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Kell’s Pub | Seattle’s Most Haunted Bar

Kell’s Pub, in Pike Place Market, has a long history of ghostly activities. Some even call it the most haunted bar in America. Find out about its ghosts and haunting activity after the jump.

Ghosts of Pioneer Square in Seattle

Pioneer Square is full of ghosts. There are 28 known haunts within the 15-or-so blocks of the area. It helps that a fire, crooked cops and robbers all contributed to create the haunted place it is today.

The Haunted Moore Theatre in Seattle

The Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington is one of the oldest theaters in the city. It’s been used for stage acts, vaudeville performances, movies, boxing, and now concerts. When it comes to ghosts, it’s probably better as a legend tripping destination than a ghost hunt. Find out why after the…

Athens Lunatic Asylum Hauntings

Athens Lunatic Asylum opened in 1874 and closed in 1993. It helped rehabilitate Civil War veterans, mentally handicapped patients, the violently insane and TB patients. The doctors treated many patients with lobotomies, electroshock therapy, hydrotherapy and psychotropic drugs — all treatments considered torture now. That makes it obvious why Athens…

Peoria State Hospital Hauntings

Peoria State Hospital had two starts. Originally, it used the Kirkbride layout, but the Illinois government deemed it unsafe for patients. Then, developers used the cottage plan, like nearby Manteno State Hospital, in the early 1900s. For most of its history, the hospital did a fine job caring for its…

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital Hauntings

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, originally named New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, has a long history of helping mentally ill patients — and harming them. The hospital opened in 1848 and welcomed 86 patients. The first superintendent, Horace Buttolph, was a good man and provided excellent care for the people in his…

Danvers State Hospital Hauntings

Danvers State Hospital was one of the most notorious asylums during its time. Built in the 1880s, it served the noble purpose of helping mentally ill children. Things changed in the 1920s and that horrible period formed the ghosts we know today.

Pennhurst Asylum Hauntings

Pennhurst Asylum still haunts Spring City, Pennsylvania. It opened as a home to mentally disabled children, but a reporter’s story in 1968 unearthed its true nature, and led to its closing twenty years later. Today, paranormal researchers consider it one of the most haunted places in America.

Introduction to Haunted Asylums

They were places of horrible conditions, neglected patients and death. Most insane asylums have shut down since the 1990s, but their ghostly legacy continues. As you can guess, our next topic is haunted asylums.