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404 Errors on Mobile Phones

Hi gang, I’ve seen message about 404 errors for the mobile phone pages. Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the program that makes them. I’ve removed the software. In time, you’ll get a version of the desktop pages to read. For now, please use the link in the 404 page to…

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Paranormal Research Manager Duties

Paranormal research managers have one of the hardest jobs on the team. They have to find why a place is haunted, and who the ghost was in life. Find out what it takes to be a research manager.

Salt | A Ghostly Protection Go-To

Salt. It can put a whammy on ghosts and evil spirits. If you ever need some last-minute protection, pour a protective circle and get inside it.

The Boogeyman | A Personalized Fear

The Boogeyman. It’s a nasty child-stealing spirit that haunted us for years. Get a glimpse into what makes it tick and how to protect your children.

Ghost Orbs | Comparing Our Experience to Other Views

Ghost orbs have begun to appear more often at haunted sites. According to Melba Goodwyn, there are three kinds of orbs you can identify. Ghostly Activities will give you our take on the orbs, their characteristics, and what you should know about them.

Wraiths | Soul Sucking Spirits Under a Spell

Wraiths are some of the deadliest spirits to manifest. For many, someone used black magic to enslave them. This spellcaster intends to use the wraith to kill someone. Find out how to fight a wraith after the jump.

Spirit Pacts | Breaking a Self-Inflicted Bond

People can voluntarily let a spirit or meta demon inflict pain on their lives. In many cases, it’s a rookie psychic, paranormal investigator or magician who makes a deal they don’t want to keep. These are spirit pacts and you want to avoid them at all cost.

Site Update

Hi gang, Just letting you know the reason you haven’t seen new articles recently. We’ve gone back to update older articles from 2013 with the latest info, instead of writing replacements. You’ll see new posts in February 2017. Take care, Jake + Saleen