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Introducing – A New Side Project

Hi Gang, I’m launching a new project called Ghastly Monstrosities. It covers information and stories about cryptids. Now, it’s a side project, so don’t take it as seriously as you would for Ghostly Activities. This one’s just for fun. I dig all sorts of monsters, but Ghostly is my first…

Introducing Lenore Björk – European Correspondent

Ghostly Activities would like to introduce you to our European correspondent, Lenore Björk. She will begin a spiritual journey and explore some of the most haunted locations in Europe. Her first report will come in June when she investigates the catacombs of the Paris underground. Let’s get to know her…

Full Apparition Captured at Stanley Hotel

A tourist captures full-bodied apparition at Stanley Hotel in Colorado. You may know the Stanley Hotel as the setting for “The Shining.” Videos and more pictures after the jump

Ghost Story | Specter Attack in Pasadena, CA

A new father battles a specter in his dreams and home near Pasadena, California in early 2015. The final confrontation happens in his newborn’s bedroom. Will he be able to protect his family?