ghostly how-to

Using Automatic Writing to Communicate with Ghosts

Automatic writing can be a very effective way to communicate with ghosts. But, it’s the riskiest of all methods. You open your mind and body to ghosts and spirits. You have to be very careful when using automatic writing. Let’s learn more about it after the jump.

Using Scrying to Communicate with Ghosts

Scrying has been used for centuries to communicate with spirits and tell the future. Times have changed and scrying has, too. Learn to use crystal balls, mirrors and water to communicate with ghosts after the jump.

Using Runes to Communicate with Ghosts

Rune casting isn’t your typical way to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Ouija and Tarot cards are far more popular, but runes have one advantage over them–your brain.

Using EVP and ITC to Communicate with Ghosts

Ghost hunters tend to use electronic gizmos and gadgets to speak to ghosts. In our case, we use Spirit Boxes and digital voice recorders during our EVP sessions. Let’s look into using these devices to get real-time EVP on your ghost hunts.

Spirit Photography and Ghostly Communication

Ghostly communication sessions can help gather spirit photographs and boost your ghostly reasearch. Learn how to take spirit photographs during your ghost team’s next Ouija board session, Tarot card session or rune reading.