forms: They could appear as other…