ghost stories

Ghost Story | Snoqualmie, Washington | Part 1

A young married couple moves into their dream house in idyllic Snoqualmie, Washington. But, things change when a ghost begins to terrorize them and their cat. This is part one of a six-part series on the haunting in Snoqualmie.

Ghost Story | Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee

Tom checked into the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. He would meet a few business partners and clients over the next few days, and the hotel was in a good location to their offices. He wanted to take his time and get some sleep, a luxury for most of his…

Ghost Story | Specter Attack in Pasadena, CA

A new father battles a specter in his dreams and home near Pasadena, California in early 2015. The final confrontation happens in his newborn’s bedroom. Will he be able to protect his family?

Cutters – Ghosts That Lure You To Suicide

Daria* suffered from depression and an eating disorder. She found relief by cutting herself. But, it attracted a rare specter that wanted to take her life. Daria almost died at the hands of a Cutter.