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Ghost Orbs | Comparing Our Experience to Other Views

Ghost orbs have begun to appear more often at haunted sites. According to Melba Goodwyn, there are three kinds of orbs you can identify. Ghostly Activities will give you our take on the orbs, their characteristics, and what you should know about them.

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Full Apparition Captured at Stanley Hotel

A tourist captures full-bodied apparition at Stanley Hotel in Colorado. You may know the Stanley Hotel as the setting for “The Shining.” Videos and more pictures after the jump

Disneyland Ghost on Video

In 2009, security cameras captured a ghost walking in Disneyland. Here’s the video and opposing views on its merit as ghostly evidence.

Spirit Pics Captured in Naperville, Illinois

A reader submitted possible spirit pics from a recent ghost tour. Becky* snapped these pictures during the Naperville Walking Ghost Tour on October 8th, 2014. She didn’t see the spirit lights with her naked eye. She saw them when she reviewed her pics.

Ghost Picture Captured in Pennsylvania

A reader in Pennsylvania captured what appears to be a ghost in her wardrobe mirror. She submitted it to Ghostly Activities to confirm or debunk it. This is our analysis.

Queen Mary Ghost Hunt Pics

On August 31, 2014, Ghostly Activities investigated the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Here are the infrared and color pics from it. We are still reviewing the audio data and we’ll post in the next week or so. We did not capture any apparitions.

Suicide Bridge Ghost Hunt Pics

Here’s a sample of pics we took during our ghost hunt at Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, California. Some are in infrared and some are color. Do you see something we missed?